The Total Guide To German Shepherd Dogs

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Product Name: The Total Guide To German Shepherd Dogs

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If you are thinking about getting a German Shepherd puppy or already have one, then this letter will help you get the obedience and love you deserve from your dog!

Dear German Shepherd Lover,

You are about to embark on an incredible journey with your new puppy or dog!

There is nothing quite like the feeling of true warmth and happiness you feel when your well-trained dog happily greets you with adoring enthusiasm and a wagging tail when you walk in the door!

German Shepherd Dogs (or GSDs) are a unique breed of companion dogs and are well-loved by dog owners world-wide. We instantly recognize their classic look with the tan fur and black saddle, the alert ears, and the sloping back.

German Shepherd dogs are among the most popular of all breeds, and admired for being alert, watchful, obedient and loyal.

Many new German Shepherd owners are left in the dark unsure of what to do with a misbehaving puppy or dog. They may not know exactly what to do to make their new puppy act and behave just like the loyal and long admired dogs on T. V. and in the movies.

If you are an old movie buff you may remember the adventures of ‘Rin Tin Tin’ who was a popular German Shepherd show dog and a star performer â?? much like I’m sure you’d like your dog to be.

What’s it worth to you to have the ‘Best Friend’ relationship with your German shepherd you’ve always dreamed of having?

How Important To You Is The Ability To:

Know how to ‘speak to your dog’ so you know they can hear and understand you?

Ask your GSD to come and have them instantly do as you command?

Command your dog to sit and stay and have them do it

Have your dog walk calmly by your side when on the leash

Have a well-mannered dog that adores and loves to be with you

What is it worth to have the thrill of owning the loving dog of your dreams?

It’s Not As Easy As It Looks

Most dog owners don’t realize how much attention, training, love and firm guidance are needed to get their dog to develop these loyal and well-behaved behaviors. When I’m talking to dog owners, many people tell me they wish there was one place they could go to learn how to get their dog to behave as they want.

That’s why I’ve taken all my 17 years of expert knowledge in selecting, breeding, raising, caring for and training German Shepherd dogs and compiled it into a comprehensive guidebook, I call ‘The Total Guide to German Shepherd Dogs’.

This German Shepherd guidebook was specifically designed for German Shepherds dogs and covers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about these loyal and trustworthy pets!

The GSD guidebook covers exactly what you’d love to know in topics ranging from: what to look for when choosing a puppy, how to ‘puppy proof’ your home, proper feeding, puppy and dog training, grooming, common diseases, and how to care for your German shepherd as they reach old age.

I’d like to share with you all my expertise and knowledge from over 17 years in owning, raising, training and breeding German Shepherd dogs and puppies.


‘The Total Guide To German Shepherd Dogs’

It’s Everything You Have Ever Needed and Wanted To Know About German Shepherd Dogs…

Throughout The Books I Cover Everything Important Starting With:

The history of the breed up to the present day

How to select a healthy German Shepherd puppy

Annual costs for food, pet care and veterinary expenses

13 puppy potty training tips that work

Proper nutrition for a puppy, adult and aged dog

Common illnesses and health problems to keep an eye on

Worming treatments with health care tips

Simple and easy to follow puppy and adult dog training tips

Expert help so that the right behaviors are praised and rewarded from the start

How to speak like a dog so they listen and obey your commands

Wouldn’t it be great if you could teach your German shepherd to listen to your every word and know your pet hears and wants to instantly obey you?

Are you dreaming of the day when you know your dog loves you and happily shows you they do – as much as you love them?

And what if you could train your dog to follow your direction and obey your every command and do it instantly?

Imagine how good it will feel when your dog is happy, healthy, and well-behaved!

All because you know exactly how to work with, train, exercise, socialize, properly feed and care for your dog so you give them what they need from you!

In fact, all of this will come true for you once you know the secrets the top dog trainers and dog breeders already know!

My GSD guidebook covers everything you’d ever want to know about German Shepherds. I promise once you read it you can be an expert on this unique dog breed and know much more than many other dog owners do!

How To Deeply Connect With Your German Shepherd And Avoid Future Problems…

German shepherds make wonderful pets. This is especially true once you understand how to work with and ask your dog for certain behaviors. Most dogs want to please you and instantly obey, and once this happens you will feel more in tune with your dog.

I’ll tell you how to create a very special connection between you and your dog because when they understand you and what you want, German Shepherd dogs are ready, and will happily do what you ask.

But you need to understand your “dog’s language” and speak it so they hear what you want and can obey you. And that’s what I’m going to give you today.

However, just as with any breed, a German shepherd will require special care and I’ll be sure and cover all you need to know to maintain the health of your special pet.

I Have Also Included A Number Of Additonal Tips Specifically Designed For GSD’s

Bringing home your puppy – A checklist to ensure a happy homecoming

Healthy nutrition for your German Shepherd

Grooming, bathing, clipping nails, cleaning ears and brushing your dogs teeth

German Shepherd standards and growth chart

Basic dog first aid – How to properly care for your dog’s health

A list of common skin problems, symptoms and how to treat them

Common health issues in German Shepherds

How to give special care to senior German Shepherds

You’ll find out lots of realistic tips in the ‘The Total Guide to German Shepherd Dogs’.

I’m sure once you read it; you’ll want to agree that:

This Is Not Your Ordinary Dog Book

This guidebook covers everything from A to Z to help you with being the proud owner of a healthy, beautiful, well-behaved German shepherd. This all starts with knowing the breed’s history, how to select a puppy from a reputable breeder, and what it takes to raise a dog properly and speak in their dog language.

You’ll want to know your dog understands and loves you as much as you love him or her. Once you read this in-depth guidebook you will find the right answers to your questions so you can be the thoughtful and kind pet owner you long to be!

You’ll get printable puppy checklists, feeding charts, and health checklists so you can keep track of everything you need to know. Then when your dog has a problem this guidebook will be the first place you to turn for help.

You’ll feel you know exactly the right steps for how to properly housetrain your puppy or dog to help avoid unnecessary accidents.

You’ll know how to watch for the first signs of illness in your puppy, adult or older dog so you can avoid health problems and expensive vet bills.

You’ll know exactly how to make your dog listen to you so you can avoid the start up of bad dog habits like barking and biting.

And finally, you’ll know the right steps to train your dog just like a professional dog trainer does and you will be thrilled at how well your pet is able to get along with other people, animals and environments.

I’ve done all the research for you and pared this down to the essential things you need and want to know to save you tons of time, frustration and effort.

You can have the right answers to any dog problem or care – right at your finger tips.

Is Your Beloved Pet Worth Getting This?

You already know you want to either buy a puppy or may need help with taking care of the dog you love who may have a problem behavior you want to fix. You know if you continue you go it alone and just wing it like you’ve been doing that isn’t going to fix the problem.

You could make simple mistakes that could cost you and your dog way more than the tiny investment you are making today.

So why would I say that? You would risk injury or a bad health decision which could easily harm your dog and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that to happen.

I want you to know that without knowing what’s inside my guidebook â?? your lack of proper knowledge could result in expensive veterinary bills and or permanent harm to the puppy or dog you love!

Remember not knowing something that is inside this guidebook â?? could cause something so serious the puppy or dog would need to be put down!

I’m sure we both want to do all we can do avoid that… So I want you to try this guidebook and put it to the test on your puppy or dog for a full 60 days.

I want you to read the guidebook and put it to use so you can have the well-behaved dog you long for. I want you to know how to be the loving dog owner you always desired to be so you need what’s inside this book!

Your Complete Satisfaction Is Ensured With My 60 Day 100% Moneyback Guarantee

Simply try it now and in order to make this a completely risk free purchase I’ll give you 60 days to try it and love it.

Order your copy of ‘The Total Guide to German Shepherd Dogs’ today.

And I promise you… If you read and follow the information inside this comprehensive guidebook and if your puppy or dog isn’t healthier, happier and a more well-behaved than before applying the tips you will get every penny you paid back.

If you feel for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase please contact me via email and I will rush you a 100% money back refund, with absolutely no questions asked! And we will still part as friends as you took the time to try it.

You know you need this and want to download and read it today.

Just download it and then simply turn to the section you need, then read and apply all the tips you see with your own dog. I promise you will be amazed at how quickly you see a change for the better in getting your dog to hear what you say â?? so they listen and properly behave anywhere you go!

That’s exactly what you want and need right? You really need to make your puppy or dog want to listen to you, hear you, and do as you ask and show how much they love you.

Think about it, you have nothing to lose.

And only the love and admiration of a well-behaved pet to gain! I’d like you to try this completely risk free.

You’re thinking it’s great you can try this and see if it works for you and your beloved pet. You’re also happy you can feel good about buying it – risk free. Now you’re probably thinking, wouldn’t it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee? Sure it would!

I know giving you access to all this incredible information is the best way I can ensure that German Shepherd Dogs the world over are given the best treatment, the proper care and kind loving treatment they deserve!

And I know by now, you’re excited about find out how to get the most complete and easy to follow guidebook to German Shepherd Dogs available anywhere at any price.

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Check out what some of my readers have said below:

“My puppy use to bite and scratch all the time but after reading your book all that has changed”

“I have learned a lot throughout your book.

The information is well laid out and easy to follow. It’s great for someone who has just bought a new German Shepherd puppy.

Knowing what my puppy is thinking and using that to train her in a positive way has been a great help.

I find myself re-reading certain chapters constantly. The advice has been a great help getting through the troubling parts of a puppyies development. My 5 month old puppy is an absolute pleasure to train and play with.

â?? Jillian Hewitt

“I can’t recommend this book enough for all new German Shepherd owners”

“I got Boss as a 10 week old puppy. By 3 months old he was overweight and unhealthy so I decided something needed to change. The Total Guide To German Shepherd Dogs was everything I needed and more. The weight and feeding chart made getting Boss back to healthy weight easy and the training tips have been a great help.

All my friends are amazed by how obedient, friendly and happy my 6 month old German Shepherd is for a supposed aggressive breed”

â?? James Alpen
Salt Lake City, Utah

“I wish I got this book earlier”

“The information given throughout The Total Guide To German Shepherd Dogs is packed full of helpful tips. I’m glad I bought this book earlier enough to learn the proper food a growing puppy needs and how a poor diet can lead to arthritis later in life”

â?? Lauren Peters
Denver, Colorado

“Thanks for a great book!”

“I have owned German Shepherds for most of my life but your book taught me quite a lot I didn’t know.

I found the history of the German Shepherd amazing and was surprised by how easy potty training can be if the right system is used

â?? Joel Huber
Olympia, Washington

“Don’t risk your puppys health like I did”

“I wrote to Jim asking why my puppy Noah seem to shiver a lot despite it not being cold. Turns out it was caused by puppy food that did not have all the requirements for a growing GSD. Jim went out of his way to recommend a few brands and sent me a copy of his book free of charge.

Noah is 5 months old now and doing great. I changed his diet and learnt everything I could from the book. He is a normal height and weight and luckily seems to have had no ill affects from his poor diet to begin with.

Thanks again for all the help you gave Noah and I.”

â?? Jessica Workman
Bloomington, Illinois

Now because I love dogs, just like you, I want you to be thrilled with your copy of The Total Guide to German Shepherd Dogs I took the time to find 5 completely new and extra special free gift bonuses!

I’m including your 5 ‘free gifts’ exclusive to this online offer but you only get them when you read to the end of the page and order.

Now I’d like to fill you in on all the special bonus gifts you’ll soon enjoy with my compliments just for trying my The Total Guide to German Shepherd Dogs guidebook!

Here’s a quick summary of the 5 Premium Bonus FREE GIFTS you’ll be receiving!

Here’s what every new dog owner needs to know it’s in your free bonus gift #1…

Your first free bonus gift is ‘How to Potty Train Your Dog More Effectively’ and covers realistic steps for housetraining your puppy or dog quickly and easily.

This bonus guide gives the exact steps to easily potty training a new puppy or adult dog. Once you know why your pet has an accident you will see the reason why these special techniques work to quickly avoid ‘accidents’ on the carpet and prevent it from happening again!

You’ll see this is a different and more positive approach to housetraining which is not housebreaking. This innovative approach shows the puppy or dog how to live and act properly in your home.

Forget the old school methods that teach you to start paper training and swatting a puppy as these old methods make your puppy or dog turn away and fear you which prevent them from hearing or listening to you.

Instead you will learn the right methods to make your puppy or dog listen and do what you ask so you can create a happy and healthy bond between you and your dog that is ‘accident free’!

Now I’m sure you’ll love what you’ll learn in your free bonus gift #2â?¦

Your second free bonus gift is ‘How to Stop a Dog Barking’ is a comprehensive guide to training any puppy or dog to stop excessive barking, whining or howling.

You’ll read about the reasons why dogs bark, whine and howl as a means of communication. When you understand this ‘dog talk’ you will learn how to properly communicate to train your dog to be quiet or to bark to alert you when a stranger comes to the front door.

You’ll finally understand why barking is a natural way for dogs to express themselves and how to identify the triggers. And you’ll learn how to personalize a ‘stop barking strategy’ suited to your dog to halt the underlying cause of their excessive barking.

And to ensure your dog is and stays healthyâ?¦your free bonus gift #3â?¦

You’ll enjoy reading all about ‘How to Have a Healthy Dog’ too. It’s a new and comprehensive health care guide to understanding and eliminating problems with common canine diseases. You’ll want to read this one from cover to cover to ensure you know all you can about how to protect your dog from infectious diseases and how to watch for signs of illness in your beloved pet.

Here’s just a few things covered thoroughly in ‘How to Have a Healthy Dog’:

Does your dog have allergies?

Selecting the proper diet for your dog

Should you or should you not give your dog heart worm medication

The best toys for your dog

Common illnesses and diseases you need to know about

This free bonus guide describes in detail the alternative treatments for allergies, distemper, and kennel cough, eliminating heartworms and internal parasites and those pesky fleas. When you follow the treatments you’ll read about and apply them your dog will quickly get relief from their symptoms and be on their way to improved health.

Read this book and follow the guidelines for protecting your pet’s good health for it can save you time and money on expensive veterinary trips!

Pamper your pet with simple and healthy treatsâ?¦in your free bonus gift #4â?¦

The recipe guide ‘Pamper Your Dog’ is filled with over 130 healthy and delicious receipes that your GSD will love.

In this tasty recipe book you’ll get the complete A to Z recipes for doggie treats! There’s over 130 tasty treats your dog will love you can easily make at home for pennies per treat! You will get lip-smacking recipes from Apple Cinnamon Doggie Biscuits to Divine Doggie Dinners.

You will love having over 130 doggie recipes to choose from and they are so simple to make that most only take minutes to bake! Pamper your pup or dog and they’ll love you all the more for them!

And your final and possibly most important to your dog’s and other people’s safetyâ?¦ I’ve included this final free bonus gift #5â?¦

You’ll receive professional training tips that top dog trainer use to aid in raising a safer, more well-behaved dog. All this and more in ‘Dog Bite Prevention’.

Dog Bite Prevention reveals a world class trainer’s tips to raising a well-behaved dog. It reveals why puppies bite and proper socialization tips for puppy owners. Plus, two critical tips you can teach your children to avoid puppy and dog bites.

It includes the three most important things you can do for your dog to help them feel safe and not threatened which significantly reduces aggressive behaviors.

This free bonus gift shows you numerous ways to avoid biting problems by listing the reasons, warning signs, and ways to prevent biting actions. It covers in detail anti-biting reinforcement training that can help your dog stop biting behaviors. You can turn your dog into the safe and good dog friend he is suppose to be.

Finally, this free bonus includes top internet dog sites recommended by canine experts for extra references for you to enjoy!

Imagine this loyal and happy dog-owner picture…

You feel confident in knowing how to choose the right puppy, and proper feeding and making your home safe for your new puppy or dog and training your ‘Best Friend’ to obey your every command. 

You are the happy dog owner who is thrilled to have the care and love of a happy, healthy and well-behaved dog, the dog who adores you â?? the dog of your dreams!

You can even print these guides out and save them for future reference and place them in your dog care binder for easy reference too!

You’ll enjoy the main guidebook plus…You get access to all 5 Premium Bonus Gifts For FREE including:

How To Potty Train Your Dog More Effectively

How To Stop Your Dog From Barking

How To Have A Healthy Dog

And when you order The Total Guide to German Shepherd Dogs today…

You’ll LOVE Feeling Confident You Can Handle Any Pet Problem You Encounter!

Then you can rest easy and have complete peace of mind because…

You’ll know exactly what to do with your German shepherd puppy or dog.

You’ll have confidence when you take your healthy GSD to the vet for its annual checkup.

You’ll be the proud owner of a happy, loyal, and well-behaved German Shepherd!

And the best thing is… You don’t have to wait around for your main guidebook and the five free gift bonuses as you can download them instantly and be reading them in just a few minutes from now.

Remember you can even use them over and over when you print them out and put them in a dog care binder for easy reference. You can even help fellow pet owners too!

Plus to ensure you love them, I’m giving you a full 60 days to try them out with your pet with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed money back guarantee so there is absolutely no risk to you.

Get The Complete Dog Care Collection!
You get the Total Guide to German Shepherd Dogs and
your 5 Premium Free Bonuses Gifts!

Know What To Do With Your Puppy or Dog In Any Situation With Calmness And Piece Of Mind…

Now that you have read this far you know all 6 of these guidebooks combined are a super valuable resource all dog owners will love to possess!

You know you’ll be happy to have these in your hands whenever you need them when a puppy or dog behavior problem or health issue needs to be taken care of.

I’m sure you’ll find comprehensive answers to anything you may need as I have done all the research work for you.

You can use the guidebooks to feel confident you can raise a happy, healthy well-mannered German shepherd and have the beloved pet you’ve always dreamed of having.

Now you may be wondering what this valuable collection of dog guidebooks is worth.

Luckily, I’m not going to charge you hundreds of dollars for this valuable information.

I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a very small investment and will save you hours of frustration and heart-ache with problems that can and do appear with a pet.

You will also feel so much in control and better able to command your puppy or dog when you can understand how to speak to your pet so they listen and instantly do what you ask!

I know your puppy or dog will be much happier living with you and will love you all the more when you finally understand them too!

Get The Knowledge To ‘Speak To Your Dog’ And Enjoy The Dog You Dreamed Of Having!

Just take a moment and imagine the joy you’ll feel once you have the secrets the top breeders and dog trainers when you know how to raise a happy, healthy and well-behaved German shepherd.

You can rest easy as these 6 guidebooks were created by me and a number of dog experts who are guaranteeing that they will work for your pet.

I know you want to improve the relationship you have with your puppy or dog and I firmly believe the answers you need are inside these 6 guidebooks.

You want to download the guidebooks right now so you can take advantage of the 5 Premium Bonus Gifts, don’t you? Of course you do!

Get the answers you need to ensure you have a loving relationship with your puppy or dog you’ve always wanted and know exactly how to quickly eliminate any problem behaviors as soon as they appear!

Remember, there’s absolutely NO RISK on your part. So try it now.

You have 60 days to test it out on your puppy or dog to be sure it will work for you and your pet.

You’ll be glad you did! Especially when you use what you will learn inside the guidebooks and the small issues you have with your puppy or dog simply vanish!

You owe it to yourself and your German shepherd to be able to understand their â??dog talkâ?? so you know the right thing to do when working with your pet.

Get this now. Youâ??ll be glad you did when that first problem appears and you know exactly what to do to fix it.

You want to take the best care you can of your beloved pet.

Order now. You can be the dog expert in your neighborhood

Here’s to having a well-mannered pet your neighbors adore!

Get the proper respect and the love you deserve from your German Shepherd!

P.S.  Please remember you have a full 60-days to use this incredible German Shepherd Dog Premium Collection of Dog Care Guidebooks!

If at any time you decide this collection is not right for you and your German shepherd you can contact me for a full refund, and the 5 Premium gift bonuses are yours to keep. That’s my way of saying “thanks for trying”.

Here’s what you need to do. Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button below. Download all 6 guides before this introductory price goes up!

Get The Complete Dog Care Collection!
You get the Total Guide to German Shepherd Dogs and
your 5 Premium Free Bonuses Gifts!

Please know the guidebook and all your free bonus gifts are electronic books or eBooks available via digital download. All you need to do is click on the links on the download page and save the guides to read on your computer/tablet (or other Adobe PDF enabled device) once your order is processed.

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