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It’s been about a week i did not write anything in HotOnBlog. Not that i don’t want to write but it just happen that my laptop broken after my last post and I just get it by today.

Things happen unpredictable and beyond our imagination. What i want to do around a week ago was writing my resume for my coming practical. But what happen was, my laptop keyboard spoiled and I send it for repair at service centre. I don’t even have the time to get my PC back to my place as i leave it for use in my hometown Tambunan. So with that, its happen that i don’t post anything here and my job is all paused a while.

Anyway thanks to the broken keyboard that I got new experience that I could share with you. This might be true in some places and wrong in some places. But for me it is true by this time it happen.

If ever happen to you some parts of your laptop broken and you really need to fix it, I would suggest you to run to the nearest service centre to fix it. I’m suggesting you this because by the time my keyboard broken, I did send to the second hand part shop at Karamunsing to repair my keyboard and I learn the charge is nearly RM300 not including labour charge.

Luckily the keyboard that they got is not compactible with my laptop and so I manage not to try for Acer service centre. And so I send my laptop to Acer Service centre and they only charge me RM190 where RM100 for labour charge while RM90 is the price of a brand new OEM Acer Keyboard.

So with that, it will always be a good idea to get back to the manufacturer itself to fix the stuff compared to send it to be fix at shop.

Hope this might help you next time.

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