The Bible of Cat Health Information

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Product Name: The Bible of Cat Health Information

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87 year old Southern Belle on Her Death Bed Reveals the Truth

to Have Happy, Healthy, Long-Living Cats… Without Spending a Penny
on Vets, Medicines or Special Foods!

cats routinely lived over 30 years!

Chantal Williams
Thursday, 1:15 p.m.

been 17 years since I shared a lemonade with that Louisiana lady.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

was a scene right out of the movies.

of those typical, hot, hazy, mid-July afternoons in the South. We sat
on the veranda that extended along the front and side of the two-story
white home.

sat at right angles to each other and our wicker rockers faced out over
the lush green lawn. A warm breeze rustled the willow trees before wafting
toward the house and cooling our skin.

gardens splashed the landscape as if they were dabbed on with an artist’s

paused to take a soothing drink and watched as a passing tractor kicked
up dust on the road below.

Johnson was her name.

was a charming lady. Her eyes were bright and had a child-like twinkle
that belied her 87 years.

she spoke she gently stroked “Henrietta”, her beloved feline
companion who was nestled comfortably in her lap.

afternoon sped by so quickly.

was amazed and enthralled as I listened to Emma describe her colorful
past and the fascinating history that wove in and around her life and
that old estate.

was fascinating!

she passed away two weeks later.

was some years after that when my own cat “Sunshine” was beginning
to suffer from some strange medical condition. No one could figure it
out. Not even the vets who just kept prescribing different medications
(and running up a hefty bill!)

was reminiscing about that conversation with Emma … when it struck

was her comments about her cats…

conversation hadn’t been about cats at all. Everything else, in fact.
But her cats … her cats were included in just about all of her stories
throughout her entire life.

back, it was so obvious. My goodness! “Henrietta” was almost
29 years old! “Old General” had lived to almost 40! The other
4 or 5 cats she owned at one time or another apparently all lived to
be over 30 years old!

87 year old Southern Belle had discovered secrets to cat health
and longevity!

she had revealed it to me!

could I have missed it? I began to write down everything I could remember
from that conversation.

was so vivid!

words came easily.

I was done writing I began to immediately do exactly what Emma did.
I changed “Sunshine’s” diet and took care of her exactly like
Emma would have.

mysterious medical condition disappeared.

Sunshine is still with me and is as healthy and energetic as when she
was a kitten.

my friend, if you love your cat, then this is the most exciting message
you may ever read!


name is Chantal Williams. Ever since the day I had that revelation about
how to have healthy, happy, long-living cats … I’ve been on a mission.
A mission to find out the truth about how to properly care for cats.
The real truth … The whole truth… What really works …

had to let go of a lot of old beliefs.

taken years.

important, during this time, I’ve uncovered a lot of hidden
treasures, hundreds of tips, techniques and secrets about caring
for cats that no one else seems to know.

put these tips, techiques and secrets … along with all the “traditional”
cat health information you’ll ever need … into a great guide … that
will show YOU how to have a happy, healthy, long-living cat … without
spending a penny on vets, medicines or “special” foods.

it’s called…

original huh?!

I never really intended for this to be published. It was for me.

wanted to know what I could do to help my cat live the life it was intended
to live.

spoken to hundreds of people — from veterinarians to holistic healers,
from nutritionalists to herbalists and breeders to successful cat owners.

the way I’ve learned a few things … actually, some little known, very
interesting, insider secrets … that you need to know to properly care
for your cat.


thing happened too. Science finally “caught up” with that
“down home” wisdom from Emma Johnson. Well, to be honest,
the information may have been there all along and we weren’t using
it or applying it properly. But what you will learn about the
science of nutrition verifies that Emma was right all along!

I had gathered all of this critical information I realized that it just
wouldn’t be fair to keep it private.

love cats and I figured that to help as many as I could I had to share
this information with other like-minded folks … like you. So I compiled
it into a neat package just for people who love their cats … and called
it Cat Health Secrets.

you know that most cats only live 10-12 years while their normal life
expectancy should be 25-30 years! And we cause it! This premature death
is entirely preventable!

a quick glimpse of what you’ll discover in Cat Health Secrets…

take a short “breather”. We’ll get back to more of what this
remarkable book will teach you in just a moment.

first …

you are the type of person who always does what you’re told, who never
questions anything … this book probably isn’t for you.

most of your information about cat care comes from television advertisements
and you truly believe that commercial pet food producers have the best
interest of your cat at heart … this book probably isn’t
for you.

you are intimidated by authority figures like medical doctors, teachers
or … vets … this book probably isn’t for you either.

the book call into question the “common wisdom”. It asks you
to at least consider the possibility that there may be another way.
It will show you a whole new way of looking at some things.

I don’t “go off” like some “rebel without a cause”.
Nor will the book have you out in the back yard sacrificing a chicken
to cure your cat’s urinary tract infection … 🙂

no one ever questioned “the way it’s always been done” and
learn to think for themselves once in a while we’d still think the earth
was flat! … or the sun revolved around the earth!

to think of it, if someone hadn’t questioned the current way of thinking
hundreds of years ago….this might be your “reality”…

…and at other
times in history

but true.

     All of
this might sound very bizarre to us today but they were all “real”
at some point in history. Find out what the heck I’m talking about by
reading “Cat Health Secrets”.


a cat owner you also know that there are some red-hot, controversial
issues about cat health.

you’ve ever asked yourself, “Should I …

… use
clumping kitty litter?”

… declaw
my cat?”

… vaccinate
or not?”

… spay
or neuter?”

know just what I’m talking about!

of the strong opinions on any of these issues has a stake in the outcome
… often money is to be made.

Health Secrets attempts to present an unbiased view of the
facts. You’ll learn both sides of each issue and uncover pertinent information
that will help you make your own informed decision.

the end you still may choose to do things “the way they’ve
always been done” or what “the vet says” … but you’ll
feel better about it because it was an informed choice.

Medical Enyclopedia

when you were a kid and your mom had one of those big, thick, Medical
Encyclopedias at home? It was full of pictures of inside body parts
and names of diseases you couldn’t pronounce?

when you got sick or when Aunt Shirley, who worked at the pharmacy (she
ran the cash register but thought she was the pharmacist) said,
“Oh, you need x medication”, Mom would pull out that book
and look up your symptom or that drug Aunt Shirley recommended…

bet you even have one of those books in your own house now!

with Cat Health Secrets you now have your very own
Cat Medical Encyclopedia!

than half of this 100+ page book is dedicated to covering over 40 Categories
of Common Cat Conditions. From Acne to Eye problems, from Fleas to Parasites
and from Respiratory Problems to Zoonotic Diseases … and everything
in between!

each ailment there is a section that covers:

the “How to Treat it” portion you’ll not only learn the “traditional
way” but also (if available) an “alternative or holistic”

cool huh? I don’t think you’ll find a resource anywhere that doesn’t
support one view over another.

get me wrong. Cat Health Secrets isn’t pretending to
replace veterinarian services. If they are warranted, please take your
cat to the vet. What you learn here is what you may expect to hear as
a diagnosis and a treatment from the vet. Then you can converse and
ask intelligent questions from a point of knowledge!

Much Would You Pay to Have an Extra 6 Months Together With Your Favorite
Cat? 5 Years? 10 Years?

much is it worth to have them happy and healthy? Not suffering from
some mysterious condition? How much money are you going to save in vet
bills, medication and special diets?

don’t know about you, but I find it hard to put a price tag on that.

also don’t know how to put a price tag on all the time I’ve invested
in uncovering these secrets and putting it all in a book for you.

since I want you to purchase this book I’ve got to put some price on
it right?

here it is…

rock bottom, bargain-basement, “it’s an offer you just can’t refuse”
price is only

hope that sounds fair…for both of us.

you value your time at anything over a few pennies per hour, you are
saving money based on what you would have to spend scouring the internet,
bookstores and the library to find just some of the gold nuggets
I reveal.

Health Secrets” is one of those rare purchases that you actually
find more valuable as time goes on and you continue to use it year after

there’s absolutely zero risk when you take a “test drive”
of my guide… because… it comes with an…

90 Day Guarantee!

the deal: Order the book. It’s in an easy, downloadable format
(more on that in a minute). You’ll be reading it in less than five
minutes. Start putting the secrets you discover to work tomorrow…
or even today. Take your own sweet time to do this. Then, if you’re
not satisfied for any reason, or no reason at all… simply ask for
your money back by email (it is at the very bottom of the page)… and
you’ll get a full and fast refund of every dime you paid.

means you can see my book— read it, and use the secrets as your
own as much as you want — for free, if you choose.

know, the reason why I can make this kind of outrageous guarantee is
because… I really do have the “goods”. The book delivers
on all the promises I make..and more. And I know that what I’m
about to share with you works … it’s been proven, over and over
again. I’ve used it all myself… and I’ve taught countless
other people to use it with equal (and sometimes greater) success.

what you are about to discover in Cat Health Secrets
are some of the most crucial elements of having a healthy cat known
to man.

find out for yourself as soon as you download it. And if you don’t
like what you find, you get all your money back. Quickly and quietly.
Without questions or hassle. Your word is good enough.

pretty fair, wouldn’t you agree? My secrets either work for you like
I say they will…. or… you get all your money back. It’s as simple
as that.

it’s easy to order.

What To Do Now:

on the secure link below and order with your credit card online…

(If you’ve never
ordered online it’s easy. I’ve hired a big company, called Clickbank,
to process your order. They use a “secure server” which means
that it’s safer than handing your credit card to a waitress in a restaurant.
They don’t keep your number and I never see it. You just follow the
simple instructions and type in your address and card number when they
ask you to. The whole thing takes less time than it takes me to figure
out the tip for that waitress!)

Here Now To Order
Securely 24 Hours A Day!

it! Cat Health Secrets is a downloadable book that
comes straight to your computer. It’s in an easy to use .pdf format…
(You probably already have the software you need, and if you don’t we’ll
show you how to get it…it’s free!)

less than five minutes you’ll be devouring—for your own use and
enjoyment—some of my most tightly-held, advanced, insider cat
health secrets. The same ones I’ve used—and still use everyday—to
own a well adjusted, healthy cat without worrying about vet bills.


you could print the book and have a hard copy (I took mine down to the
local Kinkos and had it coil bound) but you can read it right from your

nice about that is I’ve built in a “clickable” Table of Contents
as well as an extensive INDEX at the back of the book.,or click on the
Table of Contents and go straight to the information you need NOW!

if you are looking for information about “fleas” for instance.
You can go to the Table of Contents or the Index, find “fleas”
and “click” on it and…. viola… the page zooms immediately
to your screeen. No fumbling around flipping pages back and forth!

Yeah! I almost forgot!

This Unbelievable Bonus Absolutely FREE…

to know just how smart your cat is?

you decide to buy Cat Health Secrets by midnight tonight,
you’ll receive the “Kitty IQ Test” absolutely
FREE with your purchase.

put together a super manual outlining 40 “tests” for your
cat and a scorecard to go along with them. These test are designed specifically
to examine your cat’s:

I’ll come clean. This isn’t exactly scientific.

it is a lot of fun… bordering on hilarious… if I do say so myself.
Whether you actually DO the exercises or just have fun reading it you’re
in for a good laugh

you take it for a test-drive? Remember the risk is all mine. The obligation
is on me to perform, not you.

you think there’s even the smallest chance this book will help you out,
you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Don’t let fear or doubt stand
in your way.

I’m saying is, don’t decide now if this book is for you. Just get it.
Read it. Try it out. If it doesn’t do everything I say and more….
if your cat isn’t better off… if you don’t feel better about your
cat’s health… if you don’t have a better understanding of “what
makes ’em tick”… I demand that you ask for every dime of your
money back. Just a simple email. You have nothing to lose and a whole
lot to gain.

sure you’ll be more than impressed.

think your cat is worth it.


The insider information in this book is priceless. I’ve spent a huge
chunk of my life learning theses secrets. However, for less than the
cost of a few hours at the movies, I’m going to share them with you
so you can enjoy the company of your special friend for as long as you
possibly can…guaranteed! Remember… you risk nothing by checking
it out for youself.

secrets either work for you like I say they will… or it’s free!

Here Now To Order Securely 24 Hours A Day!

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Click here to get The Bible of Cat Health Information at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

The Bible of Cat Health Information is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.