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Product Name: Make Women Chase You | Make Women Chase You

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Hey I’m Andrew Ryan and in this short letter, Iâ??m going to walk you through 7 â??word-for-wordâ? conversations that turn a woman on and make her want to sleep with you.

Starting with â??helloâ?… and ending with her dragging you off somewhere private to screw your brains out…

These â??done-for-youâ? conversations are so intriguing and arousing to the female mind, she will be practically forced to make the first move on youâ?¦ even if youâ??re not her type…

And when I say â??done-for-youâ? conversations… I mean Iâ??m literally going to tell you exactly what to say to make her want you, every step of the way…

So if your conversations with women SUCKâ?¦

If you can talk for a few minutes, but then you hit a brick wall…

If you have no idea how to turn a girl on without sounding creepy…

Or if girls tend to see you as just a “friend” instead of a sexual option…

Then this is the “gameplan” you’ve been looking for. I’m going to give you:

7 Sexually Addictive Scripts… Words and Phrases that Turn Women on like a Drug

These done-for-you conversations ALWAYS work, without fail.

And donâ??t worry, you won’t have to say anything risky or try to impress the girl (that never works anyways).

Because these â??done-for-youâ? conversations are designed to make HER do most of the talkingâ?¦

All you have to do is repeat a few innocent words and phrases that Iâ??ll give youâ?¦ and watch as she bites her lipâ?¦ stares you downâ?¦ and eagerly starts hitting on you…

Best part? When you follow these conversations word for word, itâ??s literally impossible for her to reject you…

Because SHEâ??S going to be the one hitting on you firstâ?¦ making the first moveâ?¦ and desperately chasing you every step of the wayâ?¦

In fact, sheâ??s going to be hoping and praying that YOU donâ??t reject HERâ?¦ (so be nice)

She will have no idea what youâ??re doingâ?¦ why sheâ??s suddenly turned OFF by other menâ?¦ and why her imagination is now flooded with panty-soaking fantasies of YOUâ?¦

Now, since Iâ??m making such a bold and ballsy promise…

Then itâ??s only fair that I share every detail you need to know about this, includingâ?¦

How I discovered these done-for-you conversationsâ?¦

Why they are so sexually addictive to women…

And why they are so devastatingly effective for every guy whoâ??s tried them so far…

And in order to do thatâ?¦ I have to tell you a shocking and shameful story Iâ??ve never shared with anyone beforeâ?¦

if youâ??ve ever been brutally rejected by a girl you really likedâ?¦ then this might make you feel awkwardâ?¦ humiliatedâ?¦ even enraged.

But if youâ??re ready to finally know what it feels like to have any woman you want begging for your approvalâ?¦ desperately trying to win you overâ?¦ and throwing her naked body on top of you like a sex-starved nymphomaniac…

Then itâ??s absolutely crucial you do not stop reading until you get the whole storyâ?¦

Abby squirmed with pleasureâ?¦ biting her lip seductivelyâ?¦ rubbing her thighs together and giggling like a horny schoolgirl…

She was sitting right in front of meâ?¦ my dream girlâ?¦ dripping with anticipationâ?¦

Abby wasnâ??t the â??hottestâ? girl in the bar, but she was perfect for me.

She was cute, nerdyâ?¦ with a clever smile and streak of blue in her hairâ?¦

Plus we liked all the same bands, we had the same dorky sense of humor, we played the same video games…

She was the sexy, nerdy â??gamer girlâ? I had always hoped to make my girlfriend someday…

And right now, she was sitting there staring, wide-eyed, with her mouth hanging openâ?¦ like she wanted to devour the man in front of her…

But her sexual hunger wasnâ??t for meâ?¦ it was for my roommate, Chris.

Me? I was the quiet â??nice guyâ? sitting next to herâ?¦ the guy who had approached her FIRSTâ?¦ bought her drinks all nightâ?¦ and talked to her for hoursâ?¦

But I wasnâ??t the guy she wanted to sleep with…

And now I was running out of things to sayâ?¦ slowly fading into the backgroundâ?¦ desperately trying to hold her attention as she shifted towards Chrisâ?¦

Chris was the guy who always knew what to say to girls…

If youâ??ve ever been the â??shy oneâ? of the group, like meâ?¦ then you know who Iâ??m talking aboutâ?¦

Heâ??s the one who instantly gets all the attention and takes over every conversation, without even tryingâ?¦

All he had to do was walk up and say one thing – ONE THING – and Abby was instantly hooked on him…

Thatâ??s when she called him â??Charming as [email protected]#kâ?…

And he wasnâ??t even handsomeâ?¦ a very average looking â??broâ? with a slight beer gut and terrible sense of styleâ?¦

But he had this almost-supernatural â??way with wordsâ? that women couldnâ??t get enough ofâ?¦

As I sat there next to Abbyâ?¦ watching her instantly fall for my charming roommate… my stomach began to sink â?¦

I could feel myself shutting downâ?¦ detaching from the momentâ?¦ becoming a watered-down, g-rated version of a man.

A few minutes later, Chris pulled me aside and asked me if I was okay with him making a move on Abbyâ?¦

And I could have said noâ?¦ donâ??t make a move on herâ?¦ I want herâ?¦ sheâ??s mine…

But it was already over…

I could see it in her eyesâ?¦ she had already made up her mind which guy she wanted, and it wasnâ??t meâ?¦ as usual.

So I swallowed my pride, pretended like I didnâ??t care, and told Chris he could do whatever he wantedâ?¦

Manâ?¦ I felt SO pathetic watching them walk out of the bar together, hand in handâ?¦

And I felt my balls shrivel up with nausea when they started passionately kissing right in front of me…

But nothing comes close to the gut-churning, heart-crushing sound of Abbyâ??s multiple orgasms coming from Chrisâ??s bedroom…

Screaming his nameâ?¦ moaning in ecstasyâ?¦ eagerly shouting the kinds of naughty, passionate words I had fantasized about her saying to ME…

I couldnâ??t sleep. I just lay there in my own bedâ?¦ wide awakeâ?¦ alone and ashamed.

And thatâ??s when it finally hit me, like a kick in the balls.

I was completely clueless about what REALLY turns a girl on…

I had naively imagined Abby to be this adorable, innocent, perfectly cute girlâ?¦ the kind of girl I dreamed of taking on datesâ?¦ cuddling on the couchâ?¦ confessing my feelingsâ?¦ making love to herâ?¦ asking her to be my girlfriendâ?¦

But there she wasâ?¦ letting Chris, a guy she had JUST met, do dirty, kinky things to herâ?¦ giving herself to him completelyâ?¦ and loving every naughty second of it.

And to thinkâ?¦ I had tried to make her want me by talking about video games and music…

God, I felt like such a loser.

I stayed awake all night, well after they finished their third round of sex and fell asleepâ?¦

At first I was jealousâ?¦ then I felt sorry for myselfâ?¦

But thenâ?¦ finallyâ?¦ I got angry.

Angry at myself for all the times I let girls use me for free drinks and then ditch me for some other guyâ?¦

Angry that my sex life, at age 27, consisted of nothing more than PornHub and a box of tissues…

Angry at all the opportunities I constantly let slip through my fingers, watching from the sidelines while other guys had all the fun with girlsâ?¦

And I knew that I was only getting olderâ?¦ and that things would only get worse for me… unless I did something to change…

As I lay there in bed that night, full of heart-pounding jealousy over the raunchy sex-fest taking place in my roommateâ??s bedroomâ?¦

I suddenly knew exactly what I had to do next…

Instead of being jealous and insecure around my roommateâ?¦ I would study him.

No, not just studyâ?¦ I would literally copy him, word-for-wordâ?¦ for as long as it tookâ?¦ until I finally discovered the secret that made guys like Chris so â??Charming as [email protected]#kâ?…

I made it my personal mission and I gave myself three years – by the time I turned 30, girls would be looking at ME the same way Abby had looked at him.

In the weeks to come, I tagged along with Chris everywhere he went. And every time he talked to girls, I would pull out my iPhone and write down everything he said in my notes appâ?¦

I even secretly recorded some of his conversations, so I could break them down later and learn what he was doingâ?¦

It was easy for me to be a fly on the wallâ?¦ me, the â??shy guyâ? that girls never even noticed…

And I desperately wanted to know what Chris was saying to girls…

Exactly what to say to make her laughâ?¦ eagerly offer her phone numberâ?¦ confess she wanted to sleep with himâ?¦ and meet up with him for sex…

It obviously had nothing to do with his looks or his money (he had neither).

He got all of these girls, many of whom were totally â??out of his leagueâ?… ALL through charm aloneâ?¦

And he was a â??naturalâ?… he couldnâ??t explain exactly how he did it. He just did it.

So I made it my personal mission to â??reverse engineerâ? his charmâ?¦ because if he could get laid using only his words… then so could I…

At first I was completely lostâ?¦ he might as well have been using black magic for all I knew…

But once I heard enough examples with different girlsâ?¦ thatâ??s when I finally saw a shocking pattern begin to emerge…

See, Chrisâ??s conversations with women were NOT random, and he wasnâ??t just â??winging itâ?… all of his conversations followed the same exact steps.

In fact, there was only a small handful of words and phrasesâ?¦ even entire conversations… that he seemed to be having over and over againâ?¦

And they always worked to make a girl chase him and try to get him in bed… every single time, like clockworkâ?¦

I wrote down everything he saidâ?¦ and when I broke it all down, I finally realized what he was doing DIFFERENTLY that made him so irresistible to womenâ?¦

He was â[email protected]#kingâ? these girls with his words…

Hereâ??s the secretâ?¦ (and this is genius)

Every word Chris said to women was specifically calculated to make her try to impress him…

He was deliberately forcing every girl to put in more effort than himâ?¦ to chase himâ?¦ to â??sell herselfâ? to himâ?¦

Now compare that to what every other guy is doing – saying clever lines to impress her and win her overâ?¦

Every other guy is trying to sell himself to womenâ?¦

But Chris made women sell themselves to HIM.

And once a girl starts selling herself to youâ?¦ once she starts chasing youâ?¦ itâ??s ON.

That’s when her mind has to come up with a reason to â??justifyâ? why sheâ??s doing all this work to win you overâ?¦

And the only reason that makes sense is â??because I totally wanna [email protected]#k this guyâ?…

Itâ??s a total â[email protected]#kâ?… and girls can NOT resist itâ?¦ it turns women on like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

I even studied the psychology behind this and found dozens of studies that prove this effect, over and over again.

Itâ??s the #1 trigger of white-hot sexual attraction in women:

If you want to make her horny for you, all you have to do is make her chase you.

And once she starts chasing you, she wonâ??t be able to stop.

Sheâ??s practically helpless to resist her most basic, primal, sexual urgesâ?¦ which is why Chris got laid so effortlessly, and so often.

He forced every girl to chase himâ?¦ and then sat back and let them do all the work.

So what do you actually SAY to make her chase you like thatâ?¦?

And not just once, but repeatedly, every time, on command…

Thatâ??s exactly what I reverse engineered from Chris over the next few months…

I wrote it all down, word for wordâ?¦ every opening line, every subtle phrase, every clever comebackâ?¦

Until I had a complete blueprint for a full conversation with a girlâ?¦ from the first opening line, all the way to taking her home…

I had already seen it work for Chris dozens of times, and now…

I had to see if it could work for me tooâ?¦

One day I finally worked up the balls to try…

After a few drinks at happy hour, I accidentally bumped into this gorgeous blonde at the bar…

And I donâ??t know if it was luckâ?¦ fateâ?¦ or maybe just â??liquid courageâ?…

But without even thinking about it, I said one of the surefire opening lines Chris always said to girls…

And I never would have thought to say this on my ownâ?¦

But when I said just that one sentence, the girlâ??s eyes got wide and she looked at me with that same eager, hungry look I had seen on Abbyâ??s face…

My heart started poundingâ?¦ She was smoking hot and definitely â??out of my leagueâ?… and yet suddenly I had her full, undivided attention…

Iâ??ll admit, I was extremely nervousâ?¦ and scared to death that Iâ??d run out of things to say and blow it with this girl…

So while we were talking, I kept on getting up to go to the bathroomâ?¦ so I could study my notes and know exactly what to say to keep her chasing meâ?¦

Until the third time, when I got upâ?¦

She followed me inside the bathroom and locked the door behind us…

I couldnâ??t believe itâ?¦ my heart was throbbing… my balls felt like they were about to explodeâ?¦

Without saying a word, she grabbed me and started kissing me…

And man, I thought I died and went to heaven when she ripped open my belt buckle .. dropped to her kneesâ?¦ and eagerly shoved me inside her mouthâ?¦

I had never experienced a girl who was so eager to please me. It was almost like blowing me in the bathroom was her privilegeâ?¦ that she was grateful for the chance…

I took her home that night and we had sex for hoursâ?¦ and not just boring â??missionary with the lights offâ? sexâ?¦

She eagerly ripped off her clothes and fully submitted to meâ?¦ doing anything and everything I wantedâ?¦ like my own personal pornstar.

The next morning, she woke me up with another sloppy wet BJ before work, and thenâ?¦ as she was getting dressed, she confessed something shocking…

â??I havenâ??t been with a guy in monthsâ?¦ please donâ??t think Iâ??m a slut, I donâ??t usually do thisâ?¦ but there was just something about you that really turned me on, and made me feel safe at the same timeâ?¦â?

Man, I had NEVER heard a girl say anything like that to me beforeâ?¦

But soon I would be hearing it all the time.

See, I had to make sure that one girl wasnâ??t just a fluke…

So in the weeks that followed, I went out every single night and kept using the same lines and same conversationsâ?¦

And once I got the hang of it, I couldnâ??t loseâ?¦ girls kept chasing me and trying to hook up with me…

Not EVERY girl I met, but easily 8 out of 10 girlsâ?¦ and hell, Iâ??ll take those odds any day of the week.

Once I got started, I couldnâ??t stopâ?¦ it was addicting.

Just imagine how confident and relaxed YOU would feel, talking to a woman who has already made up her mind that she wants to get naked with youâ?¦

And sheâ??s hoping youâ??re going to LET her!

I can tell you from experience, it feels amazing.

Suddenly, dating stopped feeling like a chore and started to feel like a gameâ?¦ a game where I knew all the moves ahead of time and was guaranteed to WIN.

Chris might have been a â??naturalâ?… but I soon surpassed him and became an expert.

Until even HE was impressed at how well I was doingâ?¦ and how many hot, kinky, adventurous girls I kept bringing home with me every week…

After a while, I opened up and started sharing my secret â??conversation blueprintsâ? with a few friends.

They begged me to give them the linesâ?¦

“Please”… they said… just TELL me what to say, word for word.

So I didâ?¦ and their results were off-the-charts amazingâ?¦

I taught one of my coworkers the â??Erotic [email protected]#kâ? conversationâ?¦ and he wound up sleeping with the hottest girl in the officeâ?¦ that girl from human resources that everyone stared at all day long and thought was too â??hard to getâ?…

A friend of mine used the â??Jealousy Dirty Bombâ? I gave him at a wedding… and had two of the bridesmaids fighting over him the whole nightâ?¦

He later said, and I quote:

â??Man, you havenâ??t truly lived until you look down and see two best friends having a blowjob competitionâ?¦ï»¿ with YOU as the judge.â?

Another friend of mine was stuck in the â??friend zoneâ? with a girl in his class, so I told him exactly what to say to herâ?¦ and a few weeks later he introduced me to her at a party… as his girlfriend.

We decided to call that one the â??Sexual Power Reversalâ?… because of how fast it reversed the power dynamic between them and got her chasing after him.

Almost every guy I shared this with had some sort of crazy success story, just like those…

But then, things started getting out of controlâ?¦

Guys I didnâ??t even know started emailing me and blowing up my social mediaâ?¦ begging me to learn the secret conversations…

It was like â??Fight Clubâ?… youâ??re not supposed to talk about it, but it was just too good to keep it a secret foreverâ?¦

We started calling our little secret â??Charming AFâ?… in honor of my roommate Chris who inspired the whole thing.

And the name stuck, because thatâ??s what these conversations really do for you:

Make you Charming as [email protected]#k, practically overnight, with little-to-no practice.

The beauty is that itâ??s so simple. Thereâ??s no techniques, no risk or hard work. Just follow these conversational patterns, word for word, and sheâ??ll chase you into bed.

And you can put your own spin and style on itâ?¦ but it works best when you just copy the exact words and phrasesâ?¦

Words that obliterate her excusesâ?¦ shut down her â??social programmingâ? to NOT be a slutâ?¦ and give her permission to do all the naughty things sheâ??s always thinking about, but wonâ??t allow herself to do with other guys.

No shame, no boundaries, no regrets.

Eventually I sat down at my laptop and compiled all of these conversations into one placeâ?¦ eliminating the ones that didnâ??t work perfectly, every single time without failâ?¦

Until finally, I was holding in my hands the ultimate dating manual for menâ?¦

Charming AF – the Top 7 Conversations That Always Lead to Sex…

Charming AF is exactly what I WISHED I had all those years ago, but could never find in other so-called â??dating adviceâ? books…

I remember feeling so frustrated, thinkingâ?¦ â??Why the hell donâ??t these dating coaches just TELL me what to say? Why is that so hard?â?

Well, a guide like that has never existed before, so I created it myself.

Which brings us to now… and to YOU, sitting there reading this letter… and wondering whether or not you’re about to get your hands on Charming AF too.

I bet you’re already starting to imagine the girl you’d use this on first… or maybe even several girls at once…

How would you feel right now, if all of those girls were eagerly trying to win you over and please you in every naughty way possible?

That’s the power of these word-for-word conversations I’m about to give you.

But first you need to understand, with great power comes great responsibility.

This is going to give you a serious amount of control over a womanâ??s sexual decision making…

And if you intend to use this power to be an asshole to womenâ?¦ to make her cheat and screw up a relationshipâ?¦ or to â??get revengeâ? or â??ruinâ? or â??punishâ? a girl…

Then youâ??re NOT the type of guy I want to give this to.

But if you agree that you will only use this power to bring women incredible pleasure and make them happy they said YES to youâ?¦

Then you might just qualify to join my test groupâ?¦

Are you ready to feel what itâ??s like to be the star of her kinkiest fantasies?

Are you ready for stunningly attractive women to stare you downâ?¦ chase you for attentionâ?¦ grab your assâ?¦ and pull you into the bathroom for a quickieâ?¦?

Are you ready to have sexy, adventurous girls fighting for your approvalâ?¦ forcing their numbers into your phoneâ?¦ and begging to go home with youâ?¦?

Since youâ??re still here reading this, obviously your answer is “HELL YES!”

7 Word-for-Word Conversations That Make Her Chase You for Sex

This extremely explicit manual gives you one thing, and one thing onlyâ?¦

Exactly what to say to turn a girl on and make her want to sleep with youâ?¦ from the start of the conversation, all the way to the â??finish lineâ?…

There is zero fluff or corny â??be a better manâ? dating adviceâ?¦

And NO teasing you with some big secret that never gets revealedâ?¦

Itâ??s just 7 complete, â??done-for-youâ? conversations that guarantee you will get laid…

Word. For. [email protected]#king. Word.

Use them, internalize them, and you will always know what to say to make her chase you into bed.

Here’s just a tiny preview of the secrets you’re going to learn and the amazing results youâ??ll get automatically, as soon as you crack this open and use it.

First, youâ??ll learn…

The â??Erotic [email protected]#kâ?

If youâ??re looking for a one night stand or a kinky â??friend with benefitsâ?… this done-for-you conversation will make that happen for you (as soon as tonight, if youâ??re ready)…

Even if she says youâ??re not her type… these words and phrases will â??scramble her signalsâ? and make the sexual center of her brain go haywireâ?¦

Watch how quickly she gets dripping wet and feverishly horny when you have this conversation with her, word for wordâ?¦

Stuck in the â??Friend Zone?â?

Youâ??ll love this one:

The “Sexual Power Switchâ?

Use this with any girl you wantâ?¦ but it works particularly well with a girl who already rejected you or put you in the â??friend zoneâ?… because it completely changes the power dynamic between you, and â??resetsâ? her opinion of you.

This conversation is laced with subtle, suggestive language that gives YOU the sexual power and practically forces her into chasing you and winning you overâ?¦

Next, youâ??ll learn…

The â??Emotional Drug Dealerâ?

This one is like â??crack cocaine for the female mindâ?… I still donâ??t understand why, but girls just canâ??t get enough of thisâ?¦

When you follow this conversation word for wordâ?¦ sheâ??s gonna feel a spike of pleasurable emotion every time she talks to you, just like snorting a line of coke…

And once it starts, she will keep chasing you for more and moreâ?¦ desperately craving just one more hit her favorite â??drugâ? (hint: the drug is YOU)

Want to make her your loyal, loving girlfriend? Youâ??re gonna need…

The â??Love Cocktailâ?

This conversation is full of romantic images, designed to release the same chemicals that come inside her when sheâ??s falling in loveâ?¦

When you say these simple words and phrases, she will start to feel like you’re her boyfriend already, even if you just metâ?¦.

I urge you to use this with cautionâ?¦ only with a girl you really like and want to keep around for the long term… because itâ??s gonna make her feel incredibly close to youâ?¦ like sheâ??s known you forever.

Is she acting cold, bratty or â??hard to get?â? Try…

The “Jealousy Dirty Bombâ?

This one is so effective it’s SCARYâ?¦ and it makes women horny like nothing youâ??ve ever seen before.

Did you know that jealousy is the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world?

This will make her feel insanely jealous of other women around you (even if you donâ??t know any other women right now)… and drive her right into your arms…

And it works for any girl you want, but itâ??s SCARY effective with those super hot â??hard to getâ? types that are used to getting their way with men all the time. Also great for getting an ex girlfriend or lover back.

Next, youâ??ll discover…

The â??Bad Girl Confessionalâ?

Every girl you meet has a â??bad girlâ? side that she normally keeps hiddenâ?¦ even the super shy, quiet librarian types (hellâ?¦ especially those girls!)

When you follow this conversation to the letter, she will instantly feel like letting out her bad girl side around YOUâ?¦

Youâ??ll know itâ??s working when she starts biting her lipâ?¦ staring at your crotchâ?¦ and suggesting you both go somewhere more private so you can â??get to know each other betterâ?… 😉

Youâ??ll also learn…

The â??Kinky Explorerâ?

Iâ??m not gonna lie, this one takes some ballsâ?¦ but itâ??s SO worth it. In this conversation, youâ??ll open her up and help her to explore the kinkiest corners of her imaginationâ?¦

And let me tell you from experience, for most womenâ?¦ that means fantasies of SUBMISSIONâ?¦ i.e. giving herself over to your every whim and desire

(just watch 50 Shades of Grey or read a romance novel if you need proof women love this)

When you follow this conversation to a â??Tâ?… you shouldnâ??t be shocked to find even the most bossy, domineering woman getting down on her hands and knees and eagerly calling you â??Daddyâ? or â??Masterâ?…

And that’s “just the tip”… 😉

Thereâ??s moreâ?¦ SO MUCH MORE…

You’ll also discoverâ?¦

>> The â??Sexy Stalkerâ? phrase to say when you catch a woman looking at youâ?¦

>> One stupidly simple line that ALWAYS gets you out of troubleâ?¦ so if you run into an awkward silence or you say something dumb, this will smooth it over ASAP…

>> How to â??flip the scriptâ? on a girl who rejected youâ?¦ and get her desperately trying to apologize and win you overâ?¦

>> My top 3 â??Douchebag Destroyerâ? lines – say one of these to humiliate aggressive alpha males and get all the women on your side – the 3rd line is particularly brutal, but trust me, you cannot show weakness with these pricksâ?¦

>> How to read her eyes while youâ??re talking to herâ?¦ revealing her true feelings, so you always know exactly where you stand with her, with 100% certaintyâ?¦

>> The #1 most powerful line to say if she tells you â??Iâ??m not sleeping with you tonightâ?… literally melts away all her resistance and makes her putty in your handsâ?¦

>> 3 killer ways to handle women who give you shit or â??testâ? you… lets you snatch the power right out of her hands and leaves her quivering with pleasure and respecting you as a man…

>> How to command power and respect from everyone around youâ?¦ even the most assertive, aggressive guys will be on your side, ready to stick up for youâ?¦

>> What to say if sheâ??s â??fishing for complimentsâ? – this actually gets her so furiously turned on, she might hit youâ?¦ and sheâ??ll definitely try to kiss you at some pointâ?¦

>> 33 â??Sexual Power Wordsâ? that trigger feminine lustâ?¦ unleash white-hot desireâ?¦ and direct her sexual hunger at YOU (and only you)…

>> A simple â??mind hackâ? that floods her imagination with panty soaking imagery and leaves her dripping wet with anticipation for what youâ??re about to say nextâ?¦.

>> 1 weird trick to make her experience mind blowing sex with you… in her MIND… in just the first 5 minutes of conversationâ?¦ Can you imagine how easy, fun and sexy the conversation gets from there!?

Girls WANT you to know how to tease them with your words like this!

And thatâ??s not even HALF of what youâ??re getting with this automatic, done-for-you systemâ?¦

Thereâ??s so much more waiting for you inside…

So now that you know exactly what CHARMING AF isâ?¦ and why itâ??s so powerfulâ?¦

I bet youâ??re already starting to imagine how much fun itâ??s going to be when you have one of these conversations with that girl youâ??ve been thinking aboutâ?¦

And how amazing youâ??re going to feel when she makes the first move on you, confesses her feelings for you, and drags you to the bedroom to do anything you want her to doâ?¦

Thatâ??s the power that myself – and the select group of guys Iâ??ve shared this with – enjoy on a daily basisâ?¦ and Iâ??ll be honest with youâ?¦

It feels amazingâ?¦ and itâ??s so much easier than you ever imagined.

So what is it worth to have this kind of sexual power with women?

How much is it worth to hold the key to unlimited sexual abundance in your hands?

How much is it worth to know that you will never have to settle for â??whatever you can getâ?… because you can literally get a Perfect Ten woman any night of the weekâ?¦?

I donâ??t know about you, but so many guys spend the prime of their life settling for less than perfectâ?¦ less than what they deserveâ?¦

Wasting weeks, months and even years with women that donâ??t excite themâ?¦ or feeling taken advantage ofâ?¦ unworthyâ?¦ like the dating game â??just isnâ??t fairâ?…

And all the whileâ?¦ an endless parade of sexy, fun, available women waits just outside the doorâ?¦ but theyâ??re too afraid to go out, they feel like the cards are stacked against them…

I donâ??t want that for you, and I KNOW you donâ??t want that for yourself.

Not when the answer is so easy and right here in front of you…

So with that in mind, let me ask you something…

What do YOU think would be a fair price for Charming AF?

Think of it like thisâ?¦ imagine that girl you really want to sleep with or make your girlfriendâ?¦

What would it be worth to you if I could literally tell you the exact words to say, every step of the way, that would guarantee she was going to sleep with youâ?¦

And not only will she sleep with youâ?¦ she will feel incredibly lucky and thank you for the privilegeâ?¦ and fight tooth-and-nail to please you and keep you around in her lifeâ?¦

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