What to do Next?

After chinese new year will be like a hell to me but maybe out there other people having something more difficult than what i face.

Having fun for about 3 days then I need to finish up 1 lab report, 4 hysis assignment, 5 Separation process assignment, 1 biodiesel from microalgae in malaysia assignment and another one for process control assignment. Plus Naces website and setting up server.

With that i got no not much time to write a blog. Was quite busy right now. So could not make a constant speed for my blog.

By the way living like this is not too bad at all. After all as a student there is a lot need to be done as the lecturers giving something that might benefits us in the future. So doing it for own future is something worth.

Then nothing to be complain about. For another 1 and a half year my life will be so busy with assignment. Then will be entering the working world which is know as a more stressful world.

So before going for that, I rather enjoy my students life with the assignment and fun with friend.

Owh..I stop my crap here..Just wanna say hello to this blog and to keep my SE rangking up. As it had been falling down this few days i guess. (Topic no relation with what i write.. 🙂 )

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