Oil Price Drop 10cents

The government had announced that starting tomorrow, we will enjoy another 10cents of oil.
Then the price of RON97 is RM1.80 and RON92 is RM1.70 whilst diesel will be RM1.70.
The drop down is a good news but they should have drop it more since there is no subsidised oil to us (except company which registered for it).


The price has been below USD50 for a week, but there is not much of a changes.
I got read from Daily Express (not sure when the date and who said it. Will update it if i found it later), a assemblyman said that the price of oil will from of the crude oil price is lower than USD73+- per barrel (this is in my memory but it is above USD70).
I was wondering does we are not open to internet that they said the oil price is about USD73? Why should they cheat the price? Who is at fault here, the Daily Express or the Assemblymen?
Hope they speak less crap in the future.
*P/s – you have to check daily express around this week or last week if you dont believe me. I’ll update this post soon but please remind me if i forgot.


I lost the news paper..Hoping there is other news talk about oil price sooner or later and we look how did they talk about it.

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