Sabah gets RM23.5mil to build houses for the poor

The news today was quite static for me. Nothing much interesting as the most highlighted was Politic event in Malaysia. Malaysia has been quite calm down for me right now maybe the election season has passed for few months and people getting tired of hearing it out.

Anyway about the headlines Sabah gets RM23.5mil for helping the needy. Look at the red text below. What does the news means by 26 percent of the RM50mil? If we were to do mathematic on this, doesn’t sabah get more than half? They write out wrong information again.

If i were to see from the dictionary online, comprise would mean “to Include” or “is made up of”, and it will be rephrase like this;

He said the amount is made up of 26 percent of the 50mil allocated under the programme world wide. – which means (a what I understand, if i’m wrong please let me know) The RM23.5mil is 26% of the RM50mil budget allocated whole Malaysia.

If x= Total Budget and y = budget for sabah, then using x/100 = y/26 , we will get total budget = RM90.385mil

Then which one is true? Or maybe i’m the one who is wrong?

News Source: The Star

Sabah gets RM23.5mil to build houses for the poor

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah has been allocated RM23.5mil to build houses for the poor this year, the State Legislative Assembly was told Wednesday.

State Assistant Rural Development Minister Datuk Sairin Karno said the allocation included RM13mil provided by the federal government through the Implementation Coordination Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department for implementation of the Housing Aid Programme for the poor.

He said the amount comprised 26 per cent of the RM50mil allocated under the programme nationwide.

“Besides that, the state government has also allocated RM10.5mil to build houses for the hardcore poor, including single mothers and the disabled, this year,” he said in response to a question from Pang Yuk Ming (BN-Merotai). – Bernama

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  1. Yeah, it should be an issue. If Malaysian were to ask government to rolled out money usage for the whole year, there must be a sum of money that we don’t know what is the usage.
    Any country is the same. There is no a really clean person in Politic.

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