.My domain with 50% off

When I check my email today, I found an email from MYNIC. They are promoting a 50% off for any .my domain whether it is for renewals or new domain.

This had been a good news for those who wish  to get a cheap domain. As I understand, .My domain had been quite expensive.which cost up to RM100 to RM120 for a domain depending on the place where you purchase the domain. When they giving a 50% off for each domain, we could expect lots of new .My domain to appear in the online world.

What I could expect more is, I could renew my domain more cheaper. I got around 5 .My domain then the price will be lower from the usual.

By the way for more information on this thing, you can visit http://www.domainregistry.my/readnews.php?id=79 which is the direct link to the announcement.

Hope with this info you could get your own .My domain. But remember there is a few domain that require you to own a company registration to register the domain. But not to worry, everything can be solve if you really wish for a .My domain, you gotta read their terms and regulations for more info.

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