Towards Dragon Foundation

I have recently reopen back my charity website www.Dragon.My and had been making a few changes that might influence a lot of my life and those who joining it later on.

It has always been my target to do some charity outside. But when I open this website, I’ve been thinking who had been so interested to join up? How many people out there that would think that the website is really for charity or it is a charity fraud website? Could this website meet a success or not??

So yesterday night while I was relaxing a little bit, I make one decision. This decision is based on time length. So incase that it did not success in 31 Dec 2010, I’ll close the site and work another thing for it which is then won’t be about charity.

The decision that I’ve make was to change Dragon dot My into Dragon Foundation. Dragon Foundation should have be like other charity Foundation but we work on different way. Where our main sponsor will be the advertisement sold in the website itself and if there is any interested company that wish to support us, that is most welcome.

Same as the earlier aim, the Dragon foundation will be helping charity house around Malaysia and even helping the needy around the world. But Dragon Foundation is much more different than Dragon dot My, Dragon Foundation will be an Organization which will have lots of members from around Malaysia that will involve in any event that we make. Compare to Dragon dot My, Dragon Foundation will be more trustable (As if dragon dot my is a one man website, People might think that it is a fraud.)

So with this decision, I’m looking forward into Dragon Foundation in the future. I hope I could make the foundation as soon as it could and actually there is a lot of steps need to be taken to create it. As a fulltime undergraduate student, it’ll be a really hard task. By the way I’ll try to work for it.

Hope it will be a success. If you are supporting me, please register at

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