View Taken in Tambunan

This Picture was taken in evening
This Picture was taken in evening - View Taken in Tambunan
Not sure this beatuful for you or not..
Not sure this beatuful for you or not.. -View Taken in Tambunan

This picture was taken when i back at Tambunan few days ago.. Right now i was wondering, why picture looks more beautiful compare to what we see. It was maybe a box and a limited space make us seen it beautiful. Next time I’ll buy a square spectacle so that i can see the way camera see (lol)..

As usual I only put watermark and a copyright on my picture. You know what it’s mean right.

About the picture above, I was actually targeting on taking a picture to make as my wallpaper but it seems that the first one are too plain without any focus. So i manage to take the second one making the focus become not focus. A reverse style. Many people have done this way. One thing i forgot to take is to macro on the focus (my focus is the wooden block).

Anyway with my camera right now there is a limited distance for macro. so i won’t really be able to focus on the wood and make the surrounding blur. I need to learn more..

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