I was actually included in mailing lisf of This was actually quite an interesting site teaching on how to generate income by using blog. Other than that it also teach on how to make blogs to be rank faster and higher by google.

Here are few from the site that it point me to go to;

Attention WordPress Bloggers! – Here’s how to get indexed faster, rank higher and drive more traffic to your blog!
Discover How A Few Simple Tweaks On Your WordPress Blog Can Get You Top Google Rankings – And Increase Your Traffic By 300% Or More!
Simple Optimization Techniques That Get Me Over 118,000 Visitors to My WordPress Blog Every Single Month For FREE – And Thousands of Dollars in Easy Profits..

As i read the site, i saw his simple questionaire and so i made changes to my site. If you notice before i was using  a random url for  all my post, but now i did use for all my post.  I not sure what might happen anyway i just follow what expert usually do. Then i also install the related post plugins so that i can link my post with other post.

That was a few changes that i make. Anyway about, it was run by one of the most successful bloggers in Malaysia, Gobala Krishnan. He also make a lots of camps in west Malaysia in helping other bloggers to making their blogs known to other  people around the world.

You can see what he send to me via this url :

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