TMNet Slow or My Laptop Lag?

Around 12.30am I manage to call 100 (Telekom Malaysia) asking about my connection. All i remember about the conversation was the;

  1. The Technician tell me to get speed test at but as my laptop cannot load the test result (loading too slow),
  2. Then he ask me to open command windows (Go to start>>run>>type command>> ok)
  3. type this thing out, Ipconfig /flushdns and enter
  4. Ping some site or their Ip, i go by > ping

I not sure what he really want to check with the ‘ms’ (milisecond) stuff but as long as i learn computer, i know the command and ping stuff but never really learn about the ping stuff..

Maybe I need to look on this in the internet. By the way I understand that ping is to see what is the connection speed but from the command box itself, the ping only tell ms so does it miliseconds for 1byte to recieve or….? Maybe you can let me know if you happen to read this.

Anyway other than asking them about the connection stuff, I think it is better for me to format my laptop. I’m doing it after i finnish writing. For a few months, i’ve been using my laptop with installing lots of programs and also the Microsoft developers platform (this seems to be heavy). So i think it is just time for a format my laptop. Install a fresh copy of XP, then i’ll think about installing Linux again.

Maybe by formating my laptop, ┬áthe connection will become better, just in case if there is some software that use a lot of the resource, by formating it i won’t have to go one by one deleting them. This even save my time plus I only going the install the software that I will use later on. So this will reduce the space usage which i can use to put lots of my pictures.

Hope the speed goes better later on. If no, then I have to complaint to TMNet again.

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