Website Auction Marketplace – A Flippa Clone Script

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Product Name: Website Auction Marketplace – A Flippa Clone Script

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Powerful New Software That Creates Niche Targeted Site Flipping Marketplaces, FAST! Flip Domain Names, Websites and Scripts with Website Auction Marketplace!

An online Auction Marketplace is a unique way of supplementing your income. As it grows you may even be able to quit your day time job eventually!

Do you have Domain Names or Websites that you no longer need or have the time to maintain? Why not auction them off on your own Auction Marketplace?

This Website Script virtually removes all the barriers that may have prevented you from previously making money from selling off your digital assets!

Avoid having to pay high listing fees as well as exorbitant “Success Fees” where although you sell your assets you are still losing money!

Dear Friend,
Have you ever seen any of the really hot website flipping marketplaces, and thought that it would be great to be able to have a business that operates like that?… They are earning fees for every single domain name and for every single website listed in their marketplace! Now you can do the same too!

The selling of turnkey internet business websites, has grown wildly popular in the last couple of years. Part of it has to do with trends in Internet Marketing and Internet Shopping.

People love to shop online these days. In fact, some say that it’s slowly taking over in-person shopping. It’s no surprise why either. The deals are better, it’s easier to find what you want and you can save gas by having your items delivered to you.

Even more than shopping online, people love the idea of being able to work online, many people do not know how to create their own websites and they turn to buying already completed websites that are listed for sale on Website Auction Marketplaces.

In a moment, if you keep reading, you will learn how you can start selling websites and domain names that you don’t even own online, and get the listing fees sent straight to your Paypal account.

What’s more, is my special marketplace auction script can not only be used to sell domain names and websites, but it can easily be branded to sell practically anything that you want!

You can use my new software to auction off websites and domain names just like Dotcom Auction House , but you could just as easily use this script to auction off high-end wine, rare books, classic cars, software scripts, or just about anything else you can imagine.

With my system you create an online market that focuses on the niche of your choice. It could be collector’s memorabilia or sports accessories, the sky’s the limit. Because you focus on a specific niche you have the ability to optimize your marketplace for search results and maximize your traffic and potential advertising profits!

You can use the power of niche-Marketing to create an instantly popular online marketplace that attracts buyers and sellers to it!

The great thing about creating your own Online marketplace with this system is that there are SO MANY potential revenue opportunities!

The obvious one is that you can sell your own domain names and websites and reap all the profits from your own products, because there are no fees.

But this system is better than just that; you create a whole market place where people can sign up and sell their merchandise too! You then get to collect the listing fees, which you set!

If that wasn’t opportunity enough you still have all the advertising potential! When you create a niche-based website you gain authority status easily and become extremely desirable to high profile advertisers!

And I’m not even finished yet!

You might not have any idea what niches you would choose or how you would sell on your own online marketplace. Well luckily you don’t even have to worry about it!

Even if you Don’t Have Any Ideas Yet,
I’ve Done The Hard Work For you!

As a bonus you will receive this system with two pre-created niches: Website Auction Marketplace and The Script Marketplace.

Directly after purchasing you’ll be able to put up a Website Auction Marketplace that allows you and your members to buy and sell websites!

But you also receive the BONUS Script Marketplace so you can create a script buying & selling website or customize it into whatever niche you want!

The versatility and power in this system is unlike anything you’ve probably ever tried.

Another thing that makes this system especially profitable is that it requires an insanely small amount of effort on your part!

After you install the system on your web server the site practically maintains itself; you just put in some details, market the site and reap the profits for the most part!

Create a Website Auction Marketplace today and you will be well on your way to making Profits from It!

This system contains all of the major features that the most popular Internet marketplaces have so customers and users will feel at home when they’re using your website.

Sellers have profiles, ratings and feedback percentages just like all the big marketplaces.   

Website Auction Marketplace combines the best of both worlds with the ability to bid on products or to buy them outright instantly with the “Buy it Now” button.

Since the system is niche based it’s extremely well organized and easy to search through. Customize your categories and product types with ease!

The professionally designed layout is extremely easy to navigate and includes areas for you to include pertinent information like contact links, legal terms and company information. This is more than just a website template though; it’s a fully-functioning web business program!

The administration control panel let’s you customize and maintain your marketplace however you want and gives you full power over your program!


Create Your Very Own Niche Internet Marketplace!

Online marketplaces are among the most profitable types of websites out there because they combine the three most powerful income techniques on the web: Sales, Fees and Advertising!

You’ll be able to make and facilitate sales for instant cash flow based on the value of the products you sell!

You’ll get Listing Fees when you allow people to sign up for you website and sell their own products.

You’ll be able to earn Pay-per-Click income by showing advertising banners on your marketplace website!

The well-designed system is so streamlined and maintenance free that you’ll save thousands every year on maintenance related costs.

This System Can Help Your Online Business!

It’s extremely easy to start using!

All you have to do is install this system onto your web server and do any customizations you would like. After that you can start marketing your website and let it grow from there!

This software is customizable, and is comprehensive in design!

Don’t want to make a marketplace for selling websites? Fine! You can easily rebrand your website for whatever purpose you want and focus your marketplace niche in any direction you see fit. Create an auto trading and auction website or go crazy and create a freelancer/client job auction site! The possibilities are endless!

This is an excellent Low Cost and Versatile Auction Marketplace solution!

The features that will be provided for the very low price, this is really a no-brainer!

Consider your options, think about the possibilities!

You Can Create A Successful Online Marketplace!

Create a Full-Fledged Internet Marketplace in Minutes!

The entire system is already in place! You can customize it however you want or you can just upload it and start using it instantly!

All of the core features are ready to use right off the bat. There are no complicated module or plugin systems that you have to use to get the most from the software!

It Has All The Major Features That Any Internet Marketplace Needs!
The membership system allows people to sign up to your website and buy/sell products online with ease!

Use the website for auctioning or let people buy instantly with the “Buy it Now” button!ALL THIS AND MUCH MORE IS NEATLY WRAPPED UP IN THIS POWERFUL PACKAGE!  Act Now! You can’t afford to put off this opportunity another day!

How Powerful Is This System?

This System is Unlike Any Other!

It’s easy to use, easy to install and practically runs itself. The amount of money you can save by having a website like this is just ridiculous!Triple Your Potential Revenue!
(1) Advertising; (2) Direct Sales and (3) Listing Fees: You’ve got three-way revenue for your website!

The Ability To Run You Own Marketplace Is Too Good To Pass Up! 

Some of the most wildly successful websites in the world are online marketplaces.

Once your online marketplace starts creating heavy traffic you’ll be up to your eyeballs in requests for advertising space! Businesses who sell similar products will spend significant amounts of money to advertise on your marketplace!
You can be well on your way to a higher level of financial freedom with your own Online Marketplace. All you need is the Website Auction Marketplace!

It really is a breeze to use and the business potential is absolutely immense! 

Don’t you think it’s time to start thinking about your online business seriously?
The Website Auction Marketplace software is so much easier than those other website tactics that you’ll be wondering why in the world you didn’t think of it earlier!Website Auction Marketplace and The Script Marketplace are your keys to success! They’re lightning fast to set up, easy to customize and can grow to generate income for years with very little maintenance!
You could start making money sooner than you ever thought possible!

Here are some of the key benefits you’ll experience when using this powerful website software:

Get a copy of Website Auction Marketplace! today so you can start raking in the cash!

The Unbeatable Guarantee!If you actually can’t benefit from this awesome software and can’t get any success from using it, I’ll issue you a 100% refund on the spot. 

I don’t even want to know why, no questions asked!

If you honestly can’t make your online marketplace work with this amazingly simple and easy-to-maintain software then I don’t want your money!

I doubt you’ve seen a more complete guarantee than that!

How can I offer such a guarantee?

Because I know I’m probably not going to get a single refund request.

If you use this software to its full potential you almost can’t fail. You’ll practically succeed no matter what you do!

If you use this software and target your niche I assure you that you’ll be making sales, listing fees and ad revenue as your site becomes popular!

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You Profit Even If You Get A Refund Thanks To The High Value Bonus Package!

P. S. Ordering this powerful and proven marketplace software is the smartest decision that you could ever make!Easy step-by-step instructions are included and you get FREE support for 30 days.

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Click here to get Website Auction Marketplace – A Flippa Clone Script at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Website Auction Marketplace – A Flippa Clone Script is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.