New Experience

It’s been around 3 weeks now that I’m having my internship at Desa Kim Loong Sdn Bhd. For the last 3 weeks, lots of stuff to be done and lots of new experience that I could see everyday.

For me to have my internship here, it was pretty tough as my fellow internship colleagues is with mechanical engineering background. Plus my Internship Supervisor (Mill Engineer)  is also from Mechanical background. Involving with them, I found out that lots of thing that I need and will learn along this 10 weeks of internship.

For example, on the first week, I learn with the thing that they called sprocket. At first I was wondering what is that and which part is that in the machine. But then after asking them, it is actually the gear part of the machine. When I follow my fellow colleagues to meet the workshop  supervisor, lots of new things that i discover. With them around, I could actually asked them what is that and how to use it.

In this 3 weeks, I’ve done almost all the routine need to be done in the laboratory. It was quite fun and I’m planning to do some other test that i’ve learn before. I guess some of the apparatus and chemical is not there, so I gotta ask help from the Lab Supervisor to help me with that soon.

One thing that I realize, if you are in the mill, you won’t be learning much if you did not go to see what happen inside and what people are doing. The work might be a routine things but then when they are about to troubleshooting on some problem it would be the best experience to follow and if possible get your hand out of your pocket.

I am so grateful by the time I was there, they are starting their second boiler. Lots of trouble shooting stuff that I could see such as the adjustment of the Boiler controller by the engineer from outside and the problems in the engine room especially the problem with the turbine controller. Lots of this thing I will not found it if I was not in there and was sitting in supervisor room drawing some machine cross sectional view.

Hope for the coming 7 more weeks, I would be able to do much more stuff and would be able to leave some mark of development in the mill.

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