When is your Birthday in Lunar Calendar?

I was recently searching the time i was born in Lunar Calendar. Thanks to my friend Jun Yuan as he asked me did i know when did i born in Lunar Calender. Then i have this picture..

Lunar Calender year 1987
Lunar Calender year 1987

I was born n 7th September 1987 and from the lunar Calendar it was on 15th 7.. This means i suppose to have my birthday last month on 15th chinese.

What actually 15 chinese means to chinese people? According to the buddhism book, on every 1st and 15th of chinese, Kuan Yin will go down to the earth and read mantra to the people. Some stories said that he/she also go to the Hell to give forgiveness to people especially the monk who betrayed the temple. It was quite a fun story if you can read it and i think there is a lot of sources in the internet. Other than that on 15th of chinese, it will be the second day of full moon.

Full moon gives few meanings; 1) The middle of the month in lunar calendar 2) More crazy people get too exited especially those who become crazy because of moon as on that time the moon is nearer to earth (am I correct?) causing the moon gravity to pull the fluid in human bodies especially brain so brain will be more active.

About my birth date, it was something so amazing to me. Being able to born on the date in which Kuan Yin was singing the mantra is not something simple. This means I hear mantra on the day i was born. So how come i cannot read mantra until now?? (Lol i never learn mantra) And so i suppose to pray harder to kuan yin.

For you? When did you born in lunar calendar? Get know to it and search in the internet. Mine i get the sources from http://www.hko.gov.hk maybe yours you can find it there.

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