After a long time I owned, then yesterday night came into my mind to make a new website out of it. Before this I have never think of doing any website from it. The only thing that I remember I’ve done after purchasing this website is installing WordPress and was hoping my brother in law will be interested to write his experience in machinery.

Then last night, right before I go to sleep as I’m going to go fishing in Pantai Dalit Tuaran. I was deleted the wordpress installation, then I install Joomla inside. Then that is how comes out as what it was seen today, a free classified for machinery item from around Singapore and might be international too.

But what came into my mind actually, Could I be able to make the website to came to life? The name itself was hot and people tends to remember this kind of short name. The free classifieds service was there, but how do I start adding products? How will I do this and How will I do that?

One thing that I am trying right now was advertise it using google adwords. This is a kind of new thing to me but advertisement will make it came to life too. So for the coming months, I’ll be working on making this site become better than now. Hope things works and I will be able to do it.

To get into the website, follow this link hope you will support this site..

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