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Product Name: Women Today – Am I Beautiful?

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She felt pretty as a little girlâ?¦

She saw mommy & daddyâ??s princess in the mirrorâ?¦

Then one day as she looked, she asked THE questionâ?¦

As a teen, she looked for the answer to that question in the wrong placesâ?¦

TVâ?¦ magazinesâ?¦ popular kidsâ?¦ boysâ?¦

Because the air-brushed â??beautiesâ? in ads looked nothing like what she saw in the mirror â?? she was sure she was notâ?¦

So, she started working hard to look her bestâ?¦ Spending hours in front of the mirror searching for the beauty she wanted so badly to seeâ?¦

And sometimes she did feel prettyâ?¦ But more often, all she could see were her flawsâ?¦ And certain that was all anyone could seeâ?¦ She felt uglyâ?¦

All too often she found herself gazing in the mirror again, asking the same questionâ?¦

As she blossomed into a young lady, her confidence grewâ?¦ She found a style that worked for herâ?¦ and enjoyed the attention of young menâ?¦

And for the first time, she even felt desirableâ?¦

But she took it for granted, thinking things would stay this way foreverâ?¦ Until sometime in her late 20â??s or early 30â??s â?? when time finally caught up with herâ?¦

She looked in the mirror and saw something that made her feel old for the first timeâ?¦

Today, people tell her she is beautifulâ?¦ but she wants to FEEL it againâ?¦

She sees her face changing in the mirror â?? she remembers what it used to look likeâ?¦

And she wonders if what she sees is still beautifulâ?¦

Or if her beauty is fadingâ?¦

Desperate to save what beauty remains before it too is goneâ?¦ She finds herself askingâ?¦

Hi â?? Iâ??m Lizâ?¦

I still remember seeing my first wrinkle in the mirrorâ?¦

It was as if blinders were removed and I could suddenly see signs of aging all over my faceâ?¦

I marched right out of the bathroom and scolded my husband Marshallâ?¦

â??I donâ??t care if you hate taking picturesâ? I told himâ?¦ â??I want pictures to prove I was pretty onceâ? â?¦

His slack-jawed face held deer-in-the-headlight eyesâ?¦

Knowing his next words could be his lastâ?¦ He chose the safety of silenceâ?¦ So, I continuedâ?¦

â??I used to be pretty once â?? and young â?? and now Iâ??m not and itâ??s only going to get worse! And Iâ??m not in any pictures because you never take themâ?¦

â??So you need to take pictures.â?

Poor Marshallâ?¦ He didnâ??t know what hit him!

I look back now and itâ??s funnyâ?¦ but I wasnâ??t laughing at the timeâ?¦

Because right up to that moment â?? aging â?? or â??getting oldâ? â?? was something that happened to other peopleâ?¦ Not to me!

I guess I thought I was special…

I am happy to say that two things have changed since thenâ?¦

My husband â??gladlyâ? takes photos now without much grumblingâ?¦

(I guess I made my point) â?¦ AND:

I feel beautiful (again) â?¦

The first was fairly immediateâ?¦ Marshallâ??s always been a quick learner!

But the second happened recentlyâ?¦

Because for a while there, I felt old every time I looked in the mirrorâ?¦ And to be honest â?? I even considered plastic surgery (for the first time) â?¦

Then I discovered an inexpensive skincare routine that makes the face I see in the mirror look younger within about 1 hour9â?¦

And the longer I keep at it â?? the better things getâ?¦

After years of wading through thousands of dollars in disappointing â??anti-agingâ? potionsâ?¦ wasting countless hours searching for something realâ?¦

I finally found a natural solution thatâ??s perfect for me!

And I believe that with all the solutions out there today, every woman can find one that’s perfect for her tooâ?¦ if she knows howâ?¦

Today, my skin looks and feels like it did ten years agoâ?¦

More importantly â?? when I look in the mirrorâ?¦

I feel beautiful againâ?¦

Because at the end of the day â?? thatâ??s what itâ??s aboutâ?¦ at least for meâ?¦ Itâ??s not about outside attention (although I have gotten compliments) â?¦

When I like what I see in the mirror, Iâ??m more confidentâ?¦ I find myself smiling more â?? being more social & outgoingâ?¦

nd just enjoying my day a little moreâ?¦

Itâ??s probably silly, but itâ??s how I feelâ?¦ And I donâ??t think Iâ??m alone â?? even in this day and age â?? when women arenâ??t supposed to care about such thingsâ?¦

Thatâ??s why Iâ??m going to share what I uncovered during who-knows-how-many hours of researchâ?¦

So you can find your own perfect anti-aging skin-care routine tooâ?¦

Right here on this page, youâ??ll learn:

And my 1-minute skin-care routine that makes me look younger within 1 hour (and my results keep getting better with time!) â?¦

My hope is that, even if you choose NOT to use my exact routine â?? youâ??ll be able to use what you learn here to wade through the anti-aging hypeâ?¦

And find your own â??perfectâ? routineâ?¦ One that makes you feel beautifulâ?¦

Sorry for the rant, but this makes me mad!

American women spend billions every year to stay young & beautifulâ?¦

Thereâ??s nothing wrong with that, but all that money has attracted cosmetic con artists who prey on our insecurities to sell us stuff that doesnâ??t workâ?¦

Weâ??ve seen a lot of their lies exposedâ?¦ But others are still accepted as gospel by millionsâ?¦

Thatâ??s why weâ??re never satisfied with our results â?? because theyâ??ve got us focused on the wrong thingsâ?¦ So, we keep on buying more of their bogus cosmetics in search of â??the oneâ? that worksâ?¦

Or we give up in despairâ?¦

The biggest lie that comes to mind is the â??Moisturizer Mythâ? â?¦

Iâ??ll share the details of a study later where â??moisturizerâ? by itself was shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by only 2%1…

To put that in perspective â?? just ONE of the six natural solutions weâ??ll talk about later is 800% more effective than â??moisturizerâ? at reducing wrinkles when measured by a precision laser1â?¦

Thatâ??s because â??moisturizerâ? doesnâ??t address the real cause of wrinkles like todayâ??s science-based solutionsâ?¦

And while weâ??re on the topic â?? the very fact that anti-aging products are so focused on wrinkles is a misdirectionâ?¦

Hereâ??s what I meanâ?¦

If you guessed wrinkles â?? youâ??re not aloneâ?¦

I think itâ??s because we lean in and focus on our faces in the mirrorâ?¦ so we study and memorize those wrinkles up close and personalâ?¦

But others look at us from the outsideâ?¦

And when they do â?? plastic surgeons say those wrinkles we hate so muchâ?¦ They only make up about 18% of what others see when weâ??re talking to themâ?¦

Our neck and neckline make up 54% of what they seeâ?¦

Thatâ??s 3 times more areaâ?¦

Turns out grandma was right when she said, â??Whatever you do up hereâ? gesturing to her faceâ?¦ â??Youâ??ve got to do down hereâ? gesturing to her neck and necklineâ?¦

Because, according to the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery â?? sagging skin around the jawline and neck is the #1 most-dramatic sign of old age2â?¦

If you picture it in your mind, youâ??ll probably agree itâ??s trueâ?¦ And if you look at these pictures, I am almost certain youâ??ll agreeâ?¦

Nothing says â??oldâ? like saggy skinâ?¦

But what can you do about it?

The same 3 things that cause wrinkles also cause saggy skinâ?¦

Everything that makes us look old â?? from sagging jowls, to loose neck skin and hanging cheeksâ?¦

To crowâ??s feet, marionette & laugh linesâ?¦

â?¦ â??turkey neckâ?, thin skin, easy bruising and all the other things we hateâ?¦

Theyâ??re all caused by the same 3 root problemsâ?¦

Now you can verify all of this for yourself, but hereâ??s what I discovered in my researchâ?¦ These 3 â??old skinâ? issues are all caused by biological changes that occur as we ageâ?¦ AND:

When you know the 3 reasons your skin looks and feels old â?? you can find natural ways to address all 3 problemsâ?¦

So your skin looks and feels youngerâ?¦ NOW: Letâ??s take a look at the 3 root causes that make our skin look oldâ?¦

Then we can talk about how to solve them!

Elastinâ??s job is to keep our skin tight â?? like elastic in yoga pantsâ?¦ BUT:

Like yoga pants that have been stretched over and overâ?¦ After decades of holding everything tight, the elastin in our skin simply canâ??t pull things smooth and tight like it used toâ?¦

This isnâ??t just a major cause of wrinklesâ?¦ When elastin is stretched out, you see the most dramatic signs of aging in the mirror:

Saggy cheeks, jowls and neck skinâ?¦

Since thereâ??s really no way to put the â??snapâ? back in elastin, many of us feel pressured to get a face or neck liftâ?¦ Two of the most extreme plastic surgery proceduresâ?¦

Sadly, Problem #1 is only made worse by Problem #2â?¦

Collagenâ??s job is to provide an internal support matrix for your skinâ?¦

It works kind of like a skeleton, because just like our muscles pull everything tight around our bonesâ?¦

Elastin pulls our skin tight around a matrix of collagen rods inside your dermis (the second layer of skin)â?¦

Just like your body couldnâ??t stand without bones, your skin needs this collagen matrix or it falls flatâ?¦

Gravity does the rest by pulling everything downâ?¦

Our problems begin at around 18 to 20 when our bodyâ??s collagen production starts to decrease by 1% (or more) every year 3, 4â?¦

And things get worse with time…

The collagen problem is only made worse by oxidative stress and free radicals because they fight to destroy our already weakened collagen matrixâ?¦

Making our already thinning skin age even fasterâ?¦

What I hate the most is that Problem #1 and Problem #2 together can give us a resting facial expression that makes other people think weâ??re unfriendlyâ?¦

Putting a serious damper on our social lifeâ?¦

The human face has 43 individual muscles in itâ?¦

When we laugh, smile, squint or make any facial expression, these muscles contract & relax to make it happenâ?¦

As they move beneath skin that is thin & stretchy, loose piles of skin fold on top of each other to create â??expression wrinklesâ? â?¦

â?¦ the ones with flattering names like crowâ??s feet, marionette lines or laugh linesâ?¦

And because our weakened elastin canâ??t snap everything back in place, these wrinkles remain even after the facial muscles relaxâ?¦

But thatâ??s not the biggest problemâ?¦

Because just like our back muscles can knot up for days, some of our facial muscles get tight with time, while others grow weakâ?¦

These imbalances pull our face out of its natural resting position â?? enough to cause fine lines and wrinklesâ?¦

And these wrinkles may never go away simply because the muscles never fully relaxâ?¦

This is why many of us feel the need to get botox injectionsâ?¦

Because the neurotoxin they inject into your face with a needle paralyzes the muscles so they cannot contractâ?¦

Once facial muscles are forced to relax, fine lines and wrinkles disappear until the toxin wears offâ?¦

For those of us who want to address all 3 issues, but who either donâ??t need or donâ??t feel good about an extreme cosmetic procedureâ?¦

Or those of us who are afraid of â??the knifeâ? â?¦ or the needle â?¦ or that others will notice the radical change (or a scar) and say somethingâ?¦

Or who might feel guilty about spending so much money on ourselvesâ?¦

There are inexpensive alternatives which address all 3 aging-skin issues at home in 1 minute (or less) with soothing solutionsâ?¦

Weâ??ll take a look at 2 you can make at home from herbs and other natural ingredientsâ?¦ As well as 4 natural extracts coming out of top labs lately with both rapid and lasting anti-aging effects…

First, we need to talk about early agingâ?¦

The #1 Causeof Early Skin Aging

While none of us like to age, we can accept that it is something we all faceâ?¦ But what about aging early?

It seems unfair that the 3 problems already aging our skin arenâ??t enoughâ?¦ That there are other forces at work trying to accelerate the aging processâ?¦

And that we do this to ourselves by letting our inner beauty shine throughâ?¦

Hereâ??s what I meanâ?¦

All those nights we sacrifice sleep to help the kids finish a last-minute school projectâ?¦

The times we worry about the ones we loveâ?¦

Or feel guilty because we canâ??t do more for themâ?¦

Those days we get up early, work through lunch and stay late only to rush home and make dinner, do the laundry and hurry the kids to bedâ?¦

The times we have no choice but to grab fast food to meet a deadlineâ?¦

Or because weâ??re too exhausted to cookâ?¦

And then we feel guilty about not cooking dinner and eating betterâ?¦

The nights we crawl into bed exhausted, but canâ??t sleep because we canâ??t stop thinking about all the thing we have to do tomorrow and how we donâ??t spend enough time with the people we loveâ?¦

Or even the stress caused by trying anti-aging product after anti-aging product and looking in the mirror only to see the same thin, droopy, or sunken skinâ?¦

They all take their toll because they all cause your body to create free radicalsâ?¦

These â??stress chemicalsâ? break down your elastin and collagen so our skin thins and sags before weâ??re oldâ?¦

And thatâ??s not all, things like environmental toxins, sun exposure and processed foods introduce a flood of free radicals to age skin faster stillâ?¦

These free radicals are the #1 cause of early skin aging because they accelerate the natural aging processâ?¦

So our skin â??looks oldâ? before its timeâ?¦

Now that you know the 3 underlying causes of â??old skinâ? â?¦

And the #1 reason skin ages earlyâ?¦

What can you do about it?

A complete anti-aging skin-care routine should address ALL 3 of the underlying problems our skin faces:

If your skin care routine fails to address any 1 of these 3 problems â?? you get less than ideal resultsâ?¦

Thatâ??s because each one builds on the others â?? and is either made better or worse by the other twoâ?¦ This is why most anti-aging products donâ??t work wellâ?¦

How can they if they only solve part of the problem?

â?¦ (Never mind the fact that many donâ??t even solve 1 out of the 3!) â?¦

But when you design your routine to addresses each problem â?? you see younger skin in the mirrorâ?¦ It just makes senseâ?¦

The best solutions address each problem from more than one angleâ?¦

In other words, you want to look for natural solutions that prevent further damage (so your skin wonâ??t get more stretchy, thin and wrinkly) â?¦

While at the same time â?? winning back some of the ground youâ??ve lost (by stimulating new elastin and collagen growth, etc.) â?¦

Iâ??ll give specific examples that do both in a moment so you see exactly what I meanâ?¦

DISTRUST every anti-aging claim until you see research that proves itâ??s trueâ?¦

There are a lot of greedy cosmetic companies run by people who may not share the values you and I do about honestyâ?¦

And finally, one last word of warningâ?¦

If itâ??s not formulated by a lab committed to Naturally caring for our skinâ?¦ And backed by clinical research â?? I personally wonâ??t spend my hard-earned money on itâ?¦

Because you always want to remember:

Whatever you put on your skin will get into your blood streamâ?¦

SO… While itâ??s impossible for any quality cosmetic to avoid all preservatives (they go bad on your shelf without them) â?¦

Make sure that any cosmetic you use is as close to 100% all-natural as possibleâ?¦ Because natural solutions â?? unlike chemicals â?? are not toxic to our bodiesâ?¦

A solution that contains at least 90% natural ingredients is a bare minimum in my opinionâ?¦

And the best solutions have an even higher percentageâ?¦

Thereâ??s nothing worse than spending a pretty penny on an anti-aging productâ?¦ Then looking in the mirror and seeingâ?¦

â?¦ the same exact thing as beforeâ?¦

When that happens you just want to give upâ?¦ Because every over-hyped product that under-delivers chips away at our hope for a real solutionâ?¦

And causes us undue stress, which as we learned, is only making our problems worse!

Hereâ??s how to avoid that heart-acheâ?¦

The best anti-aging solutions have these 4 things in commonâ?¦ They:

Only invest your hard-earned money into anti-aging products that check all of the above boxesâ?¦

You also want to look out for over-the-top claimsâ?¦

Face and neck lifts are extreme cosmetic proceduresâ?¦ Your skin is separated from underlying layers and pulled tightâ?¦

Skin is removed and everything is sewn back togetherâ?¦

When everything finally heals up â?? if your surgeon did their job and there are no scars â?? your sagging skin problem is solved for decadesâ?¦

Any anti-aging product that claims to create the same results as one of these extreme cosmetic procedures is simply lyingâ?¦

Itâ??s not possibleâ?¦

In fact, this is the #1 sign that an anti-aging product is a scamâ?¦ When you see it â?? donâ??t walk awayâ?¦

Modern solutions can provide noticeable results â?? without the pain of plastic surgeryâ?¦ But watch out for over-the-top claimsâ?¦

And one final word on spotting anti-aging skin-care scamsâ?¦

Watch out for products that claim to contain 1 â??magicâ? ingredientâ?¦ maybe some exotic plant extractâ?¦ that claims to â??do it allâ? â?¦

There is no such thing as a single magic ingredient that does everything by itselfâ?¦ For an anti-aging cosmetic to accomplish everything you need, it must combine several natural ingredients togetherâ?¦

So, now that weâ??ve laid the foundationâ?¦

Letâ??s take a look at what you can do to see younger skinâ?¦

Starting with 2 homemade cosmetics you can combine to protect your skin from the free radicals that age it prematurelyâ?¦

Then quickly moving into 4 new formulas coming out of top labs that combine some of the best anti-aging ingredients nature has to offerâ?¦

These 2 natural solutions are all about antioxidantsâ?¦

Remember when we talked about free radicals?

Free radicals are early-aging agents that steal our youthâ?¦ aging the face in the mirror far too fastâ?¦

They set off a chain reaction that breaks down collagen, damages your skin cell DNA and destroys the cell membraneâ?¦

This leads to dead, mutated or unhealthy skin cellsâ?¦

And it shows in the mirrorâ?¦

Our body creates free radicals when we are stressed emotionally or physicallyâ?¦ They also come from environmental factors like processed foods, pollution and sun damageâ?¦

Antioxidants are nature’s remedy for free radicalsâ?¦ They bind with them and make them harmlessâ?¦

By delivering a massive dose of antioxidants directly into your skin with these 2 homemade cosmetics, you provide immediate relief from the skin-aging free radicals that are impossible to avoid todayâ?¦

Letâ??s take a look at the first oneâ?¦

The Acaí berry has extraordinary levels of antioxidants�

The Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) value measures the antioxidants levels in foods and supplements5â?¦

The Acaí berry has the highest ORAC value of any fruit or vegetable� 10 times more than red grapes�

A study published in mid-2011 reported that the Acaí berry has strong free radical scavenging capacities and suppresses biological activity that would degrade cellular integrity6�

And another extensive study determined that Acaí was one of the most beneficial natural cosmetics available7�

Hereâ??s how you can use it at home to fight early agingâ?¦

I like to relax in a bubble bath with scented candles, a glass of wine, and the lights turned down while this mask sooths and protects my faceâ?¦

It is a bit messyâ?¦ and takes a while to get doneâ?¦ So, itâ??s not something youâ??ll do every dayâ?¦ But your skin will love it when you canâ?¦

And if you want the benefits of Acaí to be a part of your daily routine, there are quality Acaí extracts that deliver a mega dose of antioxidants�

Just be sure to use a high-quality extract from a reputable lab that doesnâ??t test on animalsâ?¦

And for even better results…

top labs are combining Acaí extract with other natural anti-aging extracts� Creating some very exciting results in clinical tests�

And making it super-easy to protect your skin from early agingâ?¦

The Canadian Willowherb was shown to be more effective than Vitamin C (the ultimate antioxidant) at scavenging free radicals8â?¦

It has been used for centuries by Native American tribes in the Northern Canadian Prairies to heal and soothe skinâ?¦

Clinical tests also show it is excellent at reducing skin redness and irritation from UV exposure8â?¦

Hereâ??s how you can use it at home to fight free radicals and early agingâ?¦

Once youâ??ve created your Canadian Willowherb infused oil, massage it gently into your skin to protect it from free radicalsâ?¦

And to prevent premature agingâ?¦

Be sure to use a high-quality source of Canadian Willowherb (it can be hard to find) and a high-quality olive oil (you wouldnâ??t believe how many of them are fake) â?¦

And it is vitally important that you get every last bit of the herb out of the oil or it will go bad and ruin your oilâ?¦

You usually have to strain and filter it 2 or 3 times to get it all outâ?¦

It does take a bit of time and work to create your infused oilâ?¦

But protecting your skin against free radicals is worth the troubleâ?¦

Even better results are available â?? with a lot less work

because clinical teams at top labs are combining Canadian Willowherb extract with other natural ingredientsâ?¦

Creating some very exciting results in clinical testsâ?¦ And addressing all 3 aging skin issues at the same timeâ?¦

Confession: Thereâ??s nothing â??secretâ? about these â??secret ingredientsâ? â?¦

The only â??secretâ? is where to find themâ?¦

The information on all 4 is publicly available for anyone who is willing to do the researchâ?¦ And almost anyone can get their hands on themâ?¦

But like 4 needles in a hay stackâ?¦

Theyâ??re hard to find among the 1 BILLION websites on the internetâ?¦

Especially because theyâ??re almost impossible to distinguish from all the anti-aging hype without doing some serious diggingâ?¦

Plus, supplies can be very limited â?? and careless shipping can destroy the active ingredients so they no longer provide any benefitsâ?¦

It took considerable time and effort to find themâ?¦

Thatâ??s why Iâ??m going to share all 4 of them right here â?? so you can benefit from my hours of researchâ?¦

These 4 solutions meet (or exceed) all the criteria we just discussedâ?¦

Letâ??s take a look at all 4â?¦

Remember the 3 underlying problems that make your skin look old?

The first two anti-aging solutions weâ??ll look at stop skin-sagâ?¦ reduce the appearance of wrinklesâ?¦

And make your skin feel soft and supple – like it did years ago â?? by dealing with the elastin and collagen problems we discussed beforeâ?¦

Remember? Problem #1 and Problem #2 from earlierâ?¦

The second two solutions deal with Problem #3 – facial tensionâ?¦

By forcing your facial muscles to relax, they smooth out fine lines and expression wrinklesâ?¦ making you look youngerâ?¦

All 4 solutions are expertly formulated from natural ingredients and backed by multiple clinical studiesâ?¦

SO… Letâ??s take a look at each one and what it does by itself before I share how to get them at the best priceâ?¦

And combine them into a 1-minute-a-day, anti-aging skin-care routineâ?¦

PEPHA-TIGHTâ?¢ takes on the two toughest aging skin challengesâ?¦

Problem #1: Stretched Out Elastinâ?¦ And Problem #2: No Collagen Support Matrixâ?¦

Remember how I said thereâ??s really no way to put the snap back into your skinâ??s elastin? Well PEPHA-TIGHTâ?¢ steps in and picks up the slackâ?¦

PEPHA-TIGHTâ?¢ forms an invisible elastic layer that gently pulls skin tighter9â?¦ This also protects elastin from getting stretched further by taking most of the load off your elastinâ?¦

And stimulates your body to produce new collagen (type I) making skin suppler over time9â?¦

While also protecting your skin against free radicals9â?¦

It does so by combining two natural ingredientsâ?¦

If youâ??re like me, youâ??ll love this ingredient because it provides visibly tighter skin within 1 hour9…

(Instant gratification? Ummmmâ?¦ Yes please!)

And thatâ??s not allâ?¦

PEPHA-TIGHTâ?¢ is naturally formulated â?? and multiple in vitro clinical studies support its claims to:

In one study, 20 volunteers applied PEPHA-TIGHTâ?¢ to their faces and reported:

An immediate 220% increase in their skin tightness11â?¦

In another clinical study, 30 volunteers applied PEPHA-TIGHTâ?¢ for 2 weeks â?? with: 67% reporting a very good/good tightening effect11â?¦

Even by itself – PEPHA-TIGHTâ?¢ provides dramatic results you see in the mirror within 1 hourâ?¦

And they just keep getting better over timeâ?¦

Trylagen PCB reduces the appearance of sagging and wrinkles… And restores suppleness to your skinâ?¦ Using one of natureâ??s hidden secretsâ?¦

Using mud samples from Antarctica, scientists uncovered a single cell organism with incredible properties which allow it to thrive in the extreme cold of Antarcticaâ?¦

They named it Pseudoalteromonas (another word I canâ??t pronounce) and began working to extract those protective properties for human useâ?¦

Using a precise fermentation process, one of the worldâ??s top labs was able to produce a Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract for clinical testingâ?¦

What they discovered was nothing short of amazingâ?¦

Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract actually stimulates new elastin growth by 31%, so your skin sags less and pulls itself tighter and smoother12â?¦

And it increases the production of types I, III and IV collagen fibers, which makes your skin feel firm and supple to the touch12â?¦

Remember, we learned our collagen production is decreasing by 1% a year? The boost in collagen that Trylagen PCB stimulates is vital to help us combat that natural decreaseâ?¦

In two in vitro clinical studies, it was shown to:

Because collagen is so important to keeping your skin young,

Trylagen PCB combines this extract with other natural ingredients and peptides to protect your skin

from enzymes that break down collagen12â?¦

MMP-2 and MMP-3 are two enzymes that attack and break down collagenâ?¦

Trylagen PCB was shown in a clinical environment to suppress MMP-3 by 57%… and MMP-2 by 74%12…

Suppressing these enzymes stops them from destroying your collagen matrixâ?¦ So once again, weâ??re battling that annual collagen decrease that has been ongoing since age 18â?¦

Twice a day, 20 female volunteers between the ages 35 and 55 applied Trylagen PCB to one half of their face and a regular â??moisturizerâ? type of cream to the other side (the placebo)13â?¦

Then they measured the results with a precision laserâ?¦

Trylagen PCB reduced the appearance of wrinkle depth by 29% on average after just 30 days of useâ?¦

Finally, it was shown in a clinical trial to normalize the collagen fibril diameter so that each collagen fiber is the same thickness13â?¦

This stabilizes your skinâ??s collagen matrix so it can be more supportive, resulting in skin that is firm, yet flexibleâ?¦ luxurious to the touchâ?¦

That looks visibly youngerâ?¦

Trylagen PCB gives a firm skin structure for your elastin and PEPHA-TIGHTâ?¢ to pull against so it wonâ??t sag or wrinkleâ?¦

So that it is soft and suppleâ?¦ And doesnâ??t look thinâ?¦

Argireline is a protein shown by clinical research to be 56% as effective as botox at reducing the appearance of expression wrinkles14â?¦

Where botox injects neurotoxins to paralyze the muscles of the face, Argireline is rubbed onto the face to relax your musclesâ?¦

They both work by blocking acetylcholine â?? the neurotransmitter that tells your muscle to contract â?? from connecting with your muscle cellâ?¦

When acetylcholine canâ??t connect with your muscle cell, your facial muscles stay relaxed and smooth, and so does the skin sitting on top of themâ?¦

It is a complicated intracellular process thatâ??s all about proteinsâ?¦

And we donâ??t have to fully understand it to enjoy its benefitsâ?¦ Especially when the clinical stories tell us so muchâ?¦

One in vitro clinical study showed that Argireline is 56% as effective as botox injections at forcing your muscles to relax…

In two clinical studies, a total of 24 women applied Argireline twice daily around their eyes14â?¦

In the first study, after only 15 days, wrinkle depth was reduced by 17%… In the second, furrow depth was reduced by 32% in 28 days14â?¦

I donâ??t want to rely on any one solution to handle everything I needâ?¦

So, I use Gatuline Expression to make double-sure facial tension is not creating fine lines and wrinkles that could easily be reduced by relaxing my facial musclesâ?¦

Gatuline Expression is made using an extract of the Acmella Oleracea flower â?? which has been used for thousands of years in Central America for its medicinal propertiesâ?¦

The most common being to relieve tooth painâ?¦

Turns out the reason it works is because it forces muscles to relaxâ?¦ Which also happens to reduce expression wrinkles!

One in vitro clinical study found that a 0.6% Gatuline Expression solution created 100% myorelaxation15â?¦

In other words, muscle fibers stayed relaxed and would not contract in the presence of Gatuline Expressionâ?¦

Two more clinical tests were carried out on groups of 20 to 30 volunteers who applied Gatuline Expression twice daily for 28 days15â?¦

Both groups applied a regular â??moisturizerâ? style placebo to half of their face and Gatuline Expression to the other halfâ?¦

Then a precision optical measuring device was used to measure the resultsâ?¦

75% of volunteers saw results on day 1 â?? after the first applicationâ?¦

After 28 days, the â??moisturizerâ? placebo reduced the appearance of wrinkles by right-around 2% from day 1 to day 28â?¦

Gatuline Expression â?? by day 20 â?? reduced wrinkles by just over 16%15… Thatâ??s 800% more effective than â??Moisturizerâ? aloneâ?¦

83% of the second group experienced similar results â?? a reduction in crowâ??s feet wrinklesâ?¦

Are you starting to see how these 4 powerful solutions could be combined to create dramatic results?

Especially if you combine them with the anti-aging abilities of Acaí extract and Canadian Willowherb extract�

Any one of these homemade or naturally formulated ingredients has the power to make a significant difference… But they really shine when they are used together in a complete anti-aging skin-care routine…

Together they take-on all 3 of the underlying skin-aging issues â?? from more than one angle:

And they meet all 4 criteria for a quality anti-aging cosmetic:

And at the end of the day, they do the only thing that really matters to meâ?¦

Even though Iâ??ll never look like I did at 20 again, they make the face I see in the mirror look youngerâ?¦

And that makes me feel beautifulâ?¦

Can you picture that feeling?

You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror that stops you in your tracksâ?¦

You walk up and lean in close to the mirror surprised to see tighter, younger skinâ?¦ and a small smile sneaks onto your faceâ?¦

As if to make sure what you see is real, you touch your faceâ?¦ and what your fingers feel is plushâ?¦ luxuriousâ?¦

You check social media and see a comment about how young youâ??re lookingâ?¦ and that little smile grows a bit biggerâ?¦

Now itâ??s happenedâ?¦

You feel beautiful â?? and it shows in everything you doâ?¦

Your confidence is upâ?¦ you smile more –

Youâ??re more outgoingâ?¦ And your dayâ??s a little more funâ?¦

The best part is, you can start to experience that within 24 hours of making what Iâ??m about to share a part of your daily skin-care routineâ?¦

And that experience only gets better with timeâ?¦

Did I mention it took me a long time to figure all of this out?

Well, it did! And when I did, my troubles were only just beginning â?? because while these ingredients are powerfulâ?¦

â?¦ they were NOT easy to get your hands onâ?¦

First, you had to buy in bulk â?? and even if you could afford to do thatâ?¦ You still needed a high-quality moisturizing â??baseâ? to combine them withâ?¦

One that wonâ??t destroy the 4 solutions â?? or introduce toxic chemicals into your blood streamâ?¦

Then you needed a very precise measuring and mixing setup to get the right effective â??doseâ? of each ingredient (like 0.6% precise!) â?¦

In the end, even though I managed to find a â??baseâ? moisturizer made with 94% natural ingredientsâ?¦ and just the right pHâ?¦

I knew that I could never make this myselfâ?¦ And I almost gave up on the idea altogetherâ?¦

But then I took a long shot and contacted an old friend who was a cosmetics company executiveâ?¦

What happened next felt a lot like fateâ?¦

Matt was a close friend, so I thought maybe he could pull some strings and get his company to create a blend of the 6 anti-aging ingredients weâ??ve been talking aboutâ?¦

I was surprised by his reactionâ?¦

Letting out a sigh that sounded like a mix of disgust and despair he said, â??Itâ??ll never happen.â? â?¦

Over the next 30 minutes Matt told me things I had suspected all alongâ?¦

That many major cosmetics brands are run by greedy executives who are unwilling to source natural ingredients sustainablyâ?¦ The economics are better if they create a chemical in a lab without any natural inputsâ?¦

Many that pay lip-service to natural ingredients only contain a fraction of an effective doseâ?¦ Some source them from questionable places because they are cheaperâ?¦

And few ensure the safety of raw ingredients because it is expensive to reject a shipment that is infectedâ?¦

Many labs are unsanitary and will not comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure the quality of the products they produceâ?¦

And then he got into the over-hyped claims and the devastated women who would sometimes express their frustrationâ?¦

He was as fed up with the industry hype and lies as I wasâ?¦

And he wasnâ??t the only oneâ?¦

He had high-quality contacts whose products couldnâ??t compete because they refused to over-hype their advertisingâ?¦

Others who sacrificed significant profit because they refuse to compromise on qualityâ?¦ And others who had been quietly fighting the good fight in the background for decadesâ?¦

Finally, he got around to telling me something I didnâ??t knowâ?¦

Matt had always wanted to start a cosmetics company that did things rightâ?¦ He just never had a good â??formulaâ? â?¦

A few phone calls to Mattâ??s contacts later and Naturely was bornâ?¦

Naturely was founded on one core concept:

Nature provides the best solutionsâ?¦

And no man-made chemical can competeâ?¦

We believe that modern science can extract the best compounds nature provides and combine them into the best cosmetics on the marketâ?¦

And we are committed to helping you feel beautiful naturallyâ?¦

Which is why we teamed up with one of the top formulators and skincare labs in the US to bring premium, naturally innovative and socially responsible products that deliver the results you deserveâ?¦

Which brings us to the proverbial fork in the roadâ?¦

You can take what youâ??ve learned here and search for your own anti-aging solutionsâ?¦

Itâ??s a lot of workâ?¦ And a steep investmentâ?¦ But you can do itâ?¦

You can join me and take advantage of all the hard work that went into creating Riseâ?¦

Rise is the only anti-aging skin cream to combine all 6 of these clinically proven solutions into one delightful skin creamâ?¦

So you can start seeing younger skin within 1 hour â?? and watch the years fade from your face as the days passâ?¦

Just rub a dime-sized amount of Rise onto your face, neck and neckline daily to see younger skin in the mirrorâ?¦

Rise works within 1 hour because of the near-instant tightening effect of PEPHA-TIGHTâ?¦

And it works long term because it improves all 3 problems that make our skin â??look oldâ? â?¦

And it does both in about 1 minute a day…

Youâ??ve seen the clinical researchâ?¦ Heard how thin, sagging skin (the worst sign of aging) and wrinkles are clinically proven to improveâ?¦

How the results start within an hour and get better with continued useâ?¦

But at the end of the dayâ?¦

Rise does the only thing that mattersâ?¦

Make you feel good about seeing a younger face in your mirrorâ?¦

Without the cost, pain or stigma of extreme cosmetic proceduresâ?¦

Within about 1 hour of your first application, youâ??ll see a noticeable differenceâ?¦ And after just a few weeks of daily use, you should see a happier, fresher, more energetic face in the mirrorâ?¦

And when you look happier, fresher, and more energetic, you feel the same wayâ?¦

Rise is ideal for anyone who wants to feel more beautifulâ?¦

Someone who sees sagging skin in their cheeks, around their mouth, or along their jaw, neck and necklineâ?¦ Or someone who wants to prevent those thingsâ?¦

Because Rise addresses all 3 of the problems that cause skin to â??look oldâ?, your skin looks younger, healthier and more beautifulâ?¦

Now the question on my mind if I were in your shoes would beâ?¦

Rise is only available through this pageâ?¦

And I wonâ??t lie â?? Rise uses extremely high-end ingredientsâ?¦

And we follow a rigorous and expensive quality control process â?? both of which make it much more expensive to produce than most cosmeticsâ?¦

And compared to the money Iâ??ve wasted on anti-aging products that donâ??t deliverâ?¦ If Rise can deliver real changes you can see in your mirrorâ?¦

Even at those prices â??

That why I struggled with the idea of how I should price thisâ?¦

It is hard to get the ingredientsâ?¦ and we can only do limited production runs because of the expensesâ?¦

My costs are several times higher than lower quality creamsâ?¦

So, I could easily justify a high priceâ?¦

But I wouldnâ??t feel good about that eitherâ?¦ And it would mean that only a handful of other women could enjoy Riseâ?¦

So, I ultimately decided to put my â??missionâ? before profitâ?¦

Because you were invited to this page and youâ??re still reading way down hereâ?¦

If you want to watch the face in the mirror age in reverse, you can claim your bottle of Riseâ?¦

And if you decide to stock up you can claim a 3-bottle pack for an even better dealâ?¦

But there is a catchâ?¦

I can only guarantee this price until what I have on-hand runs outâ?¦

The prices of the 4 premium ingredients in Rise often go upâ?¦ Because of that I have to take a look at pricing before I do another batchâ?¦

Thatâ??s why I encourage you to stock up today for maximum savingsâ?¦

Itâ??s the only way to make sure you get the best possible price on Riseâ?¦

Click the button below now to claim Rise for yourself and start the process of looking younger todayâ?¦

I get it. It takes a massive leap of faith to believe anything will work after seeing so many cosmetic scamsâ?¦ So letâ??s make this easyâ?¦

Donâ??t make the decision nowâ?¦

Try Rise out for 30 days 100% Risk-FREEby taking advantage of my30-Day, 100% Money-Back, Empty-Bottle Guaranteeâ?¦

If for any reason at all or no reason at all you are not perfectly happy with Rise, just let me know and your full investment will be promptly & courteously returnedâ?¦

With No Resistanceâ?¦ Even if your bottle of Rise is emptyâ?¦

That means you get to try Rise out 100% risk-free for a month before you decide if you like it…

You literally have nothing to lose (except the appearance of wrinkles and sag) â?¦

I wouldnâ??t dare to offer this kind of a guarantee if I wasnâ??t certain youâ??ll be thrilled with your resultsâ?¦

Rise is the only anti-aging skin cream that combines the power of these 6 clinically tested, naturally formulated ingredients:

Rise takes on all 3 skin-aging issues from more than one angle:

Rise stops free radicals from aging your skin fasterâ?¦

And Rise meets all 4 criteria for a quality anti-aging cosmetic:

Youâ??ve read through the results of over a half-dozen clinical tests yourselfâ?¦

So, unless you already have the perfect anti-aging solution, it makes sense to try Rise out risk-free todayâ?¦

If you want to feel younger and more beautiful and see changes you like in the mirror â?? hereâ??s what you need to do right now:

Find the button below that says, â??Add to Cart”… Put your mouse over itâ?¦ And click itâ?¦

Then complete the form on the next page to start reducing the effects of aging on your skin todayâ?¦

Encrypted with the latest SSL 256-bit security for your total protection

Just enter your order information and we’ll rush your product to you by express shipping, in a plain box for your privacyâ?¦

The moment your box arrives, I want you to rip it open and take the lid off your first bottle of Riseâ?¦

Smell the gentle scentâ?¦ Feel the smooth textureâ?¦

And as soon as possible (after youâ??ve removed your make-up) apply Rise like you would any lotionâ?¦ Then come back in one hour and see if you notice the first signs of positive change for yourselfâ?¦

NOW: Remember how I said there is one little catch to this internet offer?

The makers of these 4 ingredients regularly raise prices because the high-quality raw materials they need are hard to come byâ?¦

That’s exactly why I need your help spreading the word about this great formula, because once demand takes off, we’ll be able to ramp up production enough to supply everyone who wants itâ?¦

Until then â?? supplies are very limitedâ?¦

Now, because you’re on this page, that means we most likely have some supply left in stockâ?¦ So, when you click the link below, if you see the secure order page, that means you’re in luckâ?¦

However, that may not last and once current supplies run out.

It may be a while before the next run is readyâ?¦

That’s why if you’re still deciding, you might not want to wait and take the chance on missing outâ?¦

Especially because, if you try it and aren’t 100% satisfied, you have the protection of an iron-clad 30-day guarantee to get your money backâ?¦

Otherwise, if you miss this opportunity today, I can virtually promise you this same offer won’t be available once word spreadsâ?¦

In the meantime, your skin will continue losing firmness and structural integrityâ?¦ Sagging lower at a faster and faster pace as your skin continues to ageâ?¦

I know from experience that this will keep you not only looking oldâ?¦ But feeling old, unhealthy, and unhappyâ?¦

Your self-esteem and confidence sink a little lower every time someone asks, “Are you OK?” â?¦ Or, â??Is something wrong?â? â?¦

And when you start to feel bad about yourself, it affects every area of your entire lifeâ?¦ You may even start to feel like thereâ??s no point in putting much effort into what you wearâ?¦ No point in going anywhere niceâ?¦

And like no one would want to get to know you…

Then once your skin problems have gone too far, you may be left with no choice but to spend a fortune on a face or neck liftâ?¦

Or you may just stop trying and decide youâ??ll always look and feel oldâ?¦

But there’s really no good reason for any of thatâ?¦

No reason to keep feeling frustrated about your skin, or trying to hide it, or stress out over a problem you can now fixâ?¦

Thanks to this revolutionary blend of 6 powerful solutions, you can be on the road to tighter, firmer, younger looking skin right now, by simply clicking the button belowâ?¦

Encrypted with the latest SSL 256-bit security for your total protection

What Makes Naturely Different?

We believe that Nature provides the best solutionsâ?¦

And that cutting-edge science is the best tool to extract the restoring power of natureâ?¦ Making it easy for us to enjoy all of natureâ??s benefits in todayâ??s busy worldâ?¦

We go to extreme lengths to make sure that we only deliver the best science and nature have to offerâ?¦

For starters, we only use trademarked ingredients because they contain precise levels of active ingredients that are clinically tested and provide consistent resultsâ?¦

That means the 4 ingredients that go into Rise are the exact same ingredients from the research studies we talked about earlierâ?¦

And we always use the precise amount of each ingredient that research has shown to be effective… In other words, we never add a tiny amount of an ingredient just so we can hype up our productsâ?¦

This is a HUGE problem that is all-to-common today â?? even with some of the most popular brands at high-end department stores…

Scamming others may increase profits for the short term, but at Naturely we’re more worried about getting you the results you desire and deserveâ?¦

Because we know if we do that, youâ??ll come back for more â?? and that means we get to keep doing what we loveâ?¦

Thatâ??s why we scour the planet looking for the best-quality, natural ingredients for our formulas…

Plus, all Naturely solutions are made in FDA-registered facilities that are certified by the National Nutritional Food Associationâ??s (NNFA) to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)â?¦

GMP is an expensive third-party certification program that includes on-site inspections of manufacturing facilitiesâ?¦ And an audit of the processes used meet the stringent GMP performance standardsâ?¦

Lastly, we have â??watchdogsâ? who keep an eye on our GMP certified manufacturers through 3rd party quality assurance testingâ?¦

That means that even after our products have been through all of these quality checksâ?¦ We still ship a random sample from each run to be quality-checked by another FDA-approved laboratoryâ?¦

Their job is to make sure that each bottle contains exactly whatâ??s printed on the label â?? and that there are no harmful byproducts or contaminantsâ?¦

Going to all this trouble is extremely rare in the cosmetics industry because it drives costs through the roof and eats up a lot of profitâ?¦

But at Naturely we feel that giving you the very best formulations is the most important thing we can do to get you the results you deserveâ?¦

Together the six ingredients we just talked about make up what is truly the most advanced anti-aging cream money can buyâ?¦

Wouldn’t it be amazing to look years younger, without the pain and cost of an invasive medical procedure?

Wouldnâ??t it be great to feel more beautiful?

To see shocked expressions when you reveal how old you areâ?¦ instead of others asking, â??Are you tired?â? â?¦

When we feel good about the way we look, our entire life feels betterâ?¦

We feel happier, healthier and weâ??re more fun to be around… And at the end of the day, isn’t that what life is all about?

Which of These 3 Choices Delivers What You Desire?

Now you know the truth about what it really takes for your skin to look and feel youngerâ?¦

And you are responsible for what you do with that informationâ?¦

So, at this point you have 3 choices about how to move forwardâ?¦

Choice one is to do nothingâ?¦

If youâ??re already using an anti-aging skin care solution that protects your skin from free radicals and fixes the 3 root causes of â??old-lookingâ? skin, youâ??re all set and choice #1 is a great choiceâ?¦

But if youâ??re not, you can expect things to get worseâ?¦ Your skin will sag more with ageâ?¦ become thinnerâ?¦ and more wrinkledâ?¦

Thatâ??s just nature taking its course same as it has for all of human historyâ?¦

So, unless older looking skin is your goal, choice one isnâ??t really an optionâ?¦

Choice two is to try to figure this out on your ownâ?¦

If I did it, you can do itâ?¦ But it is a lot of work and most people wonâ??t have the time, resources or contacts to make it happenâ?¦

So, the chances are high that if you take choice #2, youâ??ll find yourself back here in a few months claiming your bottle of Riseâ?¦

Probably at a higher priceâ?¦

And in the meantime, the 3 problems that age our skin will continue to do their damageâ?¦ things will get worse and harder to reverseâ?¦

So, choice two really isnâ??t a good option eitherâ?¦

Choice #3: Try Rise Risk-FREE for 30 Days

That leaves us with the third and best choice, which is to try Rise out for yourself risk free by clicking the button belowâ?¦

Go ahead and click the button below and I look forward to hearing about your results with Rise!

Encrypted with the latest SSL 256-bit security for your total protection

P.S. Oh myâ?¦ I almost forgot!

This is importantâ?¦ As I mentioned earlier, mission is more important to me than making a profitâ?¦

And my mission is to help millions of women feel more beautiful at every ageâ?¦

â?¦ Thatâ??s why Iâ??ve made the price of Rise so affordable â?? one-fourth of the cost of other luxury creamsâ?¦

But that means I can only offer Rise through this webpageâ?¦

It is not available in any store because the store would instantly triple the price and make it unaffordable for most of usâ?¦

And if supplies run out, I may have to take this page downâ?¦ So I urge you to act while you still canâ?¦

To join me on my missionâ?¦

Because I want everything I do to make a differenceâ?¦

And while Iâ??m sure a lot of people think that helping us feel more beautiful isnâ??t that importantâ?¦ I think it isâ?¦

Because each and every one of us has had that same question running through our minds for as long as we can rememberâ?¦

And I wish I could look everyone who reads this in the eye and say:

â??Yes! Yes, you are beautiful.â?

Because the world is a little brighter when you feel beautifulâ?¦ Not just for you either, but for everyone you come into contact withâ?¦

Your smile is a gift to the worldâ?¦ So, donâ??t â??hide your lightâ? just because what you see now is different than what you saw thenâ?¦

You deserve to pamper yourself and feel goodâ?¦ to take a little time for yourself to feel pretty and look youngerâ?¦

So, I hope that youâ??ll try Riseâ?¦

I really do â?? because I believe that it can do more than just make you look youngerâ?¦ I think it really can make you feel beautifulâ?¦

And I want that for youâ?¦

But whether you click that button below right now and let Rise do that for youâ?¦ Or notâ?¦

I hope youâ??ll believe me when I say:

Youâ??ve always been beautifulâ?¦ you still are beautifulâ?¦

Encrypted with the latest SSL 256-bit security for your total protection

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