The Dieter’s Guide To Successful Self Coaching

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Product Name: The Dieter’s Guide To Successful Self Coaching

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You Tired Of Jumping From One Diet To Another With Little Or No

Off Those Cookie Cutter Diets, And Get
A Custom Program… Created For YOU!

Right below, fitness expert and nutritionist
Nancy Georges reveals her proven nutrition secrets for losing weight
and getting a lean, sexy, attractive body that has you feeling proud
and confident…

From The Desk Of Nancy Georges
IFBB Figure Pro, Nutritionist, and Weight Loss Expert

RE: The Dieter’s
Guide To Successful Self Coaching.

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I ask you a few important questions? Please, be open and honest
with yourself as you answer them.
Are you having trouble getting to the next level with your weight
Are you tired of having to starve yourself with some overly restrictive
diet in order to lose weight?
Have you hit a brick wall in your weight loss attempt… and you’re
starting to feel discouraged about it?
Are you sick of all the rules that are preventing you from living
a normal life?
Are you tired of trying to make sense out of all the conflicting
information from all the so-called weight loss “experts”
out there?

Do you feel that your current and past
diets lack customization to your specific needs and lifestyle?If you can answer “YES” to ANY of the above questions…
then I have some very important news for you.

Because you want to get to the next
level with your weight loss, be certain that your current weight
loss program is right for you, feel confident about your body, all
without starving yourself, then you will definitely want to keep
reading this letter.

Imagine Understanding
The Secrets To Creating A Successful Nutrition Plan That Not Only
Works, But Is Customized With Your Needs In Mind…

waking up in the morning leaner than you were the day before.

progressing consistently week in and week out towards your best
body ever.Imagine
NOT having to continually buy diet book after diet book in search
of the perfect formula.Imagine
NOT having to take fat burners, do two hours of cardio a day and
yet STILL get lean, and lose weight.

understanding the formula that works perfectly for your body’s needs.

finally being happy with your body right now!

Am I, And Why Can I Help You?

My name is Nancy Georges and I’m a Certified Food Psychology Coach,
Lifestyle Fitness Coach, Fitness Nutrition Coach, and IFBB Figure
Pro. I am also a former Ms. Fitness USA, and IFBB North American
Overall Masters Champion.
I have personally coached thousands of fitness enthusiasts as well
as fitness, figure and bikini competitors both on season and off.

I am also a top selling author of motivational audio programs, downloadable
hypnotherapy sessions, informational eBooks, and self help programs
in order to assist my clients in the physical, mental, and emotional
aspects of reaching their fitness goals.Now I am ready to help take YOU
to a whole new level. I am ready to share with you, how to get and
stay in incredible shape. I will do this by showing you the system
that I use for myself as well as my clients to stay in fantastic

The truth is, if you have failed to lose weight
and get in shape, chances are it’s because of your nutrition.
In other words, the way you are currently eating is preventing you
from seeing the results you want. But, forget about your past failures.
They weren’t your fault.

Over the past 25 years of working with my
clients, as well as preparing for my own fitness and figure competitions,
I have kept track of all the nutritional strategies that REALLY
helped with weight loss.
Now, what I have done is I have taken all the nutrition secrets
I use to get myself down to single-digit body fat levels… as well
as helping my clients lose weight… and I put them into a PDF eBook.

The Dieter’s Guide
To Successful Self Coaching…

Dieter’s Guide To Successful Self CoachingHow You Can Create The Mind

And Body Of A Champion.


The solution to your weight loss
is customization! Your program is not working because
it is not customized with your specific needs in
mind. The Dieter’s Guide To Successful Self Coaching
is a custom made program, catered to your specific
needs. What’s more, I will share with you the system
I use with my clients as well as myself to achieve

And when it is all over, I will allow
you to Email me your custom nutrition plan for my
professional review.

That For Customization?

When you are done reading The Dieter’s
Guide To Successful Self Coaching, you will feel
like the expert, ready to take charge of your fitness
Here is what you will discover:

The ten principles of effective nutrition planning
and self coaching.
How to increase your self discipline so you can
reach your goals.
How to enhance a positive self body image so you
can see yourself as you really are.
How to distinguish the difference between diet and
lifestyle, as well as practical ways to do that.

How to create a customized nutrition program that
works for you.
How to use the power of self regulation to help
you reach all your weight loss goals.
How to successfully use the concept of role models
without feeling defeated, overwhelmed, or less than
How to set realistic and achievable goals while
still maintaining a BIG PICTURE vision for your
How to increase your focus, drive, and determination…
which in turn will increase your motivation.
How to prepare your food for weight loss success.

How to stay dedicated and inspired until you reach
your goal.
How to structure your nutrition plan: Includes worksheets,
dieting profiles, lifestyle profiles, sample diet
outlines and progress checks.
Get a step-by-step sample diet you can follow along
And much, much more!

See What These
Happy Customers
Have To Say About
The Dieter’s Guide To Successful Self Coaching

“I had the pleasure of working
with Nancy Georges as I was prepping for a show in
2010 and reading this book made me feel like Nancy
was right there with me once again; walking me through
the dieting basics and helping me to mentally balance
myself and overcome my body image issues.

This book is not only a healthy and
detailed guideline for how and what to eat but it
challenges us to evaluate ourselves to get to the
heart of our goals and body image. The most powerful
section to me was the part that asked “do you
think it’s possible to be happy and strong and beautiful
without having to look a certain way”. I struggle
with my body image constantly although I am healthier
now than I have ever been. But having a book on hand
that I can go to and re-read and reinforce the positive
thinking and realizations that I have had is so valuable.
Many things I read were exactly what I needed to hear,
and I’ve done 3 shows! I can imagine how insightful
it would be to someone who has never worked with Nancy

This book is motivating and uplifting
and I love how it differentiates between lifestyle
and diet. Another thing I enjoyed is how much this
book relates to the struggles the majority of women
have in comparing themselves to other women and their
own body image issues. I feel like this book gave
me the tools to work through those issues in a positive
and proactive way. If I feel like I’m having a moment
of weakness or feeling negative thoughts, I can turn
to the book and find the appropriate chapter and feel
the motivation wash over me. Reading Nancy’s experiences
in print modeling and her suggestion of saying to
yourself “I want to look like her but with my
structure” really puts body image in perspective.
So many times I’ve compared myself to other women
whom I will never look like because our genetics are
different and I’ve fought many internal battles berating
myself that I was a failure because I could never
attain a certain look.Nicole Snell West Hollywood, CA

“If you’ve ever
struggled with your self-esteem or a diet, then this
book is right up your ally and you will be thinking
the same thing I did…”how does she know what
I’m thinking?!” What I loved most about reading
this book is that it’s totally straightforward, no
nonsense. It’s just like when you talk to or work
with Nancy; laid back, but absolutely to the point.

This book is full of
things that you know, but that you just ignore. It’s
good to be reminded, and put the tips to use. After
reading this book, it has reminded me of things that
were effective for me in the past, and I will be utilizing

Nancy makes many great
points, two of my favorites are ‘use yourself as a
role model’ and ‘visualize.’ I’m so happy I read this
book, and to have refreshed my memory on what works
and why. It was a fast easy read and helped reaffirm
my motivation. Jen Rish Sherman Oaks, CA

“I loved the
book. I highly recommend Nancy’s “no-nonsense
approach” to dieting that is very practical
and “do-able” for everyone (not just competitors).
Nancy is very much in alignment with all the psychological
and emotional components of dieting.” Mary Greco Santa Barbara, Ca

“The Dieter’s Guide To Successful
Self Coaching is an excellent starting point for
those about to embark on a healthy eating plan.
Nancy, a long time expert in the industry, helps
dieters to get out of their own way of success by
dispelling many common dieting myths and sharing
worthwhile ideas on the importance of positive “self

She also emphasizes the importance
of balance and the mind/body connection which is
so often overlooked in so many of today’s “quick
fixes”. The sample menu plans are easy to follow
and allow for customization. As a personal trainer
and figure competitor, I’ll be using this book often
as a resource to help guide my clients and for my
own personal reference. Stephanie Budick, Esq. Lehigh Valley, PA

“Nancy by-passes all the jargon,
makes a clear case for why most diets fail, or rather
why we as human beings fail under the guise of the
food, health and fitness industry and mass media.
She provides guidance for the misguided and empowers
us to think and act for ourselves. Most of all she
gives us the tools and information that we need
to find the power within ourselves to transform
our lives into what we want them to be.” Kapi`olani Laronal Honolulu, HI

NOW And You’ll Also Receive These
3 Gifts, Absolutely Free!

Free Bonus #1Free Recorded Coaching Call

Coaching Call Replay
Running time: 1 hour
Format: MP3 Download

session can be listened to any time of year to help
you stay motivated in your journey towards losing
weight. Anytime you feel you’ve hit a plateau or
a brick wall in your weight loss attempts, this
audio will help light a fire under your butt so
you’re back at it with FULL FORCE.

you need a little motivation to stay with your weight
loss plan during the holidays? Well, this call will
get you pumped up when you need it most!

Free Bonus #2Free Recorded Coaching Call

Building The Mind/Muscle ConnectionGroup Coaching Call Replay
Running time: 35 minutes
Format: MP3 Download

Nancy in this group coaching conference call in
a heated discussion on the topic of focus and concentration.
We talk about the 4 types of attentional focus,
as well as discuss 6 steps for creating a plan to
make sure you are sharp and focused for each and
every workout. This is a must have for your exercise
and fitness educational library.

And finally… I want you to feel
absolutely certain about your decision.
So here’s my personal promise and guarantee to you.

8-Week No-Risk
100% Money-Back Guarantee:

If, for any reason (or for no reason
at all) you decide this eBook doesn’t meet your exact needs, simply
ask for your money back and you owe nothing.

There will be no questions asked
and no hassles. There are no strings to this offer.

That’s because I know you’ll be satisfied
using this program, but you really don’t know that yet, until
you have it in front of you.

It’s Time To Start Doing Better
So You Get Better Results!

Look, you can’t keep doing the same
thing over and over again… and expect different results.

If it’s not working for you now,
it’s not going to change if you don’t do something different.

Bottom line… if you’re looking
to lose fat and get the lean, sexy body you’ve always wanted…
you need the “how-to” information AND motivation to
do that!
And forget the fad diets and the low-fat, low-carb diets. None
of those are needed. Once you learn how to eat for results, you’ll
lose all the weight you want!

Together… we’re going to create
and personalize a program that will work for you without fail.

So Here’s What
To Do Now…

Go ahead and order “The Dieter’s
Guide To Successful Self Coaching” now. And when you get it,
I want you to test it out.

I know that once you get started, you’ll
be well on your way achieving your best body ever.

All you need to do now is click the
order button and you’ll be downloading the eBook and bonuses in
just minutes from now!

P.S. If you are looking for another
cookie cutter diet that you can print and slap on your fridge, this
is NOT the program for you. This eBook will actively take you on
the journey of a lifetime. You will be co-creating a custom made
program with me as your guide, a program that will finally offer
you the results you have been seeking.

Plus, you are backed by the 100% refund policy.
Do not delay any longer, this page has come to an end and it is
time for you to make a decision. Are you going to keep doing what
you have done before? Or are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?
If you are ready, then check the box below.

Risk Free Acceptance

Yes, Nancy!
I want The Dieter’s Guide To Successful Self Coaching…

understand I will be receiving The Dieter’s Guide
To Successful Self Coaching eBook, with immediate
access, for a one time fee. I will never be billed
again for anything. I will be able to start learning
these secrets immediately right from the privacy
and comfort of my computer.

I understand that by acting today I’m getting the
free bonuses, including:

Motivation For Excellence Group Coaching Call Replay.
Concentration Group Coaching Call Replay.
Free Nutrition Assessment.

I understand that by acting today I’m one of the
few that will ever have access to this cutting edge

It is on that basis that I am clicking the secure
order button below and entering my credit card details
this instant!

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Click here to get The Dieter’s Guide To Successful Self Coaching at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

The Dieter’s Guide To Successful Self Coaching is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.