Vast Ocean

Vast Ocean, View at Mimpian Jadi Resort
Vast Ocean, View at Mimpian Jadi Resort

I was actually at Mimpian Jadi Resort today so i got capture this picture.. Not so nice but i think it is quite meaningful.

Anyway whats this picture means to you?
For me, out there still lots of thing i haven’t discover. Meaning my journey still far from the end and so i still have to strive for something that i want to achieve in my life. Life won’t be so simple, in the vast ocean there is lots of obstacle that i have to face and in the vast ocean I saw my future is something i don’t know. I’ll planned things out but will my plan work..I’ll pray to get a better life but will thing turn out to be better for me??

Ah… Think too much..Anyway what about you??

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  1. I think it was a nice photo. I agree that life won’t be that easy for us. We have to be patient and not so stressful. We struggle for success, that’s true. But never be greedy. As the ocean,there’s always ups and downs.

    Anyway nice blogs.

    Keep up the good work.

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