Wawasan Plaza Kota Kinabalu

Previously I got blog about Deepavali Singing Competition which was held in Wawasan Plaza Kota Kinabalu. It was quite an interesting event indeed. By the way in this post I would like to introduce to you Wawasan Plaza – the heaven of Sabah Handicraft (Other than Filipino Market).

If you had come to Sabah and was interested to buy the cultural handicraft, Wawasan Plaza was one of the best choice to go to. It was a shopping complex like Centre point and 1Borneo but wawasan plaza is the only shopping complex that has quite a lot handicraft store.

In one of my Blog post Pesta Gong Matunggong Kudat Sabah I did mentioned that Kudat is the place you can get the handicraft cheap. It was true and always true since Kudat is the producer for some of the Handicraft that was sold in Wawasan Plaza. But what more important was, when you on a limited time in Sabah (maybe going for some outstation work or what so ever it was), So sure that you don’t have much time to got to Kudat. So if that happen, it left you no choice but to find the nearest in town. And I would like to recommend you Wawasan Plaza.

Wawasan Plaza is located just beside Api-api centre and it’s location is near to Promenade Hotel and KK Bus Station. It was located in area which is very easy to find. So you won’t have to travel so much to find it. But for your information, if you are at Wisma Merdeka and was traveling by leg, Wawasan Plaza would have been quite far ahead. But still it is not as far as going to Karamunsing. So if you have your stay in Sabah, don’t forget to visit wawasan plaza.

Here is some picture taken inside Wawasan Plaza. It is mostly handicraft store.

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  1. Haha..the last picture was in Karamunsing.. Sorry for that.. Btw that is the picture of the only party shop in sabah.. visit it at Karamunsing Sabah..

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