World is suffering!!

These are a few reason why i says world is suffering
1. Global warming

Global Warming - World is Suffering
Global Warming - World is Suffering

The increasing of world temperature causes by most of human activity  such as creating more tall buildings that using mirror or glass as their wall. It was beautiful but the effect is the reflection of light from earth to surrounding.
Other than that it was also causes by the emission of Carbon Dioxide gas to the surrounding which came from open burning (burn down of trees as an example), Industrial effluent and much more.
This was termed global warming as things was done in some spot of the earth but the effect occur around the world. We feel the heat now don’t you??

2. Flood (Global warming effect)

Flood - World is Suffering
Flood - World is Suffering

This was actually natural occurance. But don’t you think this is one of the thing that also caused by us? It’s not like flood never happen before but when we have done a lot of changes to our environment, then environment will also do changes and this is some of it’s effect. What i’m trying to say is when the first time we created machines to improve our lives, we actually never think of our nature. We did destroy them, we did global warming. More water evaporated to become rain, in certain places that has flood it was normal but flood can occur anywhere and everywhere when the cloud moves from places to places. If our surrounding is not hot, then less water be evaporated and rain will be as normal. No changes to surrounding.

3. Drought (Global warming effect)

Drought - World is Suffering
Drought - World is Suffering

This is also normal. Anyway the increasing time for drought and the increasing place facing this problem is mostly because of global warming

4. Unpredicted Weather (Global warming effect)
Weather could be predicted by the analyze of weather department but right now it was not too constant anymore. In simpler word it keep changing.  You remember when  weather news said that today going to rain but suddenly today become very hot?  When the air around us circulate, with a keep changing nature caused by global warming, then it also caused a keep changing weather. Suppose we see today it was raining from the black cloud but suddenly it feels very hot. This a common thing now. It might occur because there is no constant  temperature in the whole world. Our activity caused the temperature either to increase or decrease.

Chemically there is a lot of reaction might occur around us which caused the unpredicted  changes. When a normal reaction occur for example an exothormic (heat releasing) reaction occur when two molecules emitted by nature reacts it cause a normal changes to our environment. But by the emission of our daily life  activity  effluent, it does increase the reaction of this natural  nature reaction causing it to be come unnatural. The unnatural reaction which is the unpredicted changes is  one of the thing that caused the unpredicted weather changes.  We’ll have to learn more chemistry to look on this reaction.
5. Haze (Global warming effect)

Haze - World is Suffering
Haze - World is Suffering

Nice view from the top of a builing ain’t it? It’ll be more beautiful when there is no haze and we can see the building 10Kilometre away. This thing is simple – Emission from your car, my car and their car. Emission from factories, house and open burning. Too simple and no need to explain much as you know what happen around you.

This is a global warming effect as when the world is hot, causing forest to be burnt down and creating smokes which releases to everywhere.

6. Earthquake
This was a natural causes. But it is one of the thing that make our world suffer. People also suffer as lots of their family , relatives and friend died.
7. Pollution

Pollution - World is Suffering
Pollution - World is Suffering

Who caused this? The picture might point to the factories around us but anyway don’t you think that you also polluting our earth?

Anyway pollution is not just an air pollution, other than air we have noise pollution, water pollution and social pollution (not sure this considered pollution yet or not). Air, noise and water pollution contribute to global warming.

Social Pollution is the social problem that happen in our community. As bad people influencing good people this means good people was polluted.

8. Depleting resource
No more oil later on, no more mineral we can get from the earth no more anything. Earth economical value is decreasing. If we don’t have oil how we going to move our car later on? Our world is suffering but in what term?? Some of the natural resource that we use now is the thing that build up our earth, when the thing is getting little and little, then the composition of our earth will change. Earth will suffer in difficiency of mineral (but i think we still havent notice it) like we suffer when there is not enough Iodine in our body.

There is some more out there. But this is just enought to tell you that we no longer live in a safe world. Even your home was the safest place for you, you still have to face this. Our world is suffering. Suffering for everything that we have done to it. It won’t be long until the time where this suffering become more worse.

Why all this happen?

First you will have to ask yourself;
Why did you smoke?
Why did you litter?
Why did you drive unefficient car (which you never undergo engine service)?
Why did you burn down the trees?
Why did you waste the energy?
Why did….

Then only we make changes..
But what changes?? It is something for us to think.
The best cure is Prevention can we still prevent it???

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