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Thank you for taking your first steps toward an abundant future!
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Today is a very special day.

It is more special than your birthday. Maybe you should write todayâ??s date down.
Go ahead. Do it now.

Today is a turning point in your life.
Today, you choose one path or the other.

You will choose one direction or the other.
You have been traveling down the middle road up until now. You want to think about the negative past part of time, and you want to think about a positive future the other time. You have been traveling down middle road.

Middle road just came to an end. You are now at a stop sign. You must turn left and travel in your negative past, or you must turn right and travel in your positive future.
It doesnâ??t matter to me. Itâ??s not my journey. Itâ??s totally and completely up to you which way you go.

Before you make your final…

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