Photography Posing Secrets – The Photographers Essential Guide

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Product Name: Photography Posing Secrets – The Photographers Essential Guide

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From: James Brown [[email protected]]

Posing Secrets – Vol. 1 is ‘must’ reading for anyone interested in all types of photographing the Human Form. With
its ‘in-depth’ description and its illustrated way of how to pose a model, this book excels.

No matter how many years experience you have of posing models, this book will help you to find new ways.

Dear fellow photographer,

Hi, I’m Malcolm Boone and in the next few minutes I’m going to show you how Posing Secrets – The Photographer’s
Essential Guide Vol. 1 is going to improve your ability to produce and communicate posing ideas that will lift your
portraiture to a higher standard.

Let’s be honest. One of the hardest pictures to take is one where you have to pose the human body. Coming up with
ideas to fit the location or mood can be difficult. How do you avoid your subject looking awkward? Getting your idea
across to the model is also a challenge. You can try to avoid the effort and frustration by using posing cards, but
they limit you to how many cards you have that might fit your requirements. Many books that are supposed to advise
you on posing waste your time with details on depth of field, average photographs with trite captions, and what should
be in the model’s tote bag.

Posing Secrets – The Photographer’s Essential Guide Vol.1 is a newly released practical resource
for creative posing that will quickly show you clear and comprehensive practical steps to produce and communicate a
pose for any situation.

This book is for you if you photograph people and is invaluable whether you use digital or film photography. No
matter what angle you wish to photograph your model from you can apply these techniques to head shots, ¾ shots and
full length shots. Whether you want models still or apparently in motion, seated or standing, this resource will
suggest every pose any photographer would need.

It contains a surprisingly sure fire system that leads to unlimited possible poses. Starting from scratch the
step-by-step instructions show you the tricks to producing camera-friendly poses that successfully translate the
three-dimensional body to a two-dimensional medium.

Innovative illustrations concentrate on the lines of the body and its posture. The main components of posing are
the body, legs, arms and head. Each is analyzed and their possibilities shown. You will discover how to develop your
own poses and how to use your shoot time efficiently by following methods that easily communicate the pose that you

With this resource you can always produce an appropriate pose to create a visually and psychologically impressive
image whatever the location, mood or camera position. You’ll be shown how to quickly raise standards and keep
improving them.

Imagine being supremely proud of pictures admired by all. Portraits so good family and friends will be proud to
display them. Gain confidence as you win acclaim for your talent, skill and ability. If portrait photography is your
hobby imagine getting to the standard where you can exhibit and sell your work if you wish.

If you already photograph models but would like to take your pictures to another level, imagine being recognized as
an authority with a growing reputation for professional standard portrait work. Imagine rising to any challenge with
alternative poses available whatever the context of the picture and whatever the posing genre – casual, glamour,
journalistic or traditional. Any portrait photographer involved in print work, specialty modeling or stock photography
will find this resource indispensable too.

This 120 page book includes:

Forget trial and error. You need never be stuck for a pose again when you get this easy to read, simple to follow
book that you can download in minutes.

As a studio based full time professional photographer, I have over the years read a huge amount of books that
promise to give you a “unique” insight into photography and techniques. Sadly many are lacking in the quality
department and only put out re-hashed information. Needless to say there are a lot of books out there that are not
worth spending the money on. When I first purchased Malcolm Boone’s Posing Secrets Vol. 1 I fully expected it to be
just another.

To my surprise, I found it full of superb techniques, was expertly written and gave a unique way of visualising
poses. It allowed me to re-visit my training and look at posing subjects from a different angle. This has improved my
technique and increased my skills base, which can only benefit my clients and increase my turnover. Just goes to show
you can “teach an old dog new tricks”. Thanks Malcolm, worth every penny. A good investment for any person looking at
improving their posing skills and techniques.

Mark Pearson, Mark Pearson Photography, Leeds,

From: Bill Griffith [[email protected]]

You are certainly on a winner here Malcolm, giving the experienced and
novice photographer an entirely new way of looking at the human body. It was money well spent, and normally it is
easier to get money out of a beggar than it is to get money out of me.

Bill Griffith, Photojournalist, Sydney Australia.

Malcolm’s book is a no nonsense guide to posing a model. The book goes into great detail, not only posing the
body but even foot and hand placement and what a huge difference this makes! I particularly liked the idea of
visualizing my model as a silhouette – this takes away the distraction of everything except the form. Simple diagrams
and straightforward language make it easy for non-techies like me to understand clearly.

My first assignment AFTER reading the book showed a huge improvement and the young lady was thrilled with her
portraits – thanks Malcolm.

BTW – not only is it useful for photographers but a MUST READ for any aspiring models.

From: Tina Davis [[email protected]]

I highly recommend this Posing Secrets Volume 1. It teaches the photographer how to pose every aspect of the subject
from their head to their toes. Before I read the book I could only pose models with model pose cards, but now I can
come up with my own posing ideas. I am very glad I bought the book and look forward to purchasing volume 2.

From: R. Wright [[email protected]]

I am a student photographer and I am absolutely amazed by how much I learned from your book. I purchased it the day
it came out! I was so excited I couldn’t wait for the file to download. When I opened it up and read it, I was floored.

I take photography classes and you simplified everything that I needed to know. The pictures helped to bring it all
together. The most important thing that I learned from your book is that a body is a silhouette, if you stop focusing
on clothing and see lines then you can take a better picture. Phenomenal work, I appreciate your dedication to complete
this book.

From: Tim Cornia [[email protected]]

I have just downloaded your Posing Secrets vol 1 and have spent the last hour going through it. All I can say is

Before, I would go through magazines and look at the posed pictures in the ads in an attempt to learn new poses
but I wasn’t sure what I was looking for. The sections in your book on body lines and foot placement made total sense
and now I know what I am looking for when I look at the magazines. Thanks again for a very good informative book on

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will discover how to improve your composition, understand your digital camera’s histogram, and ensure the correct
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A report that will show you how to apply the Posing Secrets method to glamour photography. It also gives suggestions for
‘starting points’ for your poses, props you could use, and how to make your model look their best.

I have put together a package of open-source software (only the best!) which will allow you to import and manage
pictures from your digital camera, edit your images including resizing and cropping through to professional features
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many of the more expensive programs.

I have also sourced software which will allow you to create an image sampler in moments.

This is a fantastic opportunity, too good to miss!

As you can see this really is the ultimate resource for every type of portrait photography. Just imagine being able
to produce the perfectly posed shot any time, any place, every time.

‘Posing Secrets – The Photographer’s Essential Guide Vol.1’

After payment you will be given a receipt number and will then be directed to a special Thank You page from which
you can immediately download the book and bonuses. The book, directory and reports are in PDF format.
The software is contained in a ZIP file.

I am so convinced that Posing Secrets – The Photographer’s Essential Guide Vol.1 will help you improve your
portraits that I am offering the following guarantee. Try it out for 8 weeks and if it doesn’t help you master the
difficult skill of producing expert shots every time I will refund the purchase price immediately. No questions asked. No small print. No hidden

I was browsing the web for information on studio portraits when I came across details for ‘Posing Secrets Vol.1’.
I’d never bought an ebook before, but it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. So I took a gamble, and I’m
really glad I did!

At first I was disappointed that the book wasn’t full of photographs, but I soon realised that the diagrams gave a
greater understanding of what the author was trying to get across.

Overall I highly recommend this excellent publication to anyone who wants to learn more about posing for portrait
photography, on either side of the camera.

Morgana Creely
Melbourne, Australia

From: Laura Chapman [[email protected]]

I’m a novice/amateur photographer and I feel I have been through a huge learning experience after reading your book.
I have found in the past that I would become ‘stuck’ for the next pose for my model, and I have found your book
incredibly helpful.

I have recently taken some photographs in which my model looks amazing, and I’ve been able to give good, precise
instructions to her (at last I’m beginning to sound like I know what I’m talking about!)

Thanks so much for a great product. It was well worth the money I spent.

From: John Mullin [[email protected]]

I have found the way I approach a session has now changed, with more forethought and use of your diagrams and rough
sketches to help direct the subject. Making me feel more of a reasonably confident director than someone trying to
communicate without much success.

My daughter tends to be my ‘guinea pig’ more often than not when trying something new and she summed it up better
than I could – as she no longer finds posing difficult or like a game of twister that has gone wrong.

To see what others think of ‘Posing Secrets Vol.1’ visit our ‘Testimonials’ page.

Aren’t you tired of trying to think up how to improve your pictures with the right pose? Why not try this system
without risking a dime? You’ll get the innovative Posing Secrets – The Photographer’s Essential Guide Vol.1, completely
downloadable to your computer so you can be using it in just a few moments.

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P.S. Once you start reading this resource you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to start producing perfect
poses and how simply you can communicate the exact positions to your models. Just try it out now. . . completely at my

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Click here to get Photography Posing Secrets – The Photographers Essential Guide at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Photography Posing Secrets – The Photographers Essential Guide is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.