Merdeka 2009 Celebration or Forgotten?

Came to my concern that MERDEKA 2009 celebration is nearing. I was just not taking so much attention on this thing and also there is not much media that is promoting this event.

Merdeka celebration is the time for Malaysian to celebrate Independence day. And for your information until now, Malaysia had become a free country for about 52 years. In this 52 years of independent, Malaysia had gain lots of achievement thus making this country known all over the world.

That’s one part of it, there is still a lot to tell about that but my interest is to talk about the coming independence day and the reality. Again, I would like to mention that this year is the 52nd year Malaysia had been celebrating Independence day.

Years back, Malaysian Citizen had make this celebration so happening a month before until to the day itself. They will put the Malaysia flag on their car, decorate their company building with the flag of our beloved country and even there will be an exhibition done especially for this celebration itself.

But back to few days before or maybe I can say back to the early of August 2009, I only heard of one event for independence day which is hold by Polytechnic Kota Kinabalu (Which they are the organizer in IPTA level). I never hear of any events held by government for this celebration.

Or maybe I am just staying inside the sack and never went out hearing anything. But I travel from Penampang to Universiti Malaysia Sabah nearly everyday and if I never watch TV for the past 1 months, I suppose I could at least see the banner of Merdeka Day hanging on the lamp.

But what happen was, along this month, I realize that there is not even an event hold by government and there is not even a promotion of Merdeka Day (No Banner, No poster) anywhere in KK. So nice that I did saw some along Damai Road. But in the Main City itself there is not even one.

I understand that Sabah has a lot of immigrants from Philippines, I understand that their amount had been more and more near the Main City. But does this affected why we don’t have any single poster around the city? (So sad that I didn’t take any picture of the city now and before, but once you there you should understand).

On the Management part, Maybe MR.CM forgot to allocate budget for the advertising of this celebration but he is alone and is human like us, so the person below him suppose to be responsible to apply for this budget and all. Or maybe they did apply, MR.CM give the budget, but there is “SOMEONE” who become the phantom of the opera until there is no budget to advertise this event.

I believe, economy crisis did not caused much effect to the budget for this event. And I believe, if they concern, this event is promoted from the beginning.

In addition to that, I also realize less people been decorating their car with flag. I can say around 100 or 50 people, there is only 1 car with small flag. So we cannot even feel the spirit of independence day. We cannot even feel the meaningful things in this events. And what worse is, maybe some of us has forgotten this important day.

Everyone in Malaysia had been overwhelming with the 1Malaysia thing proposed by PM, does this caused the decreasing people having flag on their car? Or as car are now so beautiful, the citizen don’t want their car’s beauty covered with Malaysian flag or scratch by the double tape. For me, It always back to whether promotion or advertisement was made or not.

The government hold the power in controlling the media and everyone know that. It is their responsible to use the power and not to abused it. And I believe, there is no single entity that want to be so generous sponsoring thousand of ringgits for the banner. While on the citizen’s part, they did pay tax to the government so the responsible had been passed on. And after all everything come back to the government.

In this coming days, If there is not single promotion or advertisement on independence day, I believe that the celebration is not as good as the previous years. If this year the advertising of Merdeka Day is not so good, I hope next year the advertising will be thousand times better because It is the start as it is telling everyone on this event. And if things goes on like this, there wont be a merdeka spirit anymore and soon it will be forgotten.

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