Technology Info V1.0

At last, I’ve finish with technology info new theme.

It is not so beautiful with ad space above anyway, I just wanna give it a new look with a lighter version of a blog.
Hope with this new theme, web loading will be faster than before.

Anyway about this theme, I’ve included 20 125×25 ads space. Each ad space is for rent with RM30(buyer that can do fund transfer to cimb bank) or USD15(pay to paypal. USD5 will be paypal fees). The price is approximately RM1 daily or USD0.50 daily.
Then i’ve put the big RSS button so that people will click on it as it was hard to find from the last theme.

I think there is not much of a thing inside but I just hope it will load faster this time.

About Technology Info, from site meter weekly report the daily visitors is around 200 visits. This means there will be around 2000visits in a week and 6000 visits per month. Hope it will increase more and more. This has been my portal for technology as it takes lots of info from the other blogs. It is an automated posting system anyway and it will keep update as long as the hosting is there.

Join and advertise your site there ok.

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