Playing with Javascript

I was sort of playing with Javascript right now. You know earlier I talk about the last part of which you can link it here, It was not actually finish because i didn’t manage to decode some coded script to work with my site. The script that i want to decode was an invite script. You know it will be more easier for your site to grow with this script. I didn’t use it for this for now but maybe I’ll use it later.

I’ve even learn Javascript from and it was quite fun learning it. Anyway at last, i was not able to decode anything and will stop working on the invitation script for now. But good things is, there is some invitation script out there that seems to work and I’ve found the free tellafriend script. It works well but the only thing is, it is unable to import contacts from email. Hope they will fix it soon.

Now the site is running wild as it likes, part for inviting people will be done later on by either my friend or me. I just hope this time the site will grow and grow and grow to become a site for everyone. I’m thinking of using google Adwords but I think I want to save the money for my other site. Few sites to go, and a script to dealt with. Hope I can work on everything.

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