The Bitcoin Blackbook

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Product Name: The Bitcoin Blackbook


#2: The fact
that dozens of crypto currencies have exploded in price over the
past few weeks (some have skyrocketed between 11,000% and 48,000%).

#3: An imminent event where over 250,000 stores are expected to begin accepting crypto currencies (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum).

? You do NOT need to know anything about Bitcoin or any other crypto currencies (in fact, the less you know, the better, since you won’t have preconceived ideas)…

? You do NOT need to know anything about banking, trading or investing… 

? And you do NOT need a lot of time to do this.

? An already popular crypto currency that’s still only trading
for pennies but could soon turn those pennies into pounds at a
frighteningly fast speed –this is a coin you should buy as soon as you’ve got your hands on the blackbook, it’s really easy to do and I’ll show you how

? A brand new penny crypto that very few people know about
and is flying completely under the radar right now but could shoot up…

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