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Product Name: Reawaken Your Marriage – Keep Your Loving Companion

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“How to Reawaken a Committed and Loving Relationship in your Marriage and Both of you Fulfil your Personal Dreams”

Have you ever wondered why you are being rejected by your spouse and family and continue to fail in your relationship no matter how hard you try?

Have you ever asked yourself:

Would you like to know how to re-establish a loving relationship with your familyâ?¦?

And bring a deep and everlasting connection back into your love lifeâ?¦

EVEN if you feel you are emotionally separated from your partner?

The answer is absolutely! So, listen closely, because what Iâ??m about to tell you could have serious consequences for the future of your marriage.  

Iâ??m going to reveal the code to relationship harmony, bringing your family back to you!  This will be a new, loving connection.

My name is Joanne Williams.

And in the next few minutes I’m going to share with you my incredible technique that brings distant and unhappy couples back together…

Without the need for litigation, councelling, or any other expensive tricks.

I have been seeking a method, for my entire professional life, that can be adjusted to help couples in distress.  A method compatible with any situation.

Sadly, the best I could do is find a few slender volumes touching on some of the symptoms of marriages in trouble.  These were written by folks who probably have not experienced the agony of a couple needing help in their failing relationship.

Many couples just look at the term, â??marriage counselorâ? and not be aware of the variety of helpful services available to them.

Many, just pick a name out of the hat, make an appointment then go and see someone.  In all probability, this person knows very little about the complexity of relationships.

Even if they have a smattering of knowledge, their answers and advice will be text-book based.  However, they usually are trained to give some emotional support.

Unfortunately, in this field of human relations the training is usually hands-off which leaves them short of real answers to extremely complex issues.

Most couples, together or separately, contact one of us and expect real answers to real life situations.  Sadly, what they get is a psychological hand holding.  Imagine going into a session and all you get is â??and how do you feel todayâ?¦â?.  Not very satisfying, is it!

The alternative is the self-help section of your local book store.  There you will fine an entire section on â??out of dateâ?? marital advice.  Some of it incomplete soft soap and some of it just plain wrong.

Regrettably, this is a popular section of the shop and the only help available to most people.

But I was certain, somewhere there is a system, available to anyone.  A system containing solutions to correcting marital relations gone awry.  There must be one to produce real, affective results for real people in a real world.

How This All Came Aboutâ?¦

For the past few years I have, personally and via email, been relationship counselling struggling couples.  Aiding these couples in finding their particular key to unlocking the pathway to a mature, happy future together.

Demand for this information, and associated coaching, is large to say the least.  It is quite phenomenal.

The truth is, there is an overwhelming demand coming in via email for my services. 

Iâ??m sure you realize, the amount of detail needed to properly answer them is time consuming. It fills the day completely. 

Rather than doing one-on-one counseling over the phone, which can produce a very large income, I am limited to the number of people I can help.  This led to the decision to restrict myself to writing and emails.  This expands my outreach to many more who need my help.

I believe in the 15th most important proverb in the English language: “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish, he eats for a lifetime!”

This is the concept that kept nudging my thinking when I was considering the best way to reach out to a multitude of people, rather than a one-on-one method.

How to give the most couples in distress the necessary techniques, skills, and tools â?? the ones I regularly use.  These with the associated tactics to help clients in reawakening their lost love.

In affect, with this concept, you will become your own counsellor.  You will have, at your fingertips, skillful relationship tools and know how to apply them to your exact circumstances.

Think of your huge saving when you consider the professional guidance fees for troubled couples.  Add to this, the time and inconvenience travelling to counselling sessions plus the all-important skills you will have as a counsellor.

It was a very exciting idea.

Up to now, many people have been helped with my counselling and writings; however, even more couples can be helped by documenting the tried and true procedures.

Using this as my starting point, I compiled all the procedures, processes, and counselling notes I had acquired over the years.  These, with research to fill in the narrative gaps resulted in a concise, informative book, “How to Reawaken Your Marriageâ?.

I didnâ??t realize how time consuming this project would be.  I found myself putting off the data compilation and added written narratives to attend to my regular duties.

Yet, the knowledge was always with me; the couples in difficulty had a real need for a resource.  One with which they could create a successful relationship.

There was a conflict in timing.  On the one hand, there is the ongoing duties and on the other all the couples needing help in their relationship struggles.

The truth of the matter is, many couples simply canâ??t afford the hundreds or, in some cases, thousands of dollars for professional counselling.  Sadly, many expensive counsellors simply donâ??t have the skills, knowledge or systems to help!

Couples in distress need one place to get the best procedures. 

A place giving the answers they must have; answers bringing harmony back to their marriage and getting their spouse back.

I needed to find a venue with all the answers that people need for a great relationship.

I wanted a system that was all inclusive, simple and easy to understand and could be used in a marriage, regardless of the perilous condition of that union.

It didnâ??t take long to realize the only method that would fit the bill was one whereby the couples themselves had to be in control.  That method meant a book of explanation and instruction.

This started a year of intense research and compilation of all my written material.

Up until now I was confident I had a system supporting individuals and couples.  This system effectively helped them understand the reality of their situation and gave useful advice on how to deal with it.

However, my system was adapted to me and my concepts.  Itsâ?? methodology was reflective of how I applied it to the variety of problem marriages I was dealing with at any given time.  

Certainly, part of this could be transferred to a reader looking for solutions to their difficulties.  Nevertheless, it did not have all the machinery to figure out why you where getting some results and getting some that you do not want or expect.

This is where the real value of the intense research came to life.  I found an understanding of the relationship game and the underlying processes that affect it. 

My sense of accomplishment and glee at a successful understanding is hard to adequately express.  You can imagine how wonderful it was!

The understanding I found was; to coin a phrase, both good and bad, because it pointed out a need to rethink my procedures.  The path became clearer and more defined.

My basic view of people remained stable and on track; what was revealed were the methodology changes.

Not many, but some key areas of belief, interpretation and behavior manifestations needed changing.  It was like a computer software upgrade.  The program was good but some parts needed improvement.

I dug into my boxes and old files of past encounters for all the data used to resolve the various issues they represented.  It is amazing how much accumulates over the years.

There were systems, techniques, tools used to resolve specific conditions.  Over-all they were very similar, but each had a unique twist to suit an individual relationship.

The job facing me was to organize them into a codified order, then arrange them into a resource understandable to anyone.  The resulting book had to give a reliable answer when needed to resolve issues and improve a deteriorating relationship.

I put all the information in an easy to use “How to Reawaken Your Marriageâ? book that gives you a Powerful System to reset your marriage!

The books available on this site are truly unique!  If you are having any problems or issues in your Marriage or Significant Other relationship, there you will always find an Answer, a Solution.

Once the couples, either individually or together, have gone through the process detailed in my book â??Reawaken Your Marriageâ?, the pathway to solving their problems becomes obvious.

Additionally, you can modify those unique to your situation, making them your own.

This is because the principals are given in a progressive order.  These are a â??bread crumbâ? trail from the chaos in a relationship through a conduit into a harmonious life.

The more they read the more they want when their eyes are opened!

Consider this situation; one that, although made as an example, is quite typical of actual events.  

 Within a few short weeks, the marriage went through a dramatic transformation:

In fact, over the past two decades, I’ve helped many couples to finally find peace and happiness in a committed relationship.

Intimacy returned, forming tighter and stronger bonds than ever before!

I distributed a significant number of copies of “How To Reawaken Your Marriage” to a randomly selected group of couples prior to this public offering.  The response was quite remarkable.

What an intense turn around!  Our relationship has made a 180-degree reversal; it’s now moving in the RIGHT direction!  Thank you very much!”

Our marriage has been in trouble for a long time.  Other books I’ve read lead nowhere, but yours is different.  I’ve never read anything like it.  With the improvement you have given us, we now have a hope for the future!”

I was going to read a chapter a night, but, after the last one, came revelation after revelation.  I kept on till past 2AM.  I am stunned!  This book has given me a completely new outlook on our marriage.  The guidance for our marriage is filled with hope.  Thank you!”

“I have my marriage back…

The first few chapters really fit with the direction I had been hoping for.  We have found a path!  Thank you very much.”

I know it seems impossible, but I promise you, getting back together is easier than you think, when you know how.

15 year ago, I was helping couples through the legal minefield of broken marriages.

To make matters worse, I was also witnessing the emotional distress caused because of trauma of a soulless attempt to satisfy the needs of a broken marriage.

It was devastating to me because in almost all the cases the path they were on was wrong. There was an underlying affection being destroyed by outside pressures.

Does this sound familiar to you?

If you’re anything like most in your situation, you’ve tried counselling, legal advice and every manner of persuasion imaginable.

The problem is, nothing is working out like you hoped.

There is no mystery here when you consider that we, culturally, resist imposed change.  Think about it; do you want everything to remain as it is?  Youâ??re in a relationship that was, and can still be, a loving one.

But, when you consider the true nature of people, we as humans accept change but resist any change IMPOSED ON US. 

Even if the problem is routed in a relationship that is still an endearing one.

Because of the trauma of miscommunication, this love and concern for the welfare of your partner is forced into a dark recess.  Without a dialogue between life partners the path to a warm future will surely be missed.

Itâ??s understandable that you’re confused, angry and mystified.  Everyone around you are counselling what amounts to confrontation when your inner desire is to protect your partner from harm.

Both you and your partner want a great marriage; however, the paths are not necessarily the same for each of you, and the timing may be different as well.

You may start to doubt if it’s even possible to find fairness for each of you.

I promise you, itâ??s absolutely possible, but youâ??re going to need to take a different approach, and when you do, life is going to be so sweet youâ??ll be able to taste it.

A regular suburban family where the husband has a nine to five job and the wife is a homemaker looking after the home and children. You could say this is a normal domestic scene.

One day the husband has a particularly difficult day at work.  On the way home, he decides to stop off at a local watering hole for a relaxing drink to ease the pressures of the day.  After one or two and a brief chat with a couple of friends he continues off home.

(This is something, I believe is not unusual, all of us has done it at one time or another).

Meanwhile, the wife, recognizing her husband has a position with considerable pressure that doesnâ??t ease up, prepares a very tasty dinner.  Before he left the office, he phoned to say he would be home around 7 P.M.  However, here he comes in at 8:45 P.M. an hour and a half late with her on the brink of tears.

Imagine this scene: The husband walking through the door, the wife tearfully distraught over the, now ruined dinner:  

H: Hi, Iâ??m here. (As he and the beer fumes come in)  

W: (Relieved but suddenly very angry) You knew that dinner would be ready at 7, now everything is dried and ruined! If you would rather go boozing than come home when you said you would, go fix yourself your own dinner!  

H: And itâ??s supposed to be my fault that I have to work so hard? I just stopped off for one!  

W: Whatâ??s that supposed to mean? We both work hard!  

H: Yeah, I know you work and but I bring in the money, yet you hold the checkbook. Some life! Iâ??m out of here!  

(Front door slams shut, wife cries in the bedroom, husband drives off to have a drink at a nearby bar).  

This is a dramatized version of what, I believe, is a fairly common occurrence in our high-pressure life style of today.  If you look closely you can see a couple of obvious mistakes on both sides of this domestic scene.  

The first is what could happen when you begin an interaction with a â??youâ? statement.  Directly accusing someone of deliberately doing something wrong will only create a defensive backlash.  This in turn, is sure to produce a swift counter-reaction.  

So, instead of resorting to â??youâ? statements, learn to choose a way to express your feelings and thoughts to fit into â??Iâ? statements without losing meaning.  

Here are some examples:  

â??Youâ?: â??You never think of saving, thatâ??s why weâ??re always struggling with our bills!â?  

â??Iâ?: â??Iâ??m frustrated that we canâ??t pay our bills on time. How can we solve this?â?  

â??Youâ?: â??You always come home late and on top of that, you reek of alcohol!â?   â??Iâ?: â??I miss you in the evenings and would love it if you can come home to us earlier. If you really need to drink, you can drink a little at home.â?  

The hard edge is gone; however, the meaning, in an inclusive way, is there.

The other mistake, though clearly evident and easily avoided, is commonly overlooked.  

â??I only stopped in for a couple of beersâ?, nothing wrong with thatâ?¦ PROVIDEDâ?¦ the husband had called home and told his wife.  They could have made the necessary adjustments together to resolve the impending conflict.

There is no fixed design or cure-all for the many varaitions of relationship issues.  

We are human; because of this simple fact, the sheer number of possibilities are staggering.

Nevertheless, there is a common thread woven through this tangle of emotions, and additionally, some essential tools to repair the damage.

These tools can be used to repair this damage and improve the union of your marriage before it disintegrates.

This means you can finally save your marriage, even if, until now, you didn’t understand what was needed in a warm and loving relationship.

Tried and true advice to overcome conflicts and breathe life back into your marriage

Book cover is for illustrative purposes only, this is a digital download

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Why waste time and money?

Order right now, and you can finally stop your breakup in its tracks and enjoy married life, without all that emotional baggage getting in the way.

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I’m going to discuss ways in which you can reignite the spark of love.  

I’m here to tell you that you can reenergize your relationship.  If things are out of whack, you can work to put them on the right track.

Which means you can finally:

Stress management is considered one of the most useful tools that a person can use to improve their overall health and emotional wellbeing.

Discover “what are stressors” that make you feel pressured, fatigued and short tempered with suggested management techniques.

How you can discuss, and at the same time, effectively communicate with your spouse to explain your ideas, desires and feelings.

Which means you can finally:

I don’t know you personally, but I know what you’re going through right now, and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemies.

I also know that you’re reading this far because deep down, you’re sick and tired of seeing your marriage slowly break down.

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I’m sure you’ll make the right decision.

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P.P.S – I struggled for years with a worsening marriage; failing miserably to find out why.

I can honestly say, it wasn’t until I made the switch to learning these powerful strategies, that I finally started to resolve our problems.

They brought back understanding and passion into our lives.

And it’s easier than you think.  You do not need to be rich and successful with all the glittering toys you think impresses others.

Simply give this a try for 60 days risk free, and start living in a warm, fun relationship.  Feeling loved in the coming days and weeks.

If you don’t, you pay absolutely nothing and keep the reports; they are great reference books.

Remember, the reason this works is because it removes the blinders we all wear.  You will see the astonishing truth about communication and the unique power of marriage to heal, when given the opportunity.

… so, there’s no reason this won’t work for you too!

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I am grateful for your generous 60-day guarantee, making my decision to begin the Reawaken Your Marriage program so SIMPLE!

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Click here to get Reawaken Your Marriage – Keep Your Loving Companion at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Reawaken Your Marriage – Keep Your Loving Companion is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.