UMS Elections

Tomorrow will be election day in UMS, See the picture below..

UMS Election
UMS Election

This is one thing that will happen in every University. Anyway talking about University Level Election, I was actually concern about what those elected can do for the community? In previous elected board, I saw they have done not much and even if they have done something, it will be once in a blue moon and usually their activity will be based on certain target group.

Tomorrow will be another day like the past 2 years for choosing the representative. This will be the same for me and most of the people. We’ll be voting those who we don’t even know. How good is them to be voted and what will they contribute to us?? Some of them just bluff about stuff and hoping to get the majority votes. Lots of promise was given but in past experience, none of it was fulfilled. What I can say the most was some might work well but some are just a parasite to get 1 year free University Fees.

Stop about that I don’t wish to make an issue here. Anyway just hoping that those who are elected this time is not someone who see money in front and put student aside. If they are one of those who see money then it’ll ruin the University Democracy System.

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