Reducing Weight

Yesterday one of my nephew is undergoing a small operation. We choose to get the service from PermaiPolyclinic as he did run from the hospital before as he afraid of the operation. But this time i was there, who is their most wicked uncle, so he manage to take the small operation curing his ear.

Anyway forget about that.. I was actaully concern about the poster there.. A bit influence by what is written so i think it is time for me to change a bit.. Before that, look at the picture below;


what written there was;

The Hidden Danger Behind an Oversized Waistline

Overweight or obesity is associated with an increased incidenceof chronic diseases. This health risk is linked to the location of excess body fat. Abdominal obesity which is the accumulation of body fat in the abdomen is the major clinical and public health issue.

Abdominal obesity poses far greater health risk than those stored in your hips or thights. This is the most visible warning to development of high blood pressure, diabetes, and high level of cholestrol in your blood, which are the major riskfactors leading to coronary heart disease and stroke.

I’ve been keeping some fats on my waists, this means i have a chance of getting it. Thanks to the poster that i want to make a little change to myself. So for those who have not change yet, value yourself and change before you are too late..

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