Readers one stop Portal – Preserving Local Malaysian Languages

Now that I quite busy with my tests, assignments and activities, I manage to do another website.

I like this website and it is something that I hope to make it bigger. The website that I am talking about is another project by me with the aim of preserving local languages in Malaysia and for me it is especially to preserve the going to extinct Kadazan/Dusun language amongst sabahan.

By the way as Sabah is too unique, i could not say that i only want to preserve Kadazan/dusun language but in conjunction with that i would also like to preserve the other local languages that is spoken by pure sabahan.

Just imagine in the coming 10 to 20 years later, how many of the new generations would speak this language? The ethnics itself is going to extinct as many had been married with other ethnics, so if the languages also extinct, won’t it be such a waste?

Do you wish your grandchildren does not know who is their ancestors?

Anyway If you are interested to join me, Just support the website and Post some bahasa dusun or kadazan or your language. You need to register to contribute.

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