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Visit and lecture by Blair

I am glad that at least two people share my views regarding Blair. One letter commenting adversely against the invitation and an article by the Vice Chancellor of Universiti Sains Malaysia clearly condemns the invitation and the subject chosen for Blair to talk on.

It is ironical that Sultan Azlan Shah who, speaking at the 14th Malaysian Law Conference on “50 years of Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law” should be present at this Blair lecture.

To read more please follow this link.

I was actually reading Dr.M blog. the first part was not so interested anyway the one written in english quite concern me. When it comes to giving a speech, choosing person with his life’s back ground is best.

So if Malaysian were to invite someone which planned all the war or attacts to a nations, this means malaysian were to become a country that will support war. It is not a wrong thing to get a speech on Law, anyway how many out there still can do a good speech? Do the invitation has other things to do with?

For the best, we cannot say much now, just wait and see what is in their planning and then we’ll do what we suppose to do.

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