StreamYX slow

I not sure what is happening bit this is my current Internet connection. StreamYX service has degrade is it??
I Pay every month RM96+ for a 512kbps line which is enough for 1 person. Then the speed not suppose to be like that.

I’ve called 100 last night and they assign a person to came to my house. How should i say this, Modem is Ok, Laptop is Ok and just formatted, Phone line is Ok (I can make call outside). With the reason that there is no problem with my place, then it will be better reject the service person to come and do nothing but get paid from me, it think around RM80 or RM100 (not sure with it, you have to ask them if you really want to know.)

So rejecting the person is a good choice for me to do. Will call the service center again and ask what happen. I don’t wish the service guy which assign from outside company to came and charge me. And, if you happen to face this problem later on, remember one thing, check your modem, if possible format your laptop or pc else bring it to friends home and test their connection there. Then if all ok, call 100. If they assign a guy to come, reject it, tell the guy when they want to go service it that your connection is ok. Then later call 100 again and tell them there is no problem with the hardware at your home.

Tell them you don’t need any service guy to come as they might do nothing but get your bill increase. But one thing, do this if you really sure that your hardware at home got no problem. If no, why not just increase your bill for that month then if happen again next month you increase again and again and again. That’s lame right?

So you will have to learn how to fix things up or ask your friend who knows computer to help you.

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