Yahoo! Geocities is closing?

This was quite unbelievable news that I get today. Yahoo! Geocities is closing down. But that is the reason for the shutdown?

Geocities Closing down email that I got
Geocities Closing down email that I got

So by 26th of October 2009, we no longer see Geocities free web service. Maybe the reason for this was, the existence of web application that caused the geocities technology to fall far behind the competition.

Just now, I went and login to see the files that I save inside. The service is the same like 2 years ago. Or maybe the same like 7 years ago if i not wrong since I use it starting 2002. So with this never improve technology, for sure webmasters will no longer interested to work with it. Plus out there a lot of blogging platform like blogspot or wordpress exist this make it lost in the internet world.

Since it is closing down, there is a possibilities Yahoo! is developing some new technology to serve it’s loyal customer. Who knows, but i’ll wait for that since I’m a yahoo user for nearly 10 years now.

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