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Product Name: The Practical Digital Marketing Planner –


You don’t need more information, you need a system to create a simple and effective digital marketing plan for your business.

No more confusing and messy downloads.

Map out entire strategy and not just bits of it.

Pinpoint exactly what’s wrong with your complete online presence.

Stop second guessing what’s right for your business with age-old best practices.

Remove the confusion that forces you into inaction.

Scouring online for information can be a drain on your valued time and resources. Overcome all this with the planner.

This is a marketer’s friend! A well-presented planner that makes a wonderful change to recording everything digitally. Not only does it aid your strategy, but it also provides guidance and information on essential marketing methods and mapping — great for beginners and seasoned pros alike.

I worked through the planner in a London workshop led by the author. It’s one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended! She has a real passion for digital marketing and knows…

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