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Sean LeMay
Thursday, 5:53 p.m.

you love tropical fish or are thinking of buying an aquarium, then this
may be the most exciting message you’ll read today!


name is Sean LeMay, and I’ve been passionate about
tropical fish for over 30 years. More important, during these 30+ years,
I’ve uncovered hundreds of tips, techniques and secrets
about tropical fish that no one else seems to know.

just finished putting all these tips, techniques and secrets into a
new guide that will show you how to have a stunning aquarium full of
tropical fish… without spending a fortune and with almost NO WORK!
And it’s called…

of an unusual title isn’t it? However, it’s very appropriate. You see,
I told you I love aquariums. I think they are beautiful. They are vibrant,
colorful, living pieces of art right in YOUR home!

always fun when a guest comes into my home for the first time… you
can see their eyes light up like a little kids’ and exclaim, “Wow,
an aquarium!” as they make a “B-line” for it and proceed
to gawk in amazement!

gets tired of that?

I never bargained for when I first started keeping fish was, when I
got a little older, how much my kids would enjoy the aquarium. They
are all just so enthralled with their little pets… they’ve even given
them all names!

an added benefit…it’s educational! It’s like having a science class
right in your home. And feeding them is their job… it’s nice for them
to take some responsbility too, no matter how little it is.

you know what?

the biggest reward of owning an aquarium… and no one talks about this…
is how relaxing it can be!



all the stress in our busy lives it’s nice to have a little sanctuary.
There’s absolutely nothing like relaxing into your favorite chair,
gazing into your stunning tropical aquarium and letting your mind take
you away.

almost hypnotic.

vivid colors … the beautiful fish … the lush green plants … the
graceful movements … the sound of the bubbles … the gentle hum of
the air pump … you feel soothed as you breathe deeply … a sense
of calm wafts over your body … your thoughts begin to linger …
as you drift away …

what I mean!

can escape.

if its just for a fleeting moment. You always come back renewed, rejuvinated
and oh… so… relaxed.

you think about it, with all the great things about aquariums, who wouldn’t
want one?

could you resist?

tell you how….

my friend who was getting so “googly-eyed” looking at my stunning

a few moments of amazement (while my chest swelled) do you know what
what came out of his mouth next? I’ll bet you can almost guess.

almost inevitable.

say something like, “Man I love aquariums… but… we had one
when we were kids and… it turned green… or the fish died… or my
parents got tired of all the work…”

it wasn’t their family it was their friend or someone else they knew.
And their aquarium was a nightmare… or expensive… or complicated….

what I mean?

of folks think that’s true.

it’s not!

if it were easy? What if it wasn’t expensive? What if you didn’t have
to be a rocket scientist?

you want an aquarium then?

you would!

let me tell you a little more about myself…

I’m cheap… I’m lazy… and to tell the truth… I ain’t that bright!

I hope my wife isn’t going to read this!)

I meant to say was… I hate wasting money. And if given
a choice, I’d rather play with my kids… or go golfing… or do just
about anything other than clean up after pets. And, while I’m not what
you’d call stupid… NASA isn’t exactly pounding on my door bugging
me to help out with the space shuttle…

guess what… I’ve got a gorgeous aquarium in my home!

the way I’ve learned a few things… actually, some very ingenius, almost
unkown, insider secrets… you can use to create your own breathtaking
aquarium and I reveal them in my new guide.

here’s a warning:

you are one of those people who go through life believing in “no
pain…no gain” or that “to have something worthwile you have
to work at it really hard”… then this book probably is NOT for
you. Having a gorgeous aquarium is… almost no work.

if you insist on shelling out lots of money because “you get what
you pay for”… that in order for something to be valuable
you have to pay a lot of money for it… then this book probably is
NOT for you either. (Unless you want to send me a really big check for
it!) Owning your dream aquarium doesn’t have to be an endless parade
to the pet store to replace dead fish or buy more chemicals…

can’t remember when I’ve had to replace a fish… or buy anything other
than food for that matter!

” I just wish that I found this book before I got into
these tropical fish…you have answered all my fish
problems. I have visited a pet shop many times to ask
simple questions about my fish tank and they look at
me like I have 2 heads! This is the first time
in my life that I owned a fish tank and I was getting
so frustrated. I was thinking of getting rid of it but
I love to watch the fish and the ones that lived have
become my family pets!

Finally there is a book out there that tells people (with
2 heads) that fish can survive with a little help. I
call your book my Fish Bible!
Now all I have to do is go to my library here in the
house and look up what I might be doing wrong or what
I might be doing right. My family and I thank-you very
much…And most of all I hope your book will be a inspiration
for other fish lovers out there.”

Book is Great! There is sooo much information about
sooo many things! It’s the best… for beginners or
old hands. I sure learned a lot from it. P.S. The pictures
are great too!

Penny, San Angelo, Texas

“This book is filled with loads of helpful information!
It is truly an excellent guide for the beginner to the
advanced aquarist!”

Marco Rossi, Ottawa, Ontario

help you decide if “Tropical Fish Secrets”
is for you or not, here’s a sneak peak at some of the secrets
revealed in it:

take a short “breather”. We’ll get back to more of what this
remarkable book will teach you in just a moment. But first let’s talk
about why you’ll never get this information in a pet store.

are 2 reasons:

They don’t know
2. They don’t

harsh? Let me explain.

have you been shopping lately? Retail outlets are in a crisis! Hiring
anyone to staff their stores is difficult right now… hiring qualified
candidates… especially in specialty areas like tropical fish
is… almost impossible!

beleive me? Check out your nearest national, big-box, pet outlet.

you find them, wait for the staff members to finish their conversation
about last night’s party, and ask them a question.

the blank stare.

they look at YOU like YOU’RE an idiot!

you go to a store like that you better be prepared to walk up to an
aquarium, point to the fish you want and say “I want that one”.


as for them not caring… Ask yourself this, “When do you spend
the biggest chunk of money in this hobby?” At the very beginning
of course!

need to invest in the aquarium, perhaps a stand, filter, heater and
other equipment, plants, chemicals and, oh yeah… fish!

What what is the pet shop’s incentive to make sure you are successful?

actually make more money if you are unsuccessful because
you’ll need more chemicals to fix your problems and more fish to replace
the dead ones!

it comes to Tropical Fish and Aquariums…

IS a lot to know.

one of the great things about this hobby. You could keep on learning
new things for your whole life … if you want to.

you don’t HAVE to.

don’t NEED to know everything.

be successful, to have a beautiful, clean aquarium full of healthy fish,
have it available.

is a certain amount of information that is essential. Necessary. Critical.

where “Tropical Fish Secrets” comes in!

breakthrough new book covers everything you NEED to know about your
Tropical Fish and Aquarium. And I mean everything … if it’s
not in the book, you can live without it.

isn’t a lot of wasted space filled with mildly-interesting but non-essential

the only book you’ll ever NEED about Tropical Fish.

get advice you’d NEVER hear in a pet store!

like getting a backstage pass into the real world of
Tropical Fish keeping.

uncover all kinds of exciting tips … from how to pick your first
aquarium and keep it clean to how to keep your fish healthy forever
… with practically no work!

care of an aquarium is less work than caring for and cleaning up after
a dog or a cat. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming drudgery.

just need to know “What” to do and “When” to
do it and “How” to do it.

what “Tropical Fish Secrets” delivers … in a BIG way.

(How would you like a gorgeous saltwater
reef tank like this one?)

“This book is absolutely & positively a MUST if you’re
starting out down the aquarium road! It’s jam packed
with useful information, so you don’t have to make the
same mistakes as the rest of us have. Full of comprehensive
advice & some stunning pictures, this book is the
bible of any budding aquarists.”

Darren Stewart, London, England

you don’t already own an aquarium, don’t spend a dime until you read
this book.

information you learn could easily save you 10 times the price!
Without it you will make expensive mistakes…

could go out and buy an aquarium, a stand, equipment, plants, chemicals,
food and fish … run into problems … get frustrated … and then throw
in the towel! Quit. Empty your tank and put it away.

own an empty aquarium taking up space in your garage or attic … every
once in a while you’ll catch a glimpse of it. And it will be a gut-wrenching
reminder of you how much money you wasted.

let this happen to you.

Get it right the
first time with “Tropical Fish Secrets” by your side!

It will Guide you every step of the Way!

brilliant book will become your lifelong companion!

    It’s unbelievably thorough.

book is so useful! It is very thorough. I would recommend
this book to anyone looking at getting an aquarium.”

Jennifer Courneyea, Windsor, Canada

see, “Tropical Fish Secrets” is the result of input from
over 100 people! Everyone from novices just starting out, to experienced
hobbyists and from professional breeders to veterinarians.

like having the collective wisdom and experience of 100 people available
to answer your questions 24 hours a day!

more of what “Tropical Fish Secrets” will teach you:

there’s more! Loads More! … a full 85 pages of pure information! No
fluff… No filler…

you saved a lot of verbiage without missing the important
facts… (the book) is a digestible, easy to understand,
compact guide for the beginner spiced with good humor
and bits of knowledge new to those of us with years
of experience. I recommend it as a valuable quick, concise
foundation for all fish lovers.”

J. Mc Craley Sr., Santa Ana, California
60 years experience!

(Amazing looking anemone!)

remember, it’s thorough, NOT complicated. All the techniques,
tips and secrets are revealed in plain, easy-to-understand language.
You don’t have to be a fish scientist to understand it.

love the light-hearted approach. It’s an “easy read”, and
there are lots of great pictures too.

“Tropical Fish Secrets”, keeping a healthy aquarium full of beautiful,
exotic fish is as easy as tying your shoes!

now you can use these secrets, too.

that seem like a lot? I sure hope not. Especially when you consider
that what I’ve spent over the years is easily in the thousands of dollars,
plus nearly all of my life… and… hundreds upon hundreds of hours
of study, sweat and toil uncovering these secrets.

you value your time at anything over a few pennies per hour, you are
saving money based on what you would have to spend scouring the internet,
bookstores and the library to find just some of the gold nuggets
I reveal.

Fish Secrets” is one of those rare purchases that you actually
find more valuable as time goes on and you continue to use it year after

there’s absolutely zero risk when you take a “test drive”
of my guide… because… it comes with an…

Lifetime Guarantee!

the deal: Order the guide. It’s in an easy, downloadable Adobe .pdf
format. You’ll be reading it in less than five minutes. Start putting
the secrets you discover to work tomorrow… or even today. Take your
own sweet time to do this. Then, if you’re not satisfied for any reason,
or no reason at all… simply ask for your money back by email (it is
at the very bottom of the page)… and you’ll get a full and fast refund
of every dime you paid.

means you can see my guide — read it, and use the secrets as your
own as much as you want — for free, if you choose.

know, the reason why I can make this kind of outrageous guarantee is
because… I really do have the “goods”. My guide delivers
on all the promises I make. And I know that what I’m about to
share with you works… it’s been proven, over and over again.
I’ve used it all myself… and I’ve taught countless other
people to use it with equal (and sometimes greater) success.

what you are about to discover in my guide are some of the EASIEST “shortcuts”
to successful aquarium ownership known to man. You’ll find out
for yourself as soon as you download it. And if you don’t like
what you find, you get all your money back. Quickly and quietly. Without
questions or hassle. Your word is good enough.

pretty fair, wouldn’t you agree? My secrets either work for you like
I say they will…. or… you get all your money back. It’s as simple
as that. And it’s easy to order.

What To Do Now:

on the secure link below and order with your credit card online…

(If you’ve
never ordered online it’s easy. For me, a big company, called Clickbank,
processes the order. They use a “secure server” which means
that it’s safer than handing your credit card to a waitress in a restaurant.
They don’t keep your number and I never see it. You just follow the
simple instructions and type in your address and card number when they
ask you to. The whole thing takes less time than it takes me to figure
out the tip for that waitress!)

your Copy of “Tropical Fish Secrets” Right Here

it! In less than five minutes you’ll be devouring—for your own
use and enjoyment—some of my most tightly-held, advanced, insider
tropical fish secrets. The same ones I’ve used—and still use everyday—to
own a stunning aquarium without spending a fortune or working like a
darned fool.

can read it right from your screen, beginning to end, or click
on the Table of Contents and go straight to the information you need
NOW! Or you could print the whole thing out and read it in the
comfort of your favorite chair. Or do BOTH!


not convinced?

I’m no fancy marketing, letter-writing type of guy. So I’m sorry if
I just couldn’t get across in words just how valuable my book is. I
really think everyone should have a copy. I believe that with
all my heart. So I’ll tell you what..

got to thinking.

this morning something really exciting happened.

I was sitting in my office, working away, I heard a shriek of delight.
It was my 5 year old. Then she exclaimed, “Dad there’s a whole
bunch of babies around Angel!” (“Angel”, oddly enough,
is a mamma guppy.)

the time I got away from my desk and into the other room all 5 of my
children were jostling for position in front of the aquarium and staring
wide-eyed at the proud mother and her brood.

kids had known that “Angel” was pregnant and that guppies
are “livebearers”. So the last few days were filled with anticipation.
Barely half an hour would pass without someone checking to see if there
were any babies. It was a lot of fun!

5 of them were completely enthralled and, as I watched them, I realized
that you just can’t buy that sort of an experience.

recalled back when I’d had breeding tanks and how rewarding that had
been … the colorful courting rituals, eggs hatching, nurturing fry

tropical fish can be pretty neat!

when I decided I’d share something else with you.


gem is worth its weight in gold!

know, it’s not something you absolutely NEED — like “Tropical
Fish Secrets”.

if you ever decide to try your hand at breeding your fish … whether
it’s just for fun or to make a few dollars, this book is for you.

just a taste of what you’ll learn…

guppies to seahorses and freshwater to saltwater,
nothing is left out.

to Breed Tropical Fish” is a handy little book that I’d like you
to have.

was going to sell it on its own but if giving it to you is what it takes
to convince you to try out “Tropical Fish Secrets”
I guess I’ve got to bite the bullet…

yet? Yes? Good…

your Copy of “Tropical Fish Secrets” and Gifts Here

playing hard to get?

back, here comes the kitchen sink!

you act today, I’ll throw in Gift number 2!

one is the “motherlode” if you are interested in sheer volume
of information!

Tropical Fish Profiles: 50 of Your Favorites!” provides
very detailed information about 50 different breeds of freshwater fish.

is a great resource encyclopedia for you. You may never actually
read it cover to cover, but you will keep it around for years to
come and pick it up when you are planning your next fish purchase.

section details very specific information about your favorite fish including,

was my own private resource. One I spent years compiling for my own
use. It’s not like “Tropical Fish Secrets” either.
This isn’t stuff you NEED to know. But when you really start to get
involved in the hobby it’s certainly something you’d LIKE to have. And
most folks will go spend a few bucks to get it.

That’s it. I’ve done all I can.

hope it’s enough.

I really hope my wife doesn’t read this… she’ll really think I’m crazy
for giving away the farm!)

summarize. You get all three books,

advantage of this crazy offer before my wife finds out!

Here To Claim your Copy of “Tropical Fish Secrets”
Securely 24 Hours A Day!

(The colours and shapes of living creatures can be amazing!)

hope my books help you the same rewarding experiences that my family
and I have enjoyed.

know you’ll be thrilled with “Tropical Fish Secrets” and really enjoy
your very own magical underwater world.

    And just think how impressed your
friends will be!

The insider information in my guide is priceless. I’ve spent the better
part of 30 years learning these secrets. However, for less than the
cost of a few hours at the movies, I’m going to show you how to apply
them to your tropical fish aquarium and supercharge your results immediately
… guaranteed! Remember… you risk nothing by checking it out for
youself. My secrets either work for you like I say they will… or it’s

your Copy of “Tropical Fish Secrets” and Gifts Here

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Click here to get Tropical Fish at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Tropical Fish is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.