Steel Action Figure – Transformer Copy

For those who like action figure a lot, I got one interesting picture on Steel  Action figure. It was transformer  i guess and was built by using unused car parts and steel. It was on one shop in wawasan plaza kota kinabalu. So if you like it, have some time and visit the place..

Fyi, it was local made and I’m proud because Sabahan could do it..

Steel Action Figure - Transformer Copy
Steel Action Figure - Transformer Copy

The steel action figure is around my height or normal sabahan height 5ft to 6 ft.. It was an amazing action figure since it was made from steel. I guess it is heavier than me. The leg was screwed to the floor of the shop. It was at ground floor and I am not sure what is the shop’s name.

By the way, if you around KK, have a visit on this shop. It was the best creation that I have seen with my own eyes.

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