What is streamyx ranking?

Yesterday I was checking the unstable speed of streamyx connection and as I’m using opera and the tab did not lost, then I saw the option to check the world result. See the pictures.

World Top Download SpeedWorld Top Download Speed

World Top Upload SpeedWorld Top Upload Speed

Asia Top Download SpeedAsia Top Download Speed

Asia Top Upload SpeedAsia Top Upload Speed

Thanks to Speedtest.net for giving this information. Now that we see in the world ranking for country with fastest upload speed, Malaysia is not even in the list. Making an advance search to the list in asia ranking, still Malaysia is not in. I wonder what happen but we can see that korean and Japan had been making a good performance.

It is just a matter of time until streamyx will make some upgrade. But doesn’t it is so obvious that we like too far behind? How long until streamy make some changes? How long until streamyx change the 318kbps to 1mbps, 4mbps to 20mbps speed?

For this, we just have to wait..Maybe 1 years, maybe 2 years or maybe 20 years… Vision 2020 is coming but we are still behind, even in connection speed too.

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