Independence Day of Malaysia

This Flower is Malaysian National Flower. Independence Day will be celebrated by tomorrow and like every year, this flower will become one of the symbol in Independence Day logo.

For this Independence day I wish that Malaysia will become a better country. Less corruption especially in sabah as i saw lots of people not even in good living. Some of them don’t have much money or maybe they don’t have income even if they work hard because goverment did not take any measure to improve the field this people are on.

And I wish all Malaysian, Happy Merdeka Day, and please stop racism west Malaysian as in Sabah and Sarawak there is no racism at all. Only when West Malaysian came here that we feel the heat. In the history of Sabah and Sarawak we never fight. Not because Sabahan and Sarawakian are stupid, not because Sabahan and Sarawakian don’t have TV to watch news, not because Sabahan and Sarawakian lives on the top of a tree (mosly west Malaysian that i met say this), but it is just that we tolerate with each other. We work hard to become like what other races do. We are mixed through our religion and we never mentioned that their religion are bad. God make us together but when you said your religion are the only and true religion plus other religions are false, then you are calling for war with those religionist. So Malaysian please tolerate. Try not to have Racism.

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