Mahua Waterfall Tambunan Sabah #3

At last…This was the last gallery for Mahua Waterfall Tambunan.. If you notice from my previous pictures, i take 3 types of picture;
1. On the way to Mahua Waterfall
2. Around Mahua Waterfall
3. Back from Mahua Waterfall

This three pictures there might be a double of it as i usually take double snap but lazy to filter it out. Sorry if make your computer load slow this time..

About all the pictures, you can send me email at [email protected] to request for an original pictures without water mark or copyright but limited to 3 pictures only.

Also if you wish to go to Mahua Waterfall, you will just have to follow a car or a bus go Tambunan (Town on the Hill), then when you arrive at the town, find a bus go Mahua. Or Just email me earlier and i arrange for you some transportation but of course it is going to cost you (depending on the guide i get).. But more easier if i just give you direction and you get a car and go yourself.

When entering Mahua Waterfall Tambunan Sabah, there will be enterance fee. For Malaysian will be RM3 and for Foreigner will be RM10 (Maybe Around 3USD) .. It was not so expensive anyway as you can spend the whole day swimming there..


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