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Product Name: Toddler Speech Boost

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To all the moms of toddlers with a speech delay:

Do You Want a Foolproof, Science-Based System that’s Guaranteed to Improve Your Toddler’s Speech in as Quick as 6 Weeks…

If you are, or if you’re not certain by now, then you came to the right page.

I was once in the same position as you.  My daughter was just over a year old and we didn’t think she was saying many words.  However, we weren’t really sure if her speech was an issue.

Over the next year, we experienced the highs and lows in our efforts to help her speech.  And I’m happy to report it was a success!

Through this stressful journey with her speech delay, we we able to take the various techniques we learned from books, blogs, as well as speech therapy sessions and created a more effective system to help our daughter.

It was then that we decided to create this site and program to help other parents avoid the same stresses and costs we went through.

But before you go too far, does your toddler REALLY have a delay?

If you fall under the category of “uncertain” of your toddler’s speech, then I’ve written a blog post that outlines the typical speech development cycle of toddlers from 12 months old to 3 years old.

Check out the post now to see where your toddler should be at.  Read the page and come back here right after.

If your toddler is at or above the guidelines for their age, they don’t have a delay (at least not with the number of words).  You can bookmark the site for later reference, or share with friends who’s toddler may have an issue.

However, if toddler is slightly below the milestone, you should read more to learn how you can improve their speech development home.

And if they are well below their milestone, DON’T PANIC.  Keep reading to learn the different ways to start helping them today.

Learn About Toddler Speech Milestones

In early 2014, my wife and I noticed that our daughter Rebecca wasn’t saying as many words as we thought she should be saying for her age.  We’ve always been told “kids learn at different speeds” and “not to worry”, so we gave it a bit more time.

We hoped her words were about to catch up.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.  At this point we were more concerned so we took her to the doctor.

After some some hearing tests and a trip to the ENT doctor (Otolaryngologist), we found that she had retained fluid buildup in her ears.  This impacted her hearing and her ability to learn words.  That’s why she her progress was delayed.  Now we needed a way to get her caught up.

During all of this private and public therapy, I was surprised in that it was very different than what I expected.  The majority of the time is spent teaching the parent how to help their toddler at home.

I had expected perhaps dropping her off for the sessions and pick her up, but it’s really more for the parent.

And I realized this is a good thing.

Toddlers learn the most from their parents.  We’re the people they spend the most time with, whom they look up to the most, and whom they love so much.

The only unfortunate fact is that it costs lots of money or takes a long time to get the education we needed to help our daughter.

But the end result is what counts.  We learned a significant amount about effectively communicating with her to maximize her speech development, and realized that as new parents we were really communicating inefficiently.

By the end of 2014 she was exceeding the milestones for the number of words a 2 year old needed to know and has quickly become a chatter bug.

Over the years, I’ve realized I’m much more compassionate person that I thought I was.  And my children certainly brought that out even more in me.

That’s why I’ve spent a  lot of effort to help others with their toddler’s speech delay.

I’m going to show you the Talk Now program below, which I guarantee will help your toddler’s speech.

However, if you aren’t aware of why you should help your toddler now rather than waiting, keep reading.

If you think that your toddler learns at a different pace and will catch up, or that they don’t need help, then you need to read this.

We almost made the same mistake as well.

The fact is the impact of toddler speech delay isn’t always obvious.  But the result can have a huge impact to your toddler.

An impact that can last years down the road, if not for the result of their lives.

I’d like to offer some perspective for you right now.  Something I wish we had when we started going through this.  You need to remember that it’s not your fault.

You see, it’s easy to start thinking about what you may have done wrong, if you could have done something different, and how you may have contributed to your toddler’s speech delay.

So let me shut that down now.  It’s not your fault.  Speech delays can happen regardless of what we do as parents.

We are also not taught what signs to look out for, and how we can help out toddler’s learn to speak.

So don’t panic.  I’ll be showing you exactly what you can do to help them shortly.

Do any of these sounds familiar to  you?

By now you’ve probably experienced some of these.  And if you aren’t helping your toddler improve their speech, you’ll experience more.

Learn More Impacts of Speech Delay from These Blog Posts

Will My Toddler Grow Out of Her Speech Delay?

While I don’t want to scare you, do understand that…
What You Don’t Know CAN HARM Your Toddler

If you’re concerned that the Talk Now system will be complicated and nearly impossible to use, then you can breathe a sigh of relief.

I’ve designed the system so that it’s easy to use, while also being significantly more effective than your alternatives.  I’ll  show you how.

But first, let me show you why it’s easy.

It starts with the structure.  Every book, blog, course, and actual speech therapy session I’ve experienced has been a series of techniques that can be applied to improve a toddler’s speech.  But all the information is organized in what feels like a random fashion.  They also don’t go beyond general techniques.

That’s why I’ve broken down the system into three categories.  The Strategy Guide, the Core Program, and the Success Tracker.

Each of these pieces play an important yet different aspect to your toddler’s success.

While there is more info on each of these when you read below, it’s this structure that creates the magic to being more effective.

The Talk Now system goes well beyond techniques.  It helps you with the hardest parts that the others don’t:

MOTIVATION – the program is helped designed to be more than just techniques to help your toddler’s speech, but to help you as a parent stay motivated.  That’s where most systems on any topic fail.  Staying upbeat throughout is critical to attaining the success you want.

PERSEVERANCE – along with the motivation  you will also need laser-honed perseverance to keep your toddler’s success on track.  The Talk Now system helps you map out everything you need to do, week-by-week.  You don’t need to worry about where to start and when to do it.  We help with all of that.

FEEDBACK – finally, we include the tools for you to have visual confirmation of your toddler’s progress.   You will see with your own eyes how well they are progressing, which allows you to change track if needed and provides a huge motivational boost.

I realized I was on to something after I started tracking my daughter’s progress over the months we were using these techniques.

With only a single spoken word at 18 months (she should have been at 10), her vocabulary started improving at an accelerated rate.  It was like night and day.

The pace then accelerated even faster and at 2 years she has 48 words that she used easily.


The design of the Talk Now system is what makes it so unique and extremely effective.

And the reason it’s designed this was is because my daughter was diagnosed with speech delay.  When that happened to me, it changed my focus in life and encouraged me to become very involved in helping her quickly improve her speech.

Using my skills and experiences, I combined them with everything I learned about speech development to ensure Becca’s speech delay got better, fast!

The structure that I ended up creating allowed her to progress at a phenomenal pace.

As I mentioned before, that speech comes from more than just the speech therapy.  Using my business expertise and knowledge in personal development, neurolinguistic programming, and performance improvement, I made something that is beyond anything else available.

I’ve decided to make this widely accessible.  The reason is I know that not everyone has health care to cover expensive speech therapy, and many parents want to start right away rather than waiting months for public health to help their toddler.

That’s why I’m only asking for a nominal sum to cover web host and my effort to create the program.

If you have any questions, email me and I’ll let you know about the system I created that will help you start helping your son or daughter start speaking.



We’ve created a great program that is quite simply Done-For-You.

This system has been carefully designed to maximize your effectiveness, keep you motivated, and on track to help your little one start talking now.

We’ve optimized the delivery of the techniques in the Core Program to maximize their effectiveness for your toddler’s development.

The techniques are grouped into three stages.  The first stage is the foundational level.  These represent the bare minimum techniques that needs to be used to help your toddler.

The second stage builds on the first and should be used as your toddler’s speech progresses and they move onto 2-word sentences.

The last stage will help bring your toddler’s speech into multi-word sentences and more complex words.

The strategy guide is the powerhouse that makes the Talk Now system so effective.  I actually recommend that you read this first.

Using the leading mental preparation techniques from neurolinguistic programming, the best practices from process development, and a proven roadmap to keep you on track, this guide is what will make the difference between acceptable results and fantastic results.

I encourage you to refer to this manual often, print out the recommend charts and tables, and use this get double your toddler’s words in the next 6 weeks.

The Talk Now Success Tracker is your feedback mechanism.

You will receive a dual role from the Success Tracker in your toddler’s success.

Not only will you be able to measure your toddler’s success over the weeks, but it will also allow you to refine adjust to maximize the effectiveness of the system.  Leading to more words in less time.

You will experience results within 6 weeks and you’ll see the difference in your toddler.

Only through learning how to develop your toddler’s speech properly and how to maximize the lessons will you see your results accelerate.

But first a warning…this isn’t for everyone.

I’m worried you may think this is a download and done situation.  It’s not.  There are some parents this isn’t for, as it’s going to take some amount of effort (it will seem easy once you’re going with my processes, but the initial thrust needs your commitment).

This is for the mother…who can make a little more room in their schedule to help their toddler speak.

This is for the father…who will be a little more open in their approach to attaining results.

This is for all parents…who wants to find the fastest way to help their toddler.

And for these parents, I’ve done the best to refine the system to the most essential elements so you can experience rapid results.

I guarantee you’ll not find a more effective program to pick up and start using today to improve your toddler’s speech.





Feel the stress disappear – one of the most stress-releasing moments in Becca’s development was when she got past the point of basic words are was really communicating with us.  If this is your first child, you will understand when you get there.  If you already have an older one, then you know the feeling.  Imagine when their speech takes that leaps and they say “how are you mommy” or “give me a hug”.  You will feel so good.

Look out for their future – as you sit there reading this, you’re thinking about how this will help them with school.  How this will prepare them for asking the teacher questions, thinking about their lesson, and playing with their friends at recess.  Speech is vital to these, and you now you know helping them now will make a difference.

Peace and quiet – by now, you really want this.  And you want it today.  The chaos that comes from a speech delayed toddler gets worse the older they get.  As Becca got older and still couldn’t express herself, she would go into tantrum mode more often when we didn’t understand her.  But when her speech developed, the tantrums decreased (don’t expect zero though), and we were granted more peace and quiet at home.

Since you are ready, here is my PROMISE TO YOU.


Unlike private speech therapy, group sessions, self-help books, and video and blog lessons on toddler speech delay, the TALK NOW system comes with my personal, 100% no-nonsense “Hear More Words Or It’s FREE” guarantee.

I make it simple:  If at any time during the first 6o days of the TALK NOW system your toddler isn’t saying at least double the number of words…or if you’re not satisfied with theTALK NOW system in any way, just me know, and I will personally issue a prompt and courteous refund – no questions asked.

I know that this system can transform your toddler’s speech and will change your life, and I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity to completely transform your situation.  By now I just can’t make it any easier for you.  So as you read this and think about it, remember you have my guarantee.  So there’s no risk to start today.

Who Is The Talk Now System For?

THE TALK NOW SYSTEM is not for everyone.

If you share these qualities of parents who typically succeed with this system, then this system is for you.

As you’re reading this right now on your screen, and you’re realizing the similarities that you’re facing and the next steps you need to take, then take action now and try the Talk Now system.  The 100% Money Back Guarantee makes it a risk-free decision.

Now I’m not going to insult your intelligence or risk my reputation by making an outrageous claim, like your toddler will instantly start speaking perfectly, or that there is no work required here…

But I will promise this…

If you dedicate yourself to following the TALK NOW program as I’ve written it, and if you put the time in with your toddler every day, then your toddler will double their words within 6 weeks from today.  Their vocabulary will be increasing, they will be more engaged with you, and their happiness will increase.

And yes, I am so confident that the TALK NOW program will produce amazing results that I’m willing to take 100% of the risk if you give it a shot today.

So here’s what you need to do… click on one of your two options below and download the entire TALK NOW program, available on your computer, phone, or tablet in less than 2 minutes from right now.

1. Download the complete TALK NOW program and start hearing new words from your toddler in just 6 weeks.

2. Ignore this opportunity for improving your toddler’s speech and keep the same routines with the same frustrations.

Remember that I guarantee that if you follow this system, you will double their works in 6 weeks… and if your toddler doesn’t achieve their goals, I’ll give you a full refund!

I truly look forward to hearing about your toddler’s success using my TALK NOW program.  Join the ranks and add your own raving reviews!

Please send your comments, testimonials, success stories and questions to my personal email:

[email protected]

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Click here to get Toddler Speech Boost at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Toddler Speech Boost is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.